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Mountain Region (Gorje)

Gorski kotar – A place offering spiritual peace and balance inspired by clean nature

Gorski kotar is the natural hinterland of Kvarner with lovely small centers: Čabar, Delnice, Fužine, Lokve, Ravna Gora, Skrad, Vrbovsko, Mrkopalj, Brod Moravice, situated at the same distance from Zagreb and Continental Croatia, as well as from the numerous coves and small ports on the coast or on the Kvarner Islands. In summer, visit a party in Gorski kotar after enjoying the sea or sailing the Kvarner Islands and, in winter, indulge in the warmth of a pool filled with sea water on one of the well-known Kvarner rivieras after spending a day in the snow. It will truly be an experience you will wish to repeat.
It only takes a half-hour drive to reach a thick pine or beech forest from the coast, to feel with your entire body the healthy and pleasant mountain climate, be impressed with the views stretching from the rocky summits, the silence of the lakes or the murmur of the mountain rivers.
Gorski kotar is a world rich in natural wonders, rivers and fast forest streams, crystal clear lakes, karstic caves, animal and plant life; it attracts with its lakes (Lokve, Bajer, Lepenica); invites one to climb to the mountain tops (some of which offer the view of the sea or the Alps); encourages one to discover the secrets of nature (Vrelo Cave, Lokvarka Cave); and offers the exciting experience of visiting natural reserves (Bijele stijene - White Cliffs, Samarske stijene - Samarian Cliffs, Vražji prolaz - Devil's Pass Canyon). The natural treasury of the mountain region is lavishly crowned by the Risnjak National Park abounding in attractions: Leska educational path, source of the Kupa River with the entire Kupa River valley, summit cliffs of Risnjak and Snježnik, and other geological, morphological, vegetation, hydrographic and climatic phenomena.
The attractive nature of Gorski kotar was recognized by both noblemen and nature lovers already in the 19th century. Thus, the first tourist association was established already in 1874, in Fužine, when the first organized tourist arrival with a whole-day program was also recorded. However, the development of the region had started more than a century before that time when the roads called Karolinska cesta (1732) and Lujzijanska cesta (1809) and the Rijeka-Karlovac railroad (1873) were built. Today Gorski kotar offers various accommodation possibilities to its visitors, both families and organized groups, including: several hotels, numerous apartments in family homes, vacation houses, so that the excursions to Gorski kotar can now last longer. Gorski kotar is for sure an attractive area in all seasons of the year for the entire family; it is ideal for an active vacation of those in love with nature, walking, hiking and climbing, bicycling, canoeing, kayaking, rafting, hunting and fishing, and its ideal terrains suitable for trekking, upsailing, alpinism, mountain bicycling, kiting, parachuting, orientation running etc. are suitable for those craving more demanding adventures. The winter landscapes remind of fairytale scenes

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