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01.07.-31.08.2014 Lovran Summer in Lovran

Concerts, folk songs and dances, harmony singing groups and fishermen`s feasts.

01.07.-31.08.2014 Kastav Beneath the Loggia - above all

Artists from Croatia and abroad (painters, sculptors, musicians, photographers, designers, theatre artists, cultural artistic associations etc.) present their works and various forms of their artistic activities.​

01.07.-31.08.2014 Opatija Opatija Oldtimer Tour

Free tourist drive in oldtimers every Tuesday from 7:30 pm until 10 pm.

01.07.-31.08.2014 Krk 58th Krk Summer Events
01.07.-31.08.2014 Baška Baška Cultural Summer
01.07.-31.08.2014 Lopar Daily entertainment programme on the beach

Daily entertainment on the beach in front of the Hotel Settlement (HS) and Car Camp San Marino and evening entertainment on the terrace of the HS San Marino.

01.07.-31.08.2014 Krk Summer programme in the Marina Hotel, Town of Krk
01.07.-31.08.2014 Dobrinj Creative workshops for children

Creative workshop for children on Wednesday from 5 pm to 7 pm, and from 9 pm clowns, jugglers and children entertainers.

01.07.-31.08.2014 Šilo Fishermen`s Feasts

On Saturdays in Šilo and villages by the sea (Čižići, Klimno, Soline).

01.07.-31.08.2014 Cres Cres Butega

Every Wednesday and Friday the Cres Butega is held.

01.07.-31.08.2014 Lovran Captain's Fest in Lovran
01.08.-04.08.2014 Kastav 7th Kastav Blues Festival
01.08.-11.09.2014 Rab Rab Musical Evenings
01.08.-04.08.2014 Baška Traditional Fishermen`s Day in Baška
01.08.-30.08.2014 Opatija MENU 170 YEARS OF TOURISM IN OPATIJA
01.08.-04.08.2014 Baška Traditional Fishermen's Days

The traditional Fishermen's Days with Fishermen's Feasts take place.

01.08.-20.08.2014 Cres Fig Days

A gastronomic event.

01.08.-02.08.2014 Punat Fishermen`s Days
02.07.-02.08.2014 Rijeka Astronomy Centre Rijeka - programme for July 2014
02.08.2014 Kostrena Evening of Harmony-Singing Groups

Evening of Harmony-Singing Groups at Žurkovo Cove.

02.08.-03.08.2014 Kostrena Creative promenade

An exhibition of art works at the coastal path from Žurkovo Cove to Stara voda.

02.08.-04.08.2014 Selce 120 years of tourism - Tourism Days

The celebration of 120 years of tourism and Tourism Days.

02.08.2014 Vrbovsko Gorski kotar Bike Tour 2014.: Vrbovsko
02.08.-03.08.2014 Mali Lošinj 32nd Regatta of Lošinj Olympians
03.07.-14.08.2014 Opatija Summer Musical Evenings at the Hotel Milenij terrace
03.08.2014 Mali Lošinj Festive occassion marking Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day

Location: main square.

03.08.2014 Rab Library Ship - The Ship of Culture 2014

Locations: Municipium Arba Square - City Library - Summer Cinema.

03.08.2014 Lopar Fishermen`s Feast

Fishermen`s Feast followed by catering and entertainment in the Lopar port.

03.08.-05.08.2014 Punat Fair of eco and ethno products
03.08.2014 Opatija Summer concert by Opatijski komorni orkestar
04.07.-31.08.2014 Crikvenica Gong sound baths at the City Beach Crikvenica
04.07.-31.08.2014 Selce Morning yoga on the swimming pool area of the Varaždin Hotel
04.08.-05.08.2014 Lopar Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day

A special programme to mark and celebrate the occasion.

04.08.2014 Bater Bater Night
04.08.2014 Malinska Concert by Orchester Fröhlicher Musik-Express from Germany
04.08.2014 Punat Basket Tour 2014
04.08.2014 Stara Baška Concert by the Brass band Krk

Beginning at 8 pm.

05.06.-30.08.2014 Opatija Summer at Opatija`s Open Air Theatre 2014
05.08.2014 Novi Vinodolski Festive occasion marking Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day
05.08.2014 Rab Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day

A special programme to mark the occasion.

05.08.2014 Banjol "Šištovica"

Festive occasion to mark "Šištovica" with entertainment programme.

05.08.2014 Gerovo Special programme to mark the occasion of Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day, the feast day of Our Lady of the Snow and the Day of Lumberjacks and Foresters of the Town of Čabar
05.08.2014 Mrkopalj Operation Storm 2014

Popular feast, sporting event in traditional and modern sports competitions.

05.08.2014 Fužine Traditional pilgrimage to the Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin Mary of the Snow

Location: Lič Field.

05.08.2014 Mali Lošinj Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day

A special programme to mark the occasion.

05.08.2014 Delnice The Chess Championship of Kupa Valley (Kupska dolina)
05.08.-30.08.2014 Rijeka Astronomy Centre Rijeka - programme for August 2014
05.08.-07.08.2014 Cres Cres Fair
05.08.2014 Dobrinj 4th Open Championship in Chess
06.06.-29.08.2014 Kastav Kastav Cultural Summer
06.08.2014 Ičići Ičići Summer Nights
06.08.2014 Dobrinj Concert by Ana Rucner
07.08.2014 Malinska Fishermen`s Evening

Location: terrace of the Mulino Restaurants at 7 pm.

07.08.2014 Baška Baška Night
07.08.2014 Crikvenica Streetball tournament
07.08.2014 Lopar Fishermen's feast

Beginning at 8 pm.

07.08.2014 Crikvenica RnB Exclusive @ Pulse Crikvenica
08.08.2014 Crikvenica Folclore groups Festival - "Summer in Kvarner"
08.08.-10.08.2014 Ičići Ičići Open 2014

International tournament in beach volley.

08.08.2014 Opatija Brasil Fashion Show

Location: Remisens Premium Kvarner Hotel at 9 pm.

08.08.2014 Opatija Concert by Bajaga i Instruktori

Location: Summer stage at 9 pm.

08.08.2014 Lovran Concert of the Lovor Cultural Society Choir

Location: St. John Square from 9 pm.

08.08.2014 Punat International Dance Show
08.08.2014 Njivice Fishermen's feast
08.08.-10.08.2014 Krk 490th Krk Fair - Lovrečeva

Fair of tradition, culture, gastronomy, entertainment...

08.08.2014 Dramalj Dramalj`s Night

Location: little port Pazdehova.

08.08.-09.08.2014 Lokve Black Krota Rock Event

Rock event “Black Krota“ on the site of former car-camp near Lokve Lake.

09.08.2014 Ravna Gora Gorski kotar Bike Tour 2014.: Ravna Gora
09.08.2014 Drivenik Little Rose of Vinodol (Ružica Vinodola)

Presenting candidates for the contest Little Rose of Vinodol (Ružica Vinodola).

09.08.-10.08.2014 Crikvenica CrikvArt

Street Art Festival.

09.08.2014 Opatija International Music Festival “Summer in Adria”
09.08.2014 Čavle Fishermen's Feast and the concert by Jelena Rozga
09.08.2014 Opatija Folclore groups Festival - "Summer in Kvarner"
09.08.2014 Klimno Fishermen`s feast
09.08.2014 Šilo Fishermen`s feast
10.07.-21.08.2014 Dramalj Melodies with the taste of the sea

Melodies with the taste of the sea will be held in Dramalj and Jadranovo.

10.08.2014 Skrad Gorski kotar Bike Tour 2014.: Skrad
10.08.2014 Crikvenica "Crikvenica under the Moonlight"
10.08.2014 Crikvenica 8th Grand prix Crikvenica
10.08.-16.08.2014 Dobrinj Chamber Music Days in Dobrinj Area

Classical music concerts performed by students of the Musicus Association.

10.08.2014 Ravna Gora Pilgrimage to God’s Well
10.08.2014 Fužine Concert programme by Ausswinkl musicians

Location: playground Fužine at 6 pm.

10.08.2014 Cres Nautical concert

Location: Islet of Koludarac - Uvala Engleza (Englishmen`s Cove).

11.07.-15.08.2014 Lubenice 25th Lubenice Musical Evenings

Lubenice Musical Evenings have been held for thirty years in Lubenice, a 4000-year-old stone town. During July and August the island town turns infto a stage with most beautiful melodies of classical music.

11.08.2014 Punat Concert by „PUNAT“ FG & male choir „RAŠKETA“

Beginning at 9 pm.

11.08.2014 Malinska Concert in the atrium of the Porat Monastery
12.08.2014 Malinska Evening of "klapa" song
12.08.-15.08.2014 Rijeka Pilgrimage to the Feast of the Assumption

Pilgrimage to the Feast of the Assumption in Marian Shire of Our Lady of Trsat.

13.08.2014 Lopar Lopar Night

Presentation of old customs and crafts of Lopar.

13.08.2014 Martinšćica Cultural evenings
13.08.2014 Vrbnik Concert by GGZ Jazz Trio

Location: Fish market at 9 pm.

14.08.2014 Malinska Fishermen`s evening
14.08.-09.09.2014 Punat Toš Gallery: Exhibition of the painter Jadranka Hodanić
14.08.2014 Punat Promenade concert by ZVONIMIR & NONO klapas (male choir)

Beginning at 8 pm.

14.08.2014 Opatija Marko Tolja's concert XXX

Open Air Theatre in Opatija, 9 p.m.

14.08.-16.08.2014 Novi Vinodolski Little Rose of Vinodol (Ružica Vinodola)

During the time of theFrankopans, at the end of the grape harvest, the Little Rose used to be chosen among the female pickers in the vineyard – the most beautiful and the most diligent girl.

14.08.2014 Crikvenica The Town of Crikvenica Day
15.08.2014 Crikvenica 104th Swimming marathon Šilo - Crikvenica
15.08.-17.08.2014 Selce "VeSeLcE - festival of a merry man"

Concerts, street perfromers, dance and art exhibitions.

15.08.2014 Krk Krk Sails

Regatta of old vessels organized by "Plav" Sailing Club in the waters of Krk. Start at noon.

15.08.2014 Dobrinj The Assumption in Rasopasno

Festivity markisng Rasopasno`s Day.

15.08.-17.08.2014 Mošćenička Draga Italian Weekend in Mošćenička Draga
15.08.2014 Rab The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the patron of Rab Parish; Medieval Tournament of Rab Crossbowmen Association, a special program to mark the occasion on St. Christopher’s Square.

15.08.2014 Lopar The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Holy masses in the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

15.08.2014 Opatija Concert „Jazz & Evergreen“ with the performance of Natali Dizdar

Location: Remisens Premium Kvarner Hotel at 9 pm.

15.08.2014 Jadranovo Concert of Vitomir Ivanjek „With piano through time"

Location: St. Jakov`s Church.

15.08.2014 Mali Lošinj The Assumption
16.08.2014 Mali Lošinj Latin Weekend

Location: in the Cinema Summer Terrace.

16.08.2014 Brod Moravice 26th traditional bocce tournament
16.08.2014 Fužine FFF – The First Fužine Film Festival
16.08.2014 Rab RnB Exclusive @ Rab Summer Festival 2014.
16.08.2014 Punat Concert "Bella Italia"
16.08.-17.08.2014 Malinska 16th Dubašnica Cup 2014

16th Regatta for Cruisers

16.08.2014 Liganj "Rokova", a popular feast
16.08.2014 Omišalj "Stomorina"

A traditional folk festival in Omišalj.

16.08.2014 Dramalj Tennis Tournament

Location: Kačjak Sports Centre.

17.07.-22.08.2014 Bribir 14th Vinodol Summer Evenings

Summer guest of the Vinodol riviera should be prepared for a holiday which will, apart from the sun and blessings of the Adriatic coast, provide a true musical experience.

17.08.2014 Crikvenica Table tennis Tournament "Plaža Crikvenica" (The City Beach Crikvenica)
17.08.2014 Novi Vinodolski Chess Tournament - Novi Open
17.08.-20.08.2014 Baška BIG FEST 2014

Baška International Guitar Festival - Festival of guitar styles.

17.08.2014 Brod Moravice 5th Cycling tour of Brod Moravice trails
17.08.2014 Ičići Seniors Sport Fishing competition „Zlatni pišmoj”
18.07.-25.08.2014 Osor Osor Musical Evenings

Osor Musical Evenings is an event dedicated to music by local artists. Osor has premiered more than 300 compositions by Croatian composers.

18.08.2014 Punat Concert "Bella Italia"
19.07.-16.08.2014 Crikvenica 13th International Music Festival "Crikvenica 2014"
19.08.2014 Lovran Concert by Dr. Mihalj Ivković (accordion) and Martina Majerla (vocal)

Location: St. Ivan Square at 9 pm.

19.08.2014 Punat Folklore evenings and performances of „klape” vocal groups
19.08.-09.09.2014 Rab 4th Organ Festival "Petar Nakić"
20.08.2014 Lopar Fishermen`s Feast

Catering and entertainment programme in the Lopar port.

20.08.2014 Ičići Ičići Summer Nights
20.08.2014 Vrbnik Performance of The Sommeliers group
20.08.2014 Rab the Promenade walk of a folk group „Rapski tanac” in the old town centre
20.08.-21.08.2014 Mali Lošinj Lošinj Balconies Festival
21.08.-22.08.2014 Cres Crescendo Music Festival
21.08.-22.08.2014 Crikvenica Adriatica Folk Fest
22.08.-29.08.2014 Rijeka Friends of the Sea exhibition series: „Black and White Sixties"

Location: Korzo promenade.

22.08.2014 Njivice Fishermen`s feast
22.08.-23.08.2014 Opatija Liburnicon Festival

Science Fiction and Fantasy Festival.

23.08.-30.08.2014 Crikvenica 48th Fishermen`s Week
23.08.2014 Fužine International Wind Orchestra Festival

Location: playground Fužine at 6 pm.

23.08.2014 Lokve Risnjak Mountain Trek

A traditional hike to Risnjak.

23.08.2014 Lovran Concert of the Spinčići Music Society

Location: at the Hotel Excelsior at 8.30 pm.

23.08.2014 Delnice Crni Lug Night
23.08.2014 Ravna Gora Days of medicinal and wild-growing plants
23.08.2014 Brod Moravice 5th Women's Bowling Tournament
23.08.2014 Punat "Barufe va dragi" - Entertainment on the Sea
23.08.2014 Punat Rock Concert "Time to Rock"
24.08.2014 Čavle Bartoja event, followed by the concert by Mladen Grdović
24.08.2014 Stara Baška Promenade concert performed by klapa vocal groups
24.08.2014 Crikvenica "Panorama Vinodola" cycling event
24.08.-31.08.2014 Mošćenička Draga International Art Colony "Mošćenički pinel 2014" (Mošćenice`s Paintbrush)
25.06.-25.08.2014 Krk Beach Balance

Daily sport, recreational and entertainment events in bathing area Dražica / yoga, zumba, water aerobics, fitness, dance activities / Free etrance to all programs.

25.07.-15.08.2014 Opatija Croatian Museum of Tourism - Exhibition: Opatija then and now

In the celebration year that marks 170 years of tourism in Opatija we present a project that was created in collaboration with the Livingstone association and the Croatian Museum of Tourism.

25.08.-30.08.2014 Opatija 50th International Tennis Tournament for Veterans (ITF)
26.07.-01.08.2014 Punat Anastasija`s Summer of Chess

An interesting summer chess school for school children.

27.08.-30.08.2014 Ičići Liburnia Film Festival
29.07.-03.08.2014 Punat Week of the Blue Flag
29.08.2014 Rijeka Fashion show Rijeka Stairs

Location: on the stairs close to the Bonavia Grand Hotel at 8:30 pm.

29.08.-04.09.2014 Rijeka Friends of the Sea exhibition series: "Black and White 60`s"

Location: Korzo Promenade.

29.08.-30.08.2014 Vrbnik Days of Wine of the Island of Krk - Vrbnik 2014

At the Vrbnik Wine Days guests can enjoy presentations and tastings throughout the day and they have opportunity of buying bottles of quality wine direct from the producer and of tasting other local gastronomic products from the Island of Krk.

30.07.-03.08.2014 Nerezine Nerezine Summer Games
30.08.2014 Krk "Here You go and listen to 2014!"

Review of demo bands at Bocce court SC Josip Uravić - Pepi.

30.08.2014 Opatija Gibonni and guest – a night to remember

Open Air Theatre in Opatija, 9 p.m.

30.08.-31.08.2014 Volosko "Mandrać" International painting contest
31.08.2014 Tribalj Days of Figs

An event dedicated to traditional Vinodol fruit - figs - lectures, fair, traditional dishes of figs.

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