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Mountains (Gorje)

Unique flora and fauna on a small stretch of land, on 6,400 ha of exquisite forest-covered area with more than thirty specific plant communities, ten diverse forest associations and sub-associations, an educational path in the length of 4,200 m, a mountaineer lodge, a restaurant meeting the taste of the most demanding gourmets, and visitor accommodation facilities. The air distance from the highest summit of the national park, namely Veliki Risnjak (1,528) to the sea is 15 km, and the distance to the source of the Kupa River is 8 km. Hence, there are extreme climatic differences on an air distance of only 23 km. These differences are what makes Risnjak, a mountain higher than all other areas between the land and the sea belonging to the national park on which the sharp Alpine air, the tame Adriatic region, the continental features of the Panonnian Valley and the mountain coolness of the Dinarides intersect, so special. Everyone should visit the quiet and picturesque valley of Leska, Suha Rječina, the interesting Viljska ponikva sinkhole, the Lazac meadow, Mali Risnjak, the thick and vast spruce forest-covered spaces – Smrekovac and Bijele stijene (White Cliffs) - a wealth of rocky arches… There are numerous entrances to the park but the only right way for exploring this national park is the one leading from the Administration Building, where professional help, guides and topographic charts will help you choose exactly what you wish to see.

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The Mountain Fruit Days (Dani šumskih plodova) take the visitors into the nature –Gorski kotar abounds in mountain fruits from spring to fall. Wild fruit picking opportunities are organized for the guests in Begovo razdolje, Mrkopalj, Skrad and Ravna gora, as well as other communities of the forest-covered Kvarner hinterland. They are accompanied by competition programs, rides along the bicycle routes, walks along the walkways and the offer of sweet delicacies and dishes prepared according to local recipes of this mountainous region: Strawberry Day, Blueberry Day, Medicinal Herbs Day, Raspberry Day, Lilly of the Valley Day, Spruce Day, Birch Day, Elder Day, Mushroom Season Opening, Boletus Mushroom Day, Potatoes and Mushrooms Day, False Saffron Milk-cap Day, Apple Day, Marohlinijada u Nacionalnom Parku Risnjak (a mushroom competition in picking morel mushrooms).


Delnice – Sports and recreational amenities
Delnice is located in Gorski kotar at 696 m asl. The moderate mountain climate, the wealth of the natural phenomena – Hajdova hiža, Drgomalj and Petehovac - and modern sports facilities have spurred the development of Delnice into a quality sports/tourist center of Gorski kotar. An almost one hundred year old tradition of excursion, health, sports and other types of tourism and the natural and climatic features attract an increasing number of tourists to Delnice. The 2.7 million euros worth multi-purpose sports hall in Delnice, the construction of which has created new possibilities for ensuring numerous sports activities to tourists and, more importantly, athletes, gives a new dimension to the stay in the town. Since Delnice is only an hour’s drive from Rijeka and the nearby summer destinations of the Kvarner riviera, the town is ideal for one-day excursions, i.e. short visits to the hilltops of Gorski kotar, such as Drgomalj and Petehovac. The Town of Delnice also offers excellent possibilities for enjoying a longer stay in terms of providing the required infrastructure – hotels, sports facilities, large natural areas for walking, relaxation or hunting. The Risnjak National Park is located not far from the town, and there are several sports courts for soccer, basketball etc. at the foot of the nearby Japlenski vrh. There is also a bowling alley, a bocce court and two attractive ski jumping sites during the winter. The entire region is characterized by attractions such as restaurants that offer numerous traditional specialties of the Gorje cuisine, the cuisine of the mountainous region, based on game and fruits of the forest. A hunting lodge can be rented on the territory managed by the Forest Administration – Delnice Office (Uprava šuma Podružnica Delnice).


The tourist/educational path called ‘Following the Footsteps of the Tršće Miners’ (‘Stopama tršćanskih rudara’) in the length of more than six kilometers introduces the walker with the life of the local miner while enjoying a light walk.
Tršće is a small tourist center in the mountain region situated on a plateau and surrounded by a thick forest and numerous meadows that together create an image of an exceptionally peaceful and tame environment, so that it is no wonder that the town became an attractive tourist destination for numerous worshippers and lovers of nature. This is especially noticed in wintertime when the entire area is covered in snow and when the ski season opens on the surrounding slopes.
The Rudnik Mountain stretches above the town. It has two maintained ski tracks with lifts. Tršće also has numerous sports courts, a large sports hall and a large natural stadium for all possible types of running and recreation, which is interesting to the athletes coming here for sports preparation. Hunting tourism has also been developed considering the exceptionally rich surrounding hunting areas, and the entire destination is interesting also because of its vicinity to other attractive natural features, such as the source of the Kupa River and the Risnjak National Park.

The Lujzijana Road (Lujzijanska cesta) dates from the beginning of the 19th century. It was built in the period between 1803 and 1809 and is named after Napoleon’s wife Maria Louisa. The road used to represent the shortest connection between Rijeka and Karlovac and one of the most modern roads in the entire Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, It today represents an important element of Croatian road traffic heritage which is still in use, although with reduced traffic load after the Zagreb-Rijeka highway was put in operation. The Lujzijana Road is in itself a tourist attraction, which includes a range of tourist features related to its construction or use, and, together with the surrounding attractions, it creates a palette of tourist experiences to be enjoyed while moving along or stopping alongside it. We can also call it the romantic road of Gorski kotar. As a sign of appreciation of the Lujzijana Road, each year in September a festivity called Summer on the Lujzijana Road (Ljeto na Lujzijani) is organized. It is a reminder of the historic events associated with the construction and significance of this road accompanied by a palette of cultural and entertainment programs.

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