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01.05.-31.05.2015 Mali Lošinj 9th Lošinj Cuisine Feast

The best way to discover the treasures of this island is by tasting local cuisine. During this event, many restaurants offer local specialities at affordable prices.

01.05.-03.05.2015 Novi Vinodolski Harley Davidson&open bike event
01.05.2015 Crikvenica May Day celebations in Crikvenica

A perfect day for a break from your daily routine in the centre of the town. A festive atmosphere, free portion of batuda (a traditional Crikvenica dish), and a glass of wine are a great start to the weekend.

01.05.-30.06.2015 Mošćenička Draga Gallery of the Italian Community - Exhibition of the painter Ljiljana Barković "Open Circle"
01.05.-03.05.2015 Punat Ecoactive Weekend

Weekend of relaxation, education and good vibrations.

01.05.2015 Cres Folk evening

Location: Frane Petrića Square.

01.05.-31.05.2015 Punat Day`s of Cheese and Kvarner scampi

In the month of May in Marina Punat restaurants you can taste special dishes based on domestic cheeses and scampi’s.

02.05.2015 Cres Whose lamb is the best?

Location: Kimen Hotel.

02.05.2015 Njivice KreKo - asparagus and cheese

As part of the environmental events held gastronomic weekend with the theme of asparagus and cheese and fiesta with a band Trend.

02.05.2015 Crikvenica Senior games

Almost 1,000 participants from Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Hungary will have great time taking part in various games such as darts, chess, bowling and tug of war.

03.05.2015 Viškovo MAJEVICA – Feast of Young Summer

Majevica is held on the first Sunday in May and is dedicated to tradition, preservation of cultural and historic heritage, cousine and the old customs of the Halubje area.

03.05.2015 Nerezine "Muaj" of Nerezine

Folk-stage event which has taken place for over 200 years on the first Sunday of May, symbolising the welcoming of spring.

08.05.-10.05.2015 Opatija Our world is music

Festival of wind orchestras.

09.05.2015 Baška Krk Treking & Trail kamp
09.05.2015 Cres Children's Olympiad
09.05.-25.06.2015 Rab Knightly tournaments

Island of Rab Crossbowmen Association is founded 1995. Rab Crossbowmen Association show is regularly held on May 9, June 25, St. Christopher’s Day (July 27) and Feast of Assumption (August 15).

09.05.2015 Crikvenica Malik's sweet Day

On this morning, Crikvenica's Petak Park will definitely be the merriest place in town. he day dedicated to Malik will include a variety of entertainment activities and workshops for children.

11.05.-15.05.2015 Kostrena The 9th Chakavian meeting in Kostrena
12.05.-11.06.2015 Opatija Gourmet story of Opatija Riviera and Rijeka

Gastronomy event

14.05.-16.05.2015 Crikvenica Slavonia Days in Crikvenica

In the centre of Crikvenica, there will be a fair of Slavonian souvenirs, products and delicacies, such as homemade cheese, honey, cakes, cured meats and wines.

16.05.-30.05.2015 Rab Island lamb festival

Sampling lamb dishes in the restaurants. Location: Rab restaurants.

17.05.2015 Crikvenica 3rd Crikvenica XCM cycling marathon

Spring is the start of the marathon season on the Crikvenica Riviera. The first one is a cycling marathon which starts and finishes on Crikvenica's Stjepan Radić Square, followed by an award ceremony and entertainment programme in the centre of the town.

21.05.-25.05.2015 Rijeka EMAC Festival 2015 (European Mixed Arts & Electronic Music Audition Croatia)
22.05.-24.05.2015 Krk Krk spring bike adventure 2015.
22.05.2015 Crikvenica Opening of the Mediterranean Garden

The Mediterranean Labyrinth of Love now has a new neighbour: the Mediterranean Garden. Just like the labyrinth, the garden will be decorated with indigenous plants, including 400 laurel bushes. Opening ceremony at 6 pm.

22.05.2015 Dramalj Jelenina 2015 - Feast of St. Helen

The celebration of the Feast of St. Helen, the patron saint of Dramalj, includes sport, cultural, entertainment and religious programmes. Visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy a theatrical performance and music programme.

22.05.2015 Jadranovo Concert of KUD Martin Matetić cultural society

The KUD Martin Matetić cultural society will perform traditional songs from the local littoral region in a pleasant atmosphere in front of the Church of St. James in Jadranovo.

23.05.-24.05.2015 Crikvenica 9th Ad Turres Days

The event evokes Roman times in a vivid, picturesque way, so that visitors can re-experience the atmosphere of ancient Crikvenica. It presents many aspects of everyday Roman life, traditional crafts, educational workshops and ancient gastronomy.

24.05.2015 Selce 26th Walk for Health

Walking and hiking enthusiasts will get together in the morning hours in Selce, from where they will start exploring the trails in the surrounding area under the guidance of members of the local hiking club.

24.05.2015 Cres Internation Festival of Bagpipes
26.04.-02.05.2015 Cres Days of Cres lamb

Restaurants offering various lamb delicacies make this event particularly popular. The last day of this event is held in the city of Cres.

27.04.-01.05.2015 Rab Asparagus Festival

From 27th to 28th of April guided asparagus picking tours in the area of the Town of Rab. On April 28th end of the asparagus picking – preparing dishes with asparagus.

28.05.-31.05.2015 Opatija OLD STARS ZAGREB '89

International basketball tournament for veterans. Location: Marino Cvetković Sport hall.

29.05.2015 Opatija Film, food & music night: Freddie Mercury night

Location: Continental hotel, beginning at 7 pm.

29.05.-30.05.2015 Rijeka Student Day Festival

Location: Ex Port Delta.

30.04.-03.05.2015 Opatija Flower festival

Location: Slatina Beach.

30.05.-31.05.2015 Punat International sailing regatta CROATIA CUP
30.05.2015 Dramalj 7th Vocal Groups Festival

The romantic small harbour of Pazdehova in Dramalj is the venue of a festival that will bring together male and female singing groups – locally known as klape – from all parts of Croatia: Primorje, Istria, Dalmatia, Zagreb and Slavonia. Beginning at 8:30 pm.

30.05.-31.05.2015 Selce 5th Strawberry Festival
30.05.2015 Bakar Bakar Bike
30.05.-31.05.2015 Opatija Op Art Festival
30.05.-31.05.2015 Drivenik Drivenik-guard through history
30.05.2015 Cres Day of Vrana lake
30.05.2015 Njivice KreKo - oily fish

Kreko weekend with the theme of oily fish.

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