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Date Location Event
01.08.-10.09.2015 Krk SAND AND TIME Krk Summer 2015

International Festival - exhibition of sand sculptures. Location: The city stadium, from 10 am until 11 pm.

01.08.-15.09.2015 Rijeka Summer at Trsat Castle
01.09.-30.09.2015 Kastav Good old things

Ida’s bakery and Viko’s cooperage

01.09.-15.09.2015 Osor 8th OSKARfest - International Cartoon Exhibition
01.09.-10.10.2015 Unije 9th ARTour - art tour
03.09.-06.09.2015 Lopar International Beach Ultimate Frisbee Tournament
03.09.2015 Baška Promenade concert by Harmony-singing group Zvonimir

Starting at Hotel Corinthia – Bistro Funtana, at 8:30 pm.

04.09.-19.10.2015 Baška Zvonimir Gallery - Exhibition by the Livingstone Association: "Great Croatian photographers from the 1950s"
04.09.-06.09.2015 Novi Vinodolski North Adriatic Regatta - the race around the Island of Krk
04.09.-05.09.2015 Rijeka Delta Summer Festival
04.09.-06.09.2015 Rab Rab Bells - Nights of Ivan Rabljanin
04.09.-06.09.2015 Ičići 7th Ičići Days
04.09.-09.09.2015 Krk 9th Figs Days Krk

Check out what the Krk caterers prepared for you. In about twenty Krk catering facilities will be served imaginative fig dishes, both sweet and salty whilst at the event will be exhibited interesting fig products. Occasional entertainment programme will take place at Vela placa.

04.09.-06.09.2015 Rijeka Adriatic Games - International finale

Location: Swimming Pools Kantrida.

04.09.-06.09.2015 Fužine World Cup race in underwater orienteering

Location: Lepenica Lake.

05.08.-16.09.2015 Novi Vinodolski Okolotorno

Location: Old Town

05.09.2015 Severin na Kupi Severin Evening
05.09.2015 Opatija Homo si bordižat

Sailing regatta

05.09.2015 Punat 14th Evening of harmony-singing groups

Location: Promenade / City Hall, at 8 pm.

05.09.2015 Ičići 2nd Barkajola regatta “Melkior Paragvaj”
05.09.2015 Delnice Performance “Dejuonško lejto je fineuo” (Delnice Summer is Over”)

Location: Town Square.

05.09.2015 Mrkopalj Potato Day
05.09.2015 Mali Lošinj Lošinj regatta pasara on rowing

Location: port

05.09.-06.09.2015 Kostrena "Creative promenade"

Art exhibition of Kostrena artist and their guests. Location: the coastal road.

06.09.2015 Crikvenica 14th XC "Podbadanj"

Cycling race

06.09.2015 Liganj Učka's Fair
06.09.2015 Lopar Lopar Ethno Fest

Exhbitions and entertainment programme

08.09.-15.09.2015 Rab 5th Organ Festival: Petar Nakić

Location: Cathedral of the Assumption.

08.09.2015 Njivice Nativity of our Lady - festivity marking the occasion

Location: Square, at 8 pm.

08.09.-12.09.2015 Crikvenica 2nd International Music Festival

Location: centre.

10.09.2015 Delnice 3rd Eco-educational exhibition “Devil’s garden”
10.09.2015 Rab Exhibition of old crafts

Mediaeval exhibition of old crafts. Location: Trg Slobode /Liberty Square (from 5 pm till midnight).

11.09.2015 Mošćenička Draga Organized hiking along mythical - historical trail

Star at 10 am. Performance in Trebišće at 1 pm.

11.09.-13.09.2015 Gerovo The three-day pilgrimage to Sveta Gora (Holy Mountain), the feast of the Nativity of Mary
11.09.-13.09.2015 Ravna Gora Chamber Music Festival
11.09.-13.09.2015 Novi Vinodolski North Adriatic Regatta - the race around the Island of Krk
12.09.2015 Brod Moravice 15th Golden pot - preparing venison stew at the hunting lodge Lazica
12.09.2015 Prezid Archery competition at Field targets

Archery Club 3D Croatia

12.09.2015 Ravna Gora Mushroom Day

Hiking tour of Ravna Gora trails in search of mushrooms, “The Fruits of the Mountains“.

12.09.-13.09.2015 Crikvenica 3rd Festival of pastries and ice cream
12.09.2015 Novi Vinodolski Sailing Night

Beginning at 8 pm.

12.09.2015 Selce Eco-event at Selce
12.09.2015 Kostrena "Kostrenska đirada"

Sport and entertainment programme.

12.09.-13.09.2015 Rijeka Mineral Expo

Location: Sport hall Dvorana Mladosti.

12.09.2015 Cres Goulash event
12.09.2015 Mošćenička Draga UČKA TRAIL
12.09.2015 Baška "Zasopimo, zatancajmo" (Let`s sing and dance)

Cultural Club Šoto and guests

12.09.2015 Rab 8th harmony-singing groups festival "Rapske vedute"
12.09.2015 Nerezine 39th Traditional sail boats regatta in Nerezine

This event will give you the opportunity to see how people used to sail their little boats (pasara, leut, guč). After the race the visitors can see the boats on display on the Studenac Square and an entertainment programme will follow in the evening.

13.09.2015 Krk Bodul Bike

Guided recreational cycling event

13.09.2015 Mošćenička Draga Summer greetings – Učka trail prize-awording ceremony
13.09.2015 Lokve Subculture Ultra Light Cup

ŠRK Lokvarka

17.09.-29.09.2015 Rijeka Thousand Islands Regatta

Location: Rijeka waters

17.09.-20.09.2015 Crikvenica 14th Flower Festival

Location: centre.

17.09.-20.09.2015 Viškovo Matejna

This event was named after the patron saint of the parish and settlement itself, St. Matthew. It is celabrated each year on the 21st of September.

18.09.-20.09.2015 Rijeka Torpedo Salsa Festival

Location: Ex-factory Torpedo.

18.09.-19.09.2015 Rijeka Hartera Festival
19.09.2015 Opatija Viennese Ball
19.09.2015 Crikvenica 8th Skomerž Brothers` Cup (fishing cup)
19.09.2015 Mrkopalj Mushroom Day

Mushroom picking under the guidance of experts followed by the roundtable.

19.09.2015 Vrbovsko Festival of wine, honey, cheese and homemade bread
19.09.2015 Lokve Night of Caves
19.09.2015 Mrkopalj Mrkopalj pilgrimage – Fair of organic products and folk festivity
19.09.2015 Čabar Alpine Street Čabar Open – street slalom on rollerblades

SKI Club Rudnik

20.09.2015 Čabar Pear Day
20.09.-26.09.2015 Cres Days of Frane Petrić
20.09.-26.09.2015 Rijeka World Bocce Tournament for seniors
21.09.-29.10.2015 Kostrena Autumn in Kostrena

The traditional cultural event that takes place in the period from September to November. Thanks to the rich program, everyone can find something for himself because the program includes theatre plays, concerts and exhibitions.

22.09.-29.09.2015 Rijeka Ri Gastro: Week of squid and figs

Catering facilities of Rijeka and surrandings

24.09.-27.09.2015 Rijeka "Florijana" Flower Show

Location: bridge near the Continental Hotel.

24.09.-25.09.2015 Malinska Fischerfest

Location: Seafront, at 6 pm.

25.09.-27.09.2015 Rijeka Rijeka Nautic Show
26.09.2015 Čavle "Autumn in Čavle"

Tasting marmalades, teas from local herbs and pancakes.

26.09.2015 Barbat na Rabu Angling 2015 – traditional angling competition
26.09.2015 Brod Moravice 11th Plum Days

Competition and cultural arts programme.

26.09.2015 Fužine 1st Fruits of the Autumn Festival

Competition in preparing mushroom stew, harvesting and processing of pomegranate, fair of local products and cultural and entertainment programme. Location: playground.

27.09.2015 Mali Lošinj World Tourism Day
27.09.2015 Crikvenica Fun and Football Kvarner Tour

Location: centre.

27.09.2015 Rab “Rab Adventure Challenge 2015”

Adventurous trekking race

27.09.2015 Lopar Festive occasion to mark World Tourism Day
27.09.2015 Opatija Festival Kvarner: Purpur in Jeans

Operas and concerts of classical music

29.08.-05.09.2015 Crikvenica 49th Fishermen's Week

Fishermen's Week includes concerts, performances of theatrical and folklore ensemble, exhibitions, painting workshops, sporting competitions and other activities.

30.09.2015 Bribir Mushroom Weekend

Lukovo - Ravno (Bribir Forest)

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