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01.06.-01.07.2014 Mali Lošinj "I must get into the Sea"
01.07.-31.08.2014 Kastav Beneath the Loggia - above all

Artists from Croatia and abroad (painters, sculptors, musicians, photographers, designers, theatre artists, cultural artistic associations etc.) present their works and various forms of their artistic activities.​

01.07.-31.08.2014 Lovran Summer in Lovran

Concerts, folk songs and dances, harmony singing groups and fishermen`s feasts.

01.07.-31.08.2014 Opatija Opatija Oldtimer Tour

Free tourist drive in oldtimers every Tuesday from 7:30 pm until 10 pm.

01.07.-14.07.2014 Grobnik Festival Grobnik

Classical music concerts.

01.07.2014 Veli Lošinj Dolphin Day
01.07.-31.08.2014 Krk 58th Krk Summer Events
01.07.2014 Krk Performance of the Krk Brass Orchestra

Location: Vela placa Square at 9 pm.

01.07.-31.08.2014 Baška Baška Cultural Summer
01.07.-31.08.2014 Lopar Daily entertainment programme on the beach

Daily entertainment on the beach in front of the Hotel Settlement (HS) and Car Camp San Marino and evening entertainment on the terrace of the HS San Marino.

01.07.-24.07.2014 Rijeka Rijeka Summer Nights

Attractive locations of the town of Rijeka.

01.07.-31.08.2014 Krk Summer programme in the Marina Hotel, Town of Krk
01.07.-31.08.2014 Dobrinj Creative workshops for children

Creative workshop for children on Wednesday from 5 pm to 7 pm, and from 9 pm clowns, jugglers and children entertainers.

01.07.-31.08.2014 Šilo Fishermen`s Feasts

On Saturdays in Šilo and villages by the sea (Čižići, Klimno, Soline).

01.07.-31.08.2014 Lovran Captain's Fest in Lovran
01.07.-31.08.2014 Cres Cres Butega

Every Wednesday and Friday the Cres Butega is held.

02.07.-02.08.2014 Rijeka Astronomy Centre Rijeka - programme for July 2014
02.07.2014 Crikvenica "Art Express Balaton - Adriatic" International festival of Art
03.07.2014 Krk Performance of folklore ensemble Vrh

Location: Promenade - Vela placa Square - Kamplin at 9 pm.

03.07.-05.07.2014 Rab Rab - the Centre of the World

Puppet workshops for children at Liberty Square.

03.07.-14.08.2014 Opatija Summer Musical Evenings at the Hotel Milenij terrace
03.07.2014 Punat Promenade concert by Klapa Rašketa
04.07.-31.08.2014 Crikvenica Gong sound baths at the City Beach Crikvenica
04.07.-31.08.2014 Selce Morning yoga on the swimming pool area of the Varaždin Hotel
04.07.-21.07.2014 Opatija Croatian Museum of Tourism - Exhibition by Franz Xaver Weidinger
04.07.2014 Punat Classical music concert on the Košljun Islet
04.07.-25.07.2014 Kastav Fridays at five in Idica`s Bakery

Every Friday at 5 pm we invite You to visit Idica's Bakery where a making and tasting of bread from 5 to 7 p.m. will be presented. Making and tasting of bread is organized by prior arrangement.

04.07.-06.07.2014 Opatija 14th Liburnia Jazz Festival
04.07.-06.07.2014 Vrbnik Žlahtina Festival

Open cellars days / Razgon

05.06.-30.07.2014 Opatija MENU 170 YEARS OF TOURISM IN OPATIJA
05.07.2014 Pinezići 26th meeting of the Island of Krk sopila players in Pinezići
05.07.-06.07.2014 Krk Krk Regatta

Regatta in Krk aquatorium.

05.07.2014 Kastav Show "Zdola neba kastafskega"

Avant-garde hairstyles and make-up thematic revue.

05.07.2014 Selce Selce Open sailing regatta
05.07.2014 Novi Vinodolski International Summer Carnival
05.07.-06.07.2014 Kostrena Creative promenade

An exhibition of art works along the coastal path Žurkovo Cove to Stara voda.

05.07.2014 Mrkopalj Days of Mrkopalj Mountain Trail
05.07.2014 Fužine Lavander Day

Plantation tour, fair of souvenirs and local products.

05.07.2014 Lokve 15th Pensioners`s meeting in Forest Park Golubinjak
08.07.2014 Krk Performance of vocal group Bona Forma

Location: Vela placa Square at 8 pm.

09.07.2014 Ičići Ičići`s Summer Nights
09.07.-13.07.2014 Punat Art School of Boatbuilding

Art school for school children.

10.07.-11.07.2014 Crikvenica Adriatica Folk Fest 2014

International Folclore Festival.

10.07.-21.08.2014 Dramalj Melodies with the taste of the sea

Melodies with the taste of the sea will be held in Dramalj and Jadranovo.

10.07.2014 Krk Performance of folklore ensemble Kornić

Location: Promenade - Vela placa Square - Kamplin at 9 pm.

10.07.-20.07.2014 Cres Theatre at Pjaceta
11.07.-13.07.2014 Punat Puntarske noći (Nights of Punat)

Local fest live music, catering...

11.07.2014 Punat Folk Fest
11.07.2014 Opatija Concert by Antonela Malis and Đani Stipaničev

Location: Remisens Premium Hotel Kvarner at 9 pm.

11.07.-15.08.2014 Lubenice 25th Lubenice Musical Evenings

Lubenice Musical Evenings have been held for thirty years in Lubenice, a 4000-year-old stone town. During July and August the island town turns infto a stage with most beautiful melodies of classical music.

12.07.-13.07.2014 Lokve Gorski kotar Bike Tour 2014.: Lokve and Lividraga
12.07.2014 Punat Male Choir Festival

Concerts by klapas Kaštadi, Nono, Rašketa and Zvonimir, at 8 pm.

12.07.2014 Ravna Gora Tourism Day / Blueberry Day
12.07.2014 Veprinac Evening Harmony Singing in Veprinac
12.07.-13.07.2014 Novi Vinodolski Velebit Channel Regatta
12.07.-13.07.2014 Selce Ethno Selce
12.07.2014 Bakar Naval Battle in Bakar

It is about reconstruction of this historical naval attack, when for the last time the Venetians had unsuccessfully tried to win Bakar back in the year of 1616.

13.07.2014 Bakar Day of Town of Bakar
13.07.-20.07.2014 Vrbnik Šurlice Days (homemade pasta)

A special selection of dishes with homemade pasta (šurlice) prepared in various ways in restaurants and taverns.

13.07.2014 Opatija "Run and Enjoy" International Race
13.07.2014 Lopar Fishermen`s Feast

Catering and entertainment programme in the Lopar port.

13.07.2014 Fužine Fužine Sailing Regatta

Sailing Regatta for class Optimist and Laser 4.7 at the Bajer Lake.

13.07.2014 Fužine Lavander Art

Ex tempore on fields of lavander farm Plesničar.

13.07.2014 Lokve 1st Day of Gorski kotar Mountaineers (PD Špičunak)
15.07.-13.09.2014 Rijeka Summer at Trsat Castle
15.07.2014 Krk Performance by Krk Brass Orchestra

Location: Vela placa Square at 9 pm.

16.07.2014 Barbat na Rabu "Kamenica"

A feast day of Our Lady of Carmel.

16.07.2014 Vrbnik Concert by Jed Backer blues band
16.07.2014 Malinska Concert by Milton Masciardi and Martha Thomas
17.07.2014 Malinska Fishermen`s feast and Jazz night
17.07.-26.07.2014 Jadranovo Jakovlja 2014
17.07.2014 Krk Performance by folklore ensemble Poljica

Location: Promenade - Vela placa Square - Kamplin at 9 pm.

17.07.-22.08.2014 Bribir 14th Vinodol Summer Evenings

Summer guest of the Vinodol riviera should be prepared for a holiday which will, apart from the sun and blessings of the Adriatic coast, provide a true musical experience.

18.07.-25.08.2014 Osor Osor Musical Evenings

Osor Musical Evenings is an event dedicated to music by local artists. Osor has premiered more than 300 compositions by Croatian composers.

18.07.2014 Krk Mići boduli

Performance by children`s choir Mići boduli in Vela placa Square at 8 pm.

18.07.-20.07.2014 Krk Promotiva 2014

International Beach Volleyball Tournament and Croatian Championship at Dunat bathing place.

18.07.2014 Lopar Samba Festival 2014
18.07.-20.07.2014 Malinska Days of the Malinska - Dubašnica Municipality

A special programme to mark the occasion.

18.07.2014 Martinšćica Martinska night
18.07.2014 Omišalj Ancient Cuisine Evening
18.07.-20.07.2014 Mrkopalj 8th round of Agility championship of Croatia
18.07.-19.07.2014 Vrbnik „Mud, Blood & Beer Festival“

Concerts by local and foreign musicians.

19.07.2014 Skrad Raspberry Festival
19.07.2014 Ravna Gora Day of Herbs
19.07.2014 Mošćenička Draga Festival and traditional sailling boats regatta
19.07.2014 Delnice Risnjak Trail / Kupom uzvodno

In Delnice the Risnjak trail in the Risnjak National Park and the swimming meeting „Kupom uzvodno“ followed by the night halfmarathon „Utrka prijateljstva“ will be held

19.07.-16.08.2014 Crikvenica 13th International Music Festival "Crikvenica 2014"
19.07.-20.07.2014 Crikvenica Days of Ad Turres
19.07.2014 Dramalj Tennis Tournament

Location: Kačjak Sports Centre.

19.07.2014 Opatija Opatija - The Imperial City

Musical and theatrical spectacle.

19.07.-20.07.2014 Opatija Galijola sailing regatta
19.07.-20.07.2014 Mošćenička Draga Marinina

A festive occasion marking "Marinina".

19.07.-26.07.2014 Krk Live-Music
19.07.2014 Cres Summer Carnival
19.07.2014 Kastav 12th Vela umjetnička delavnica (Art Workshop)
20.07.2014 Kastav Good Old Things

Musical and dance spectacle.

20.07.2014 Crikvenica 13th XC Podbadanj

National XC Championship.

20.07.2014 Crikvenica Table tennis tournament "Plaža Crikvenica" (the City Beach Crikvenica)
20.07.2014 Bakar 2nd Bakar Cycling Race
20.07.2014 Opatija Retropatija

The musical and theatrical spectacle.

20.07.2014 Crikvenica 13th XC Podbadanj Bike Race
20.07.2014 Lokve Fishing competition and socializing
21.06.-02.07.2014 Opatija 52nd European team championship in bridge

Location: Marino Cvetković Sports Hall.

21.07.2014 Opatija Concerts „Svi u disco˝ and „Kool & the Gang˝

On the occasion of 170 years of tourism in Opatija, the concerts „Svi u disco˝ and „Kool & the Gang˝ will be held on the Slatina beach at 9.30 pm.

21.07.-26.07.2014 Delnice Croatia open 2014.

Orienteering competition organized by the Ris Orientation club from Delnice.

21.07.-26.07.2014 Vrbnik The Summer School of the Glagolitic alphabet
22.07.2014 Opatija Ballet gala evening - the world's biggest ballet stars

Open Air Theatre in Opatija, 9:30 p.m.

22.07.2014 Krk Croatia Open 2014

Competition in orienteering.

23.07.2014 Lopar Tomato Fest

An gastronomic event on the topic of Lopar tomato.

23.07.2014 Ičići Dancing Stars

Dance couples on the beach.

23.07.2014 Krk Concert by the Orchestra „John Henry Newman“

Location: Vela placa Square.

24.07.2014 Punat Sacral Music Concert by Mayumi Kamei & Draško Baumgarten
25.06.-25.07.2014 Rijeka Rijeka Summer Nights

During the summer months, the squares, streets and terraces of Rijeka are turned infto theatre stages.

25.07.-27.07.2014 Mali Lošinj 10th Lošinj Jazz Festival

Jazz festival Lošinj takes place sixth year in a row and it gathers supreme Croatian and international jazz musicians.

25.07.2014 Cres Granceta Fest
25.07.2014 Volosko Evening of harmony singing in Mandrać
25.07.-27.07.2014 Rab Rabska fjera (Rab Fair)

The return to distant mediaeval past is possible by taking part in a memorable event Rab Fair.

25.07.-26.07.2014 Malinska Malinska Nights

Traditional fishermen`s feasts.

25.07.-15.08.2014 Opatija Croatian Museum of Tourism - Exhibition: Opatija then and now

In the celebration year that marks 170 years of tourism in Opatija we present a project that was created in collaboration with the Livingstone association and the Croatian Museum of Tourism.

25.07.2014 Opatija Concert by Radojka Šverko

Location: Remisens Premium Hotel Kvarner at 9 pm.

25.07.2014 Kostrena Kostrena Night

Location: Žurkovo Cove.

25.07.2014 Krk Performance of the choir „Solihullmusic Service“

Location: Krk`s Waterfront.

26.06.-31.07.2014 Rab Rab Musical Evenings
26.07.2014 Veli Lošinj Veli Lošinj`s Summer Fest

During the day, there are numerous sports events in the harbor of Veli Lošinj, we particularly point out the slippery pole, rope pulling, sinking beach canoes, and an extremely attractive and unique “Veloselska alka”. The beginning is at 6 p.m.

26.07.2014 Vrbnik 14th Amateur Swimming Marathon Vrbnik - Risika
26.07.2014 Dramalj 7th Summer Carnival

Location: little port Pazdehova.

26.07.-27.07.2014 Novi Vinodolski Novi Vinodol`s Regatta

Regatta for Optimist, Laser and Laser Radial.

26.07.2014 Mošćenička Draga Traditional Sail boat Review and Regatta
26.07.2014 Kraljevica Fisherman's Feast and concert by „Koktelsi“
26.07.2014 Punat The Rock koncert „Time to rock“

Concerts by Open road band and Nadzorni odbor band.

26.07.2014 Delnice „Review of heligonka's and small instrumental ensembles from Gorski Kotar“
26.07.-01.08.2014 Punat Anastasija`s Summer of Chess

An interesting summer chess school for school children.

26.07.2014 Vrbovsko Summer of Sports in Vrbovsko
26.07.2014 Opatija Perpetuum Jazzile – a choir that conquered YouTube

Ljetna pozornica, Opatija u 21.30h

27.07.2014 Fužine Feast of St. Anne`s Day
27.07.2014 Stara Baška Promenade concert by "Boduli" Group
27.07.2014 Susak Immigrants day
27.07.2014 Fužine Concert by the Fužine music

Location: the playground Fužine, at 6 pm.

27.07.2014 Brod Moravice The celebration of St. Ana's Day
27.07.2014 Lovran 9th MTB Učka Marathon

UCI MTB Marathon Series World Cup.

27.07.2014 Krk 9th Town of Krk Cup

Competition in angling from the shore.

28.06.-27.07.2014 Bakar Margaret`s Summer

The Margaret’s Summer is a cultural and entertaining event that takes place each year in Bakar.

30.07.2014 Opatija New York Voices – a priceless experience

Open Air Theatre in Opatija, 9:30 p.m.

30.07.-03.08.2014 Nerezine Nerezine Summer Games
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