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01.11.-08.11.2014 Opatija World University Bridge Championship
02.11.-10.11.2014 Rijeka International Puppet Theatre Review
05.11.2014 Delnice Celebration Day of brigade and release of military facilities
06.11.-09.11.2014 Opatija Music festival in Opatija
07.11.-09.11.2014 Mali Lošinj Lošinj Regatta for Optimist

Mali Lošinj - Čikat Cove.

07.11.-28.11.2014 Kastav Fridays at five in the Idica`s Bakery

Making and tasting of bread from 5 pm to 8 pm in the Idica`s Bakery (Local Ethnographic Museum).

08.11.-09.11.2014 Kostrena Creative promenade

An exhibition of art works located at the coastal path from Žurkovo Cove to Stara voda.

08.11.2014 Opatija FFC Futures, fight sensation

Location: Sports Hall M. Cvetković at 8 pm.

08.11.-20.12.2014 Matulji School of Potresujka (local dance)
09.11.2014 Malinska 6th Autumn Cycling Event
11.11.2014 Novi Vinodolski "Martinje"

A festive occasion marking St. Martin`s Day. Beginning at 11 am in town centre.

11.11.2014 Grižane "Martinje"

A festive occasion marking St. Martin`s Day - christening wine, popular feast and cultural and entertainment programme.

11.11.2014 Mali Lošinj St. Martin - Day of the Town of Mali Lošinj
11.11.2014 Vrbovsko St. Martin`s Day - "Martinje"

Traditional St. Martin`s Fair and St. Martin`s custom of christening the grape must.

11.11.2014 Delnice Lado Ensemble in Delnice
15.11.2014 Brod Moravice The Kupa River Connect Us
15.11.2014 Lokve 4th Amadeus Night

Disco party in disco club Amadeus.

20.11.2014 Delnice Theatre Night - Kotar Theatre
22.11.2014 Lopar Rab Trekking 2014
22.11.-25.11.2014 Selce Feast of St. Catherine - Day of the Selce village
28.11.-21.12.2014 Delnice Delnice Advent Tale
28.11.-29.11.2014 Unije Feast of St. Andrew - "Lignjada"
29.11.2014 Opatija Christmas Tree Lighting

The traditional ceremony of putting up and lighting the Christmas tree is a very special moment in every part of the world – London, New York, Paris, Sidney, Prague, or Berlin…

29.11.2014-02.01.2015 Opatija Chocolate? No. A month of chocolate!

Chocolate… a word that everyone says with love.

29.11.-30.11.2014 Lovran Lovran Regatta 2014 for sailing the Optimist and Laser 4.7
29.11.-30.11.2014 Ičići ACI Cup Optimist Regatta
30.11.2014 Bakar "Andrejna"

Welcoming flotilla to celebrate St. Nicholas` Day, a festive reception to mark the occasion will be organized.

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