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04.04.-03.05.2014 Mali Lošinj Exhibition: "His Majesty, the Island of Lošinj"

Location: Fritzy Palace.

05.04.2014 Mali Lošinj Firemen`s Race

Location: Čikat Bay, beginning at 11 am.

08.04.2014 Mali Lošinj Specialist Music School Easter Concert

Location: Vladimir Nazor Movie Theatre, at 7:30 pm.

08.04.-12.04.2014 Rijeka 5th Rijeka`s Bookfest

The fifth edition of the Rijeka's Bookfest book fair is scheduled from 8 to 12 April in the city center.

10.04.-29.06.2014 Veli Lošinj Rujana Kren`s Exhibition

Location: Kula Museum & Gallery.

11.04.-18.04.2014 Rijeka RI Gastro - Asparagus delicacies in Rijeka

Following the season, the first edition of this year's Rijeka gastro days from 11 to 18 April will be dedicated to asparagus. The desire behind this event is to teach and preserve the tradition of Mediterranean food, for which numerous studies have proven to have great benefits.

11.04.-13.04.2014 Mali Lošinj CAMP & BIKE - Adventure Weekend Lošinj


11.04.-13.04.2014 Veli Lošinj International downhill cycling competiton "DHI Veli Lošinj"

International DHI UCI C1 race.

12.04.2014 Mali Lošinj Lošinj Flower

Location: trg RH.

12.04.-27.04.2014 Lovran 14th Asparagus Festival in Lovran

The Festival is held every year in the month of April. During the Asparagus Festival, many restaurants and taverns are offering dishes made from wild asparagus.

12.04.-13.04.2014 Opatija Coffee Festival in Opatija

Opatija's Coffee Festival presents this popular aromatic beverage in a variety of ways.

15.04.2014 Mali Lošinj "Wild West" - Children`s Workshop

Location: Vladimir Nazor Movie Theatre, at 10 am.

16.04.-19.04.2014 Opatija Gast EXPO

Fair of young wine and autocthone delicacies.

16.04.-19.04.2014 Crikvenica 11th Flower Festival
18.04.-19.04.2014 Crikvenica Easter Scone
18.04.2014 Nerezine Good Friday Procession
19.04.-21.04.2014 Opatija Easter in Opatija
19.04.-20.04.2014 Lovran Easter in Link Hostel
20.04.-18.05.2014 Krk I LOVE SPRING IN KRK
20.04.2014 Mali Lošinj Easter on Lošinj
20.04.-01.05.2014 Cres The lamb delicacies of the Croatian Islands
20.04.2014 Baška Easter Experience in Baška
20.04.2014 Vrbovsko Opening of the excursion season to Kamačnik

Recreational walks along the canyon of Kamačnik and "mountain stew" cooking competition.

21.04.2014 Veli Lošinj Josip Kašman Brass Orchestra`s Easter Concert

Location: Parish Church in Veli Lošinj, beginning at 11 am.

21.04.2014 Mali Lošinj Josip Kašman Brass Orchestra`s Easter Concert

Location: Parish Church in Mali Lošinj, beginning at 8 pm.

22.04.2014 Mali Lošinj Earth Day
22.04.-30.04.2014 Cres Days of Cres lamb and olive oil

A large number of restaurants on the island will offer meals made of lamb.

22.04.-27.04.2014 Opatija FEN 2014

Festival of Professional Independent Theatres and Theatre Troupes in Croatia.

23.04.2014 Mali Lošinj The Night of the Book

Location: Town Library, from 6 pm to 1 am.

24.04.-27.04.2014 Opatija Kvarner EXPO 14
25.04.-27.04.2014 Baška BAŠ ovca: April Asparagus Fête- hiking trip

Let us take you hiking and picking asparagus with experienced guides, along one of 19 paths of Baška, paths that encompass the hills around Baška with total length of more than 90 km.

25.04.-27.04.2014 Mali Lošinj Moto Encounters: 32nd Open Birthday Party

Location: A/C Poljana.

26.04.2014 Selce Asparagus Feast
26.04.2014 Gomirje Flower parade in Gomirje

Traditional event to mark the awakening of nature with a cultural and artistic programme.

26.04.-27.04.2014 Rijeka 18th Rijeka Half Marathon "Homo si teć"

„Homo si teć!“ (Let's run!), the biggest street race in Croatia, this year celebrates its 18th edition.

27.04.2014 Kastav 9th Kastav Wine Festival "Belica 2014"

The Festival includes evaluation of wine in several categories by renowned sommeliers.

30.04.-08.05.2014 Rijeka 21st International Festival of Small Theatre in Rijeka
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