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01.08.-10.09.2016 Rab Rab Summer of Art

This event promotes contemporary, mainly Croatian, visual arts, bringing them closer to the island of Rab's inhabitants and visitors.

01.08.-15.09.2016 Rab Rab Musical Evenings

Lovers of classical music have been enjoying exclusive program of Rab Music Nights since 1986. and every year they would get to listen to 12 or more amazing classical concerts.

01.08.-30.09.2016 Kastav Good old things

Event held in Idica`s Bakery and Viko`s Coopery - Small local museums

01.08.-14.09.2016 Rijeka Astronomy Centre Rijeka - a special programme for foreign tourist

Foreign tourists may enjoy unique experience of digital planetarium by watching a film in English language every Wednesday at 8.30 pm in the period from June 15 to September 15, 2016.

01.08.-04.09.2016 Lovran Summer in Lovran

Concerts, exhibitions and festivities at different locations in Lovran

01.09.-31.10.2016 Rijeka Giants of Patagonia, exhibition

From July 14th onwards, Rijeka will be inhabited by the giants of Patagonia – a grand-scale touring dinosaur exhibition, which is the most authentic and extensive exhibition on the dinosaurs of the Southern Hemisphere ever put together! Location: former Exportdrvo warehouse on Delta.

01.09.-31.10.2016 Rijeka Exhibition: The First in the World - 150 Years of the Rijeka's Torpedo

Location: Railway depot - Žabica 4

01.09.-03.09.2016 Rijeka Summer at Trsat Castle
01.09.-31.10.2016 Baška Summer and Autumn in Baška
02.08.-03.09.2016 Rijeka Astronomy Centre Rijeka - a special programme for foreign tourist
02.09.-04.09.2016 Opatija Galijola 2016, sailing regatta

Sailing regata (Opatija - Galijola - Opatija)

02.09.-03.09.2016 Njivice Fishermen`s Days
02.09.-04.09.2016 Krk Fig Days

Gastro programme dedicated to figs in catering facilities. Sales exhibition of products made from figs, thematic lectures, entertainment programme at Vela placa.

03.09.-04.09.2016 Ičići Regatta of traditional boats "Melkior Paragvaj"

The "Melkior Paragvaj" is a regatta of traditional sailing boats whose goal is to preserve and revitalise the area’s seafaring, fishing and shipbuilding heritage which includes an educational and entertainment programme for all age groups.

03.09.2016 Punat Festival of 'a capella' singing

Women and men`s harmony-singing groups. Location: seafront.

03.09.2016 Mali Lošinj 4nd Lošinj Regatta

After 120 years, (the first regatta was held in 1894) we see restored tradition of Lošinj rowing boats (pasara). Come to the port of Mali Lošinj and enjoy the sight of our beautiful wooden boats.

03.09.2016 Severin na Kupi Severin`s Night
03.09.-04.09.2016 Kostrena Creative promenade

Exhibition of art and souvenirs made by artists from Kostrena and their guests along the coastal path of Kostrena.

03.09.-10.09.2016 Lopar Days of the municipality of Lopar & festive occasion marking the Nativity of Virgin Mary
04.09.2016 Lopar Lopar Eco-Ethno Fest

Location: Kapić Park.

04.09.2016 Liganj Učka`s Fair

Every year, more than 10,000 visitors come to the Poklon Pass on Mount Učka, to choose from the wide range of traditional products offered by local producers, and to enjoy a rich culinary and entertainments programme, designed to present the traditional way of life on this mountain and in the surrounding area

06.09.-09.09.2016 Crikvenica 3rd International Music Festival "Crikvenica"
06.09.-13.09.2016 Rijeka Ri gastro - Week of Squid

Gastro days are organized with the aim of learning and conserving the traditions of the Mediterranean Diet in this area whose beneficial effect has been proved by numerous studies.

07.09.-12.09.2016 Ravna Gora Chamber Music Festival
07.09.2016 Novi Vinodolski Around the Old town / Okolotorno

Experience a mosaic of old crafts, taste unique products, enjoy the scents of the Mediterranean accomparied by the sounds of choir and musicians. Walk around the Old town every Wednesday.

08.09.-11.09.2016 Rab Rab Jazz Festival
08.09.-10.09.2016 Rijeka European Master Championship in open swimming

Location: Kantrida Swimming pools.

09.09.2016 Dramalj "Greeting to the Summer"

Location: little port Pazdehova, beginning at 6 pm.

09.09.-11.09.2016 Selce Trka oko Krka / Race around island of Krk (Sailing regatta)

A first-class sailing event in the waters off the island of Krk: a three-day international navigational offshore regatta.

09.09.-11.09.2016 Mošćenička Draga Outdoor Festival - WOF Mošćenička Draga
10.09.-11.09.2016 Crikvenica 4th Cake and Ice Cream Festival

The dessert and cake festival has many sweet and refreshing surprises. Crikvenica, Dramalj, Jadranovo and Selce will welcome their visitors with delicious original desserts prepared by skilled culinary experts.

10.09.2016 Baška Encounter of folklore and a capella (klapa) groups / "Zasopimo, zatancajmo" - KUD Šoto and guests

Ceremonious promenade performance through Baška at 7 pm; central performance in Hotel Corinthia, Baška at 8 pm.

10.09.2016 Crikvenica Evening of Vocal and Instrumental Music, Poetry and Socializing

Location: centre, at 8 pm.

10.09.2016 Kostrena Arbunijada - Competition in angling
10.09.-18.09.2016 Rijeka European Master Championship in waterpolo

Location: Kantrida Swimming Pools.

10.09.2016 Rijeka Festival of Sport Recreation - Croatian Olympic Day

Sports presentation and closing ceremony of the Festival.

10.09.2016 Tršće Competition in archery on FIELD targets

Begininng at 10 am.

10.09.2016 Mošćenička Draga Učka Trail

Učka Trail is a trail running competition, as well as a unique endeavor through preserved landscape of Nature’s park Učka.

11.09.2016 Krk Bodul Bike - guided recreative cycling tour

Guided recreative cycling tour organized by BBC of the island of Krk

12.09.-24.09.2016 Lopar Octopus Days

Gastro festival

15.09.-25.09.2016 Rijeka Thousand Islands Race

4th edition of this one-of-a kind navigational sailboat race with a course that includes more than a thousand Adriatic Islands.

16.09.-17.09.2016 Rijeka Hartera Festival

Location: ex Torpedo factory

17.09.2016 Lokve Night of Caves
17.09.2016 Lič Mushroom event

Organized education in mushroom picking.

17.09.2016 Rab 9th Harmony-singing groups Festival "Rab Vedute"

Location: Summer Stage Rab.

17.09.-18.09.2016 Kostrena 20 miles of Rijeka Bay

Sailing regatta in Kvarner Bay.

17.09.2016 Brod Moravice Days of Plums

Gastro Festival

17.09.2016 Opatija Folklore Evening "Naši tanci i stare užanci v Opatije"

Location: Marino Cvetković Sports Hall, beginning at 7:30 pm. Free entry.

17.09.2016 Mošćenička Draga Hiking - Mythical Trail to Trebišće

Start at 10:30 am.

17.09.-25.09.2016 Viškovo "Matejna" - a festive occasion marking St. Michael`s Day

This event was named after the patron saint of the parish and settlement itself, St. Matthew. It is celabrated each year on the 21st of September.

17.09.2016 Kostrena Kostrenska đirada / Kostrena`s Stroll

Entertainment and sporting Event

17.09.2016 Nerezine 40th Traditional sail boats regatta in Nerezine

This event will give you the opportunity to see how people used to sail their little boats (pasara, leut, guč). After the race the visitors can see the boats on display on the Studenac Square and an entertainment programme will follow in the evening.

18.09.-27.09.2016 Punat Punat Sea Art - Sculpture colony
18.09.-31.10.2016 Opatija Festival Kvarner 2016

Series of classical music concerts

18.09.-25.09.2016 Opatija Viennese Week in Opatija

Two of Europe's centres of culture and tourism, Vienna and Opatija, continue their long relationship based on a mutual historical, social and cultural heritage. This connectedness was the basis for Vienna Week, an event during which Opatija's cafés offer typical Viennese sweets such as the famous Sachertorte, and restaurants prepare culinary specialities to traditional recipes.

22.09.-25.09.2016 Crikvenica 16th Flower Festival

The festival will include an exhibition of items for sale, such as flowers, seedlings and various garden items. Visitors will also have the chance to learn more about cultivating plants and gardening.

23.09.-25.09.2016 Rijeka Rijeka Nautic Show

Location: Karolina Riječka pier.

24.09.-25.09.2016 Mali Lošinj Cres & Lošinj Trail Weekend
24.09.2016 Ravna Gora Festival of Mushrooms and Fruits of Autumn of Gorski kotar

Location: the area around Stara Sušica Castle.

24.09.2016 Vrbovsko Festival of wine, honey, cheese and homemade bread
25.09.2016 Čabar The Fruits of Čabar Region
25.09.2016 Mali Lošinj Swimming Marathon "Apoxyomenos Challenge"
25.09.2016 Rubeši St. Michael`s Day in Rubeši
25.09.2016 Cres Cres Trail
25.09.2016 Lopar Recreational cycling race Lopar-Rab
26.09.-26.10.2016 Kostrena "Autumn in Kostrena"

The traditional cultural event that takes place in the period from September to November. Thanks to the rich program, everyone can find something for himself because the program includes theatre plays, concerts and exhibitions. Location: National reading room in Kostrena.

27.08.-03.09.2016 Crikvenica 50th Fishermen’s Week

Fishermen's Week has taken place since 1966 as a reminder of the town's important fishing tradition. The programme includes various interesting activities on the sea and land.

27.09.2016 Mali Lošinj World Tourism Day
30.08.-07.09.2016 Rab Organ Festival "Petar Nakić"
30.08.-06.09.2016 Rijeka Ri gastro - Figs Week

Gastro days are organized with the aim of learning and conserving the traditions of the Mediterranean Diet in this area whose beneficial effect has been proved by numerous studies.

30.09.2016 Malinska Fischerfest

Location: Seafront, at 6 pm.

30.09.-02.10.2016 Rijeka Extravagant gala by Eternity

Fashion Show

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