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For the last two years, days of European “Croatia rally” reminded in many ways of those wonderful days of motorcycle excitement when, motorcycle nomads and world aces on two wheels came to Kvarner and surrounding area. This Saturday afternoon, for a few hours in the centre of Rijeka racing cars that promoted this event, very near start and finish of this years “Croatia rally”, reminded that something like that will happen again in our area: one of two top car racing manifestations with prefix – European.

It is only 40 days left until new edition of “Croatia rally”. Yes, exactly 40! Rally assimilated in the heart of Rijeka, the pedestrian zone on which daily passes thousands of Rijeka’s citizens and its accidental or intentional guests, has been accepted even on the first year of the event like the place where everything “happens”. All that makes a good foundation for a belief that this years manifestation, whose official days are 24., 25. and 26. of May 2012, will justify given trust.

This year also, Croatia and Croatian** car & carting federation is a host and organizer of one of 12 prestigious Rally Championships of Europe. This year again, organization is trusted to Auto club MRC Sport from Rijeka who is preparing manifestation which will surely be better than all the previous ones. Experience gathered during 2010 and 2011 is exceptional and guarantees that the biggest Croatian rally manifestation found its place in Rijeka where is warmly welcomed as one of the rare events on European level which has its continuity.

For hardworking sports officials winter days are the ones in which every day almost “from dusk till dawn” they work, spruce up, but also worry that the information about manifestation gets to the wide circles of intentional and unintentional visitors of car racing spectacle only seen once a year in our area. If we look back in history, it is long and rich. The latest “editions” of “Croatia rally” are taking place on extremely attractive, for drivers fast and challenging, for audience watchable and for media exciting road sections of Rijeka and surroundings, hinterland of Opatija, legendary Učka and Preluka, Istra and pride of Buzet – mountain race road section and also on the west – Platak and parts of Gorski kotar region.

In front of Rijeka’s new and venturesome Tourist agency “MedAdria”, racing cars were displayed; winning cups were presented along with first info flyers about the event. Both inhabitants and visitors of the biggest port of Croatia, city Rijeka were stopping, large number of tourists also, and especially attractive were the moments in which another promo film was made; a film that will go around Europe and World. In the role of significant promoters of this attractive manifestation are Croatian National Tourist Board and Kvarner County Tourism Office, also and especially Rijeka Tourist Board and proud host of this manifestation: the city of Rijeka itself, whose first man of the city, its Major Mr. Vojko Obersnel with his personal visit to this Saturdays presentation, gave his support and expressed wishes that for the third time in a row he would welcome and give hospitality to some of the finest European rally aces. In seven days to come, they must first perform in Italy on the second rally of this years European championship which precedes Rijeka.

From this day and next 40 days and even after that, all media will inform public all about “Croatia rally”. It is custom that with cars, especially top ones always goes beauty, so their place “under the sun” will definitely find lovely candidates for “Miss Croatia rally 2012”. There is no better match than “speed & beauty”. Now is the time for planning vacation days along with rally tracks of “Croatia rally”.(mk)

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