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Main Activities

The Kvarner County Tourist Board has been established for the purpose of promoting and improving the tourism of the Republic of Croatia and the economic interests of the legal and natural persons offering hotel, restaurant, catering and other tourism-related services or performing some other activity directly associated with tourism by managing the destination at the county level.

For the purpose of improving the general conditions concerning tourist stay; promoting the tourist product of the area managed by the Tourist Board; building the awareness of the importance and the economic, social and other effects of tourism; as well as for the purpose of preserving and improving all elements of the tourist product with an emphasis on environmental protection, the Tourist Board:

  • promotes the tourist destination at the county level through independent efforts and by way of public advertisements,
  • manages the public tourism infrastructure placed under its management by the County,
  • participates in the process of defining the goals and policies concerning tourism development at the county level in relation to the national tourism development planning policy,
  • draws up the tourism development strategy at the county level,
  • promotes the tourism offer of the County in the country and abroad in coordination with the Croatian National Tourist Board,
  • ensures enrichment of the overall tourist offer of the County and creation of new products of the tourist region, mainly in the field of selective types of tourism (rural, cultural, health, etc.),
  • offers professional and any other kind of help to tourist boards from the territory of the County concerning the matters important for their operation and development, as well as encourages and helps in the process of tourism development of the regions which are not developed in terms of tourism,
  • coordinates the activities and supervises goal achievement and task performance of tourist boards of the municipalities and towns from the territory of the County,
  • participates in the preparation of tourism development plans and the Croatian tourism strategic marketing plan,
  • prepares the strategic marketing plan for the County in accordance with the Croatian tourism strategic marketing plan,
  • ensures encouragement, preservation, improvement and promotion of all existing tourism resources and potentials, and the tourism offer of the County,
  • collects and processes on a weekly and monthly basis the information concerning tourism turnover and all other data important for the process of monitoring goal achievement and task performance (a combined report for the municipalities and towns),-
  • performs informative activities related to the tourism offer,
  • prepares half-annual and annual reports, analyses and assessments of the achieved results in relation to the work program and the financial plan of the County Tourist Board,
  • establishes a unique tourist information system, a system for tourist registration (arrival and departure) and a system for statistical processing, providing connection towards the lower-level tourist boards and the Croatian National Tourist Board, 
  • combines the shared development projects of tourist boards of the municipalities and towns and tourist boards of the areas significant for the County,
  • performs other activities prescribed by the Law or any other regulation,
  • participates in and runs programs and campaigns under the patronage of the Croatian National Tourist Board of common interest to all entities in the field of tourism the purpose of which is to raise the quality of the Croatian tourist offer,
  • cooperates with regional tourist organizations from other countries and can be a member of international tourist organizations.

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