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02.04.-03.04.2016 Kostrena Creative promenade

Exhibition of art and souvenirs made by artists from Kostrena and their guests along the coastal path of Kostrena.

03.04.2016 Kastav Kastav Wine Festival "Belica 2016"
09.04.-30.04.2016 Lovran 16th Asparagus Festival

During the Asparagus Festival, many restaurants and taverns will offer meals featuring wild asparagus.

13.04.-16.04.2016 Rab "4 Islands" MTB Stage race
14.04.-17.04.2016 Crikvenica 15th Flower Festival

The centre of Crikvenica will be decorated with beautiful flowers whose fragrant scents will waft through the air.

16.04.2016 Brseč Asparagus Day
17.04.2016 Veli Lošinj Downhill Lošinj
22.04.2016 Opatija "Tour of Croatia" International Cycling race
23.04.-24.04.2016 Baška "Baška rožica" Flower fair

Exhibition and sales event with producers of flowers with own production

24.04.-30.04.2016 Rab Asparagus Festival

Asparagus is one of the most highly appreciated wild growing plants that thrive on our island. This April many restaurants on the island of Rab offer various specialities prepared with the young shoots of this extraordinarily healthy plant.

27.04.-31.05.2016 Mali Lošinj 10th Lošinj Cuisine Fest

During this event, many restaurants offer local specialities at affordable prices and the main event will take place on the main square in Mali Lošinj where all restaurateurs will present their specialities. The theme of this year’s Lošinj cuisine fête is Apoxyomenos Antique Cuisine.

29.04.-01.05.2016 Baška Baška Rožica & PHOTO HIKE Weekend

Flower festival & PHOTO HIKE Weekend

29.04.-31.05.2016 Krk Krk(j)eraj 2016
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