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02.01.-31.01.2020 Rijeka Astronomical Centre Rijeka - programme for January 2020
11.01.-26.02.2020 Crikvenica Crikvenica Carnival 2020

The Crikvenica Riviera's winter slumber receives a rather cheerful awakening with the arrival of carnival. It's a time for hosting numerous events, typified by the cheerful atmosphere and a great variety of colourful and imaginatively designed masks.

11.01.-25.02.2020 Kostrena Kostrena Carnival 2020
12.01.-25.02.2020 Krk Krk Carnival 2020
14.07.2019-01.05.2020 Opatija Exhibition: Empress Sisi`s fashion closet
17.01.-26.02.2020 Rijeka Rijeka Carnival 2020
17.01.2020 Rijeka Rijeka Carnival 2020: Rijeka Carnival Queen Pageant and Handover of the City Key

Location: Youth Sports Hall, beginning at 8 pm.

17.01.-26.02.2020 Lovran Lovran Carnival 2020
17.01.-26.02.2020 Opatija Opatija Carnival 2020
17.01.-26.02.2020 Kastav Kastav Carnival 2020
17.01.-25.02.2020 Viškovo Viškovo Carnival 2020
18.01.2020 Viškovo Viškovo Carnival 2020: Halubje Carnival

Halubajski carnival is traditional festivity that gathers more groups each year. The longstanding tradition of Halubajski bell ringers is the backbone of organizing the carnival, which they close with their bell ringing. Beginning at 5 pm.

29.11.2019-12.01.2020 Opatija Opatija Advent

Luxuriously decorated streets and squares, an ice skating rink, and various musical and theatrical performances at numerous magnificent locations are just a small part of the enchanting Advent in Opatija programme.

30.11.2019-12.01.2020 Rijeka Rijeka Advent

Christmas and New Year holidays are especially cheerful on Rijeka's Korzo, where various cultural and entertainment programmes are held during November, December and the first half of January, with colourful stalls. Rijeka's caterers also join in with the atmosphere with their Christmas gastronomic offer, and the Ri gastro is held at the same time, promoting delicacies with cod and chocolate.

30.11.2019-07.01.2020 Crikvenica Crikvenica Advent

The Town of Crikvenica is preparing for you a really Christmas magic with lots of contents for all ages. Be a part in one of our workshops. For gourmets we have a gastro workshop of holiday specialities or for Christmas decoration lovers you can try to make a Christmas decoration just for yourself or your loved ones.

30.11.2019-07.01.2020 Rab Rab Advent: The most beautiful Advent on the Adriatic islands

Advent on the island of Rab provides a special combination of art and cuisine, along with entertainment for all ages.

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