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About the Kvarner County Tourist Board

The Kvarner County Tourist Board was established in 1994, in Opatija, at the address: Nikole Tesle 2.
The Office, managed by the Director, performs technical and administrative operations, while the Kvarner Tourist Board bodies are: the President, the General Meeting, the Tourist Council and the Supervisory Board.

Members of the Kvarner Tourist Board are tourist boards of towns, municipalities and localities from the area of the County of Primorje- Gorski kotar, i.e. the Kvarner county area.

The activity of the Kvarner Tourist Board is primarily focused on the upgrading of the general conditions regarding tourists’ stay in the region, promotion of the Kvarner region tourist product, raising awareness of the significance of economic, social and other effects of tourism and of the need and importance of preserving and upgrading all elements of the tourist product, environmental protection in particular.

Thus, the most important tasks of the Kvarner Tourist Board are:

• Promotion of tourist destination at county level, both independently and through joint advertising,
• Managing of public tourist infrastructure received for management from the County,
• Participation in the definition of tourism development goals and policy at county level, in compliance with the national tourism development planning policy,
• Preparation of tourism development strategy at national level
• Promotion of County tourist resources in the country and abroad in coordination with the Croatian National Tourist Board,
• Enriching of the County overall tourist resources and creating new products of the tourist region, especially in selective forms of tourism (rural, cultural, health tourism etc),
• Providing technical and any other form of assistance to tourist boards from the county area regarding issues important for their activity and development, as well as promoting and assisting tourist development in touristically less developed areas,
• Activity coordination and monitoring of the carrying out of goals and tasks of municipality and town tourist boards in the county area,
• Participation in the preparation of tourism development plans and of the Croatian tourism strategic marketing plan,
• Issuing of the county strategic marketing plan, in line with the national tourist strategic marketing plan,
• encouraging, preserving, upgrading all existing tourist resources and potential as well as county tourist services and facilities,
• gathering as well as weekly and monthly processing of the data related to tourist turnover and any other data essential for monitoring the execution of set goals and tasks (joint municipalities' and towns' report),
• carrying out of information activities related to tourist services and facilities,
• preparation of semiannual and annual reports, analyses and assessments of realization of the county tourist board work plan and financial plan,
• setting up of a uniform tourist information system, system of tourists' registration and departure and statistical processing towards lower level tourist boards and the Croatian National Tourist Board,
• merging of common development projects of municipality and town tourist boards and local tourist boards significant for the county,
• carrying out of other tasks provided for by this Law or other regulations.

The Kvarner County Tourist Board participates in and implements programmes and action of the Croatian National Tourist Board of common interest for all tourist entities and aims at raising the quality level of the Croatian tourist resources in general.

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