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01.12.2014-11.01.2015 Opatija Ice Magic - Ice rink and Christmas Fair
01.12.-06.12.2014 Rijeka 36th Ri Rock Festival
03.12.2014 Opatija Christmas Tree Lighting

The traditional ceremony of putting up and lighting the Christmas tree is a very special moment in every part of the world – London, New York, Paris, Sidney, Prague, or Berlin…

05.12.-26.12.2014 Kastav "Fridays at five in the bakery"

Making and tasting of bread from 5 to 8 pm at the Idica`s Bakery (Local Ethnographic Museum).

05.12.-12.12.2014 Rijeka RI gastro: Codfish and Chocolate Week

Gastro days are organized with the aim of learning and conserving the tradition of the Mediterranean Diet in this area whose beneficial effect is proven by numerous studies.

05.12.-07.12.2014 Opatija Chocolate Festival in Opatija

Can you imagine a better entry into December, a month of great events, than the Chocolate Festival?

05.12.2014 Rab Towards St. Nicholas`Day

Children`s play at the Rab Cinema.

05.12.2014-17.01.2015 Lokve Advent in Lokve
06.12.2014 Rab St. Nicholas`Day

Day of seafarers and passengers.

06.12.2014 Ćunski St. Nicholas`Day

Popular feast.

06.12.2014 Opatija Festival Kvarner: Pure chocolate

Classical music concerts in Operetta.

06.12.2014 Krk St. Nicholas` Day

Special programme on the occasion of the feast of St. Nicholas Day.

07.12.2014 Ičići Junior Cup

Fishing competition in angling.

08.11.-20.12.2014 Matulji School of Potresujka (local dance)
11.12.-15.12.2014 Opatija Festival of Christmas cookies and cakes
12.12.-14.12.2014 Liganj Christmas Tale in the Učka Nature Park
12.12.-13.12.2014 Cres Santa Lucia Cup
12.12.-24.12.2014 Malinska Codfish Days

Location: Malin Hotel.

13.12.2014 Banjol St. Lucia`s Day
13.12.2014 Vrbovsko "Vrbovsko Winter Evening"
19.12.2013-01.01.2014 Opatija Winter in Opatija
19.12.2014 Matulji Christmas Concert
19.12.2014 Bakar Christmas Fair
19.12.2014 Krk Humanitarian concert of the pupils from the all island schools

Location: Secondary school Hrvatski kralj Zvonimir at 5 pm.

20.12.2014 Punat Christmas and New Year`s Concert by Josip Kaplan Choir
20.12.2014 Brod Moravice Christmas Concert
20.12.2014 Bakar Festive Christmas concert

Location: concert in the Church.

22.12.2014 Dramalj Christmas Concert

Location: St. Helen`s Church.

23.12.2014 Lopar Christmas Concert
23.12.2014 Krk Sweet island - charity pastries sales

Location: Vela placa Square from 8:30 am till noon.

24.12.2014 Krk Christmas Eve Morning

Occasional holiday programme.

24.12.2014 Lopar Christmas`Eve

Special programme and presentation of a live nativity scene.

24.12.2014 Ravna Gora Christmas`Eve in Ravna Gora
24.12.2014 Bakar Traditionally Christmas tree is decorated by all together at Vrata with mulled wine organized by Our Children Society Bakar
24.12.2014 Viškovo Advent in Viškovo

Christmas concert.

24.12.2014 Lovran "Morning in Lovran on Christmas`Eve"

Frying and sharing of fritters and mulled wine accompanied by the music programme.

24.12.2014 Crikvenica Christmas` Eve in Crikvenica
25.12.2014 Kastav Christmas Concert

Location: St. Helen`s Church, at 11 am.

25.12.2014 Rab Christmas - mass ceremony

Location: the Cathedral of the Assumption.

26.12.2014 Barbat na Rabu St. Stephen`s Day

Special programme.

26.12.2014 Ravna Gora Christmas and New Year`s Concert
26.12.2014 Krk The Great Miracle in a Small Town, Christmas concert of the parochial choirs

Location: The Cathedral from 7 pm.

26.12.2014 Opatija Christmas Old Timer Exhibition
26.12.2014 Kastav New Year`s Concert

Location: Kastav School Sports Hall, at 8 pm.

26.12.2014 Lovran Christmas Concert of "Lovor" Cultural Society
26.12.2014 Rijeka It`s Christmas - Man!

Location: St. Vitus`Cathedral.

28.11.-21.12.2014 Delnice Delnice Advent Tale
28.12.2013-06.01.2014 Opatija New Year Tournament

Bridge Tournament. Organized by Opatija Bridge Club. Location: Milenij Grand hotel 4 opatijska cvijeta.

28.12.-30.12.2014 Rijeka New Year`s Eve Concert

Location: Croatian National Theatre Ivan pl. Zajc.

28.12.2014 Brod Moravice Facing the New Year`s Eve

Holy mass in St. Nicholas Church.

28.12.2014 Fužine Traditional New Year`s Eve Concert staged by Fužine Brass Band

Location: Cultural Hall at 6 pm.

28.12.2014 Rab Christmas Concert

Location: the Cathedral of the Assumption.

29.11.-30.12.2014 Crikvenica Crikvenica Advent
29.11.-19.12.2014 Kostrena Days of the Kostrena Municipality

Celebrating the Feast of St. Barbara and St. Lucy with a special programme.

29.12.-30.12.2014 Mali Lošinj 52nd New Year`s Cup in spear-fishing
30.12.2014 Mali Lošinj New Year`s Swim to the Island of vitality

Location: Veli Žal Beach.

30.12.2014 Malinska Christmas and New Year`s Eve Concert

Location: Parish Church of St. Apollinaire.

30.12.2014 Brod na Kupi Encounter on Europe`s Schengen Border

Organized by Kupa Association.

31.12.2014 Mrkopalj New Year`s Eve Party in the open

Location: Čelimbaša Ski resort.

31.12.2014 Fužine New Year`s Eve Party

Location: Cultural Hall, beginning at 8 pm.

31.12.2014 Rab New Year`s Eve Party

A farewell to the old year.

31.12.2014 Krk New Year`s Toast with the Mayor of the City of Krk followed by entertainment programme

Location: Vela placa Square, from 11 am.

31.12.2014 Fužine 15th Farewell to the Old year in the open

Location: in the centre of Fužine - playground from 10 am.

31.12.2014 Novi Vinodolski A Toast to New 2015
31.12.2014 Lovran Farewell to the Old and welcome the New Year

Farewell to the old and welcome the New Year with the New Year`s Eve concert staged by the Lovran Wind Orchestra in front of the Lovran City Hall, from 11 am to noon.

31.12.2014 Opatija New Year`s Eve Party

New Year`s Eve Party at the Open Air Theatre.

31.12.2014 Mali Lošinj Morning walk
31.12.2014 Mali Lošinj New Year`s Eve Party

Location: Main Square.

31.12.2014 Rijeka New Year`s Eve Party at the Korzo promenade
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