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03.11.-11.11.2015 Rijeka International Puppet Theatre Festival

Location: Puppet Theatre and Croatian Cultural Hall.

05.11.-08.11.2015 Mali Lošinj 17th Lošinj Cup - regatta for Optimist

Regatta for Optimist at the Čikat Cove.

06.11.-08.11.2015 Lopar Rab trekking 2015
06.11.2015 Lokve Amadeus Night
06.11.-07.11.2015 Opatija RetrOpatija Festival

Location: Cristal Sall, Remisens Premium Hotel Kvarner.

06.11.2015 Kastav "Fridays at Five at the Bakery`s"

Cultural and entertainment programme at Ida`s bakery (Small Heritage Museum), from 5 pm to 7 pm.

06.11.-08.11.2015 Opatija Honey days 2015
07.11.-19.12.2015 Matulji "School of potresujka" (local dance)

Location: Hangar Matulji

07.11.2015 Delnice Festival of women`s sports recreation

Location: Sports Hall.

11.11.2015 Vrbovsko "Martinje" - a festive occasion marking St. Martin`s Day
11.11.2015 Mali Lošinj St. Martin`s Day - a festive occasion marking the Town of Lošinj Day
11.11.2015 Martinšćica "Martinje" - a festive occasion marking St. Martin`s Day
11.11.2015 Čavle "St. Martin`s in Čavle"

Christening of young wine at Buffet Pomorac.

11.11.2015 Grižane "Martinja" - a festive occasion marking St. Martin`s Day

Christening of wine, folk festival and cultural programme.

11.11.2015 Novi Vinodolski "Martinje" - a festive occasion marking St. Martin`s Day
12.11.2015 Rijeka 24th Jazz time
13.11.2015 Liganj St. Martin`s Day in Liganj

Location: Cultural Hall Liganj.

14.11.2015 Crikvenica "Martinje" - Feast of St. Martin

On the Feast of St. Martin, visitors will have the opportunity to sample different wines produced by winemakers from the Crikvenica Riviera, Novi Vinodolski and Vinodol in a wonderful seaside ambience.

15.11.2014-18.01.2015 Rijeka Rijeka Advent

Christmas and New Year holidays are especially cheerful on Rijeka's Korzo, where various cultural and entertainment programmes are held during November, December and the first half of January, with colourful stalls.

20.11.-21.11.2015 Unije Festivity marking St. Andrew`s Day

Darts tournament and squid festival

20.11.2015 Rijeka R`n`B Exclusive "Ladies Night" @ Night Bar Karolina, Rijeka
21.11.2015 Rab Rab trekking 2015
21.11.2015 Opatija Festival Kvarner: Pure Sex(tet)

Operas and concerts of classical music

21.11.-22.11.2015 Ičići Aci Cup optimist
24.11.-27.11.2015 Opatija 11. Jazz Ex Tempore
25.11.-29.11.2015 Opatija European University Taekwondo Championship
25.11.2015 Selce "Katarinina 2015" (Celebration to mark the feast day of St. Catherine, the patron saint of Selce)

On 25 November, Selce celebrates the feast day of the town's patron saint, St. Catherine of Alexandria, with a varied programme in a festive atmosphere.

27.11.-22.12.2015 Kostrena Days of the Kostrena Municipality

Days of the municipality of Kostrena take place in December, when the city of Kostrena celebrates the holidays of its patrons - St. Barbara, St. Nicholas and St. Lucy. During those days, Kostrena offers various cultural and sports events.

27.11.-29.11.2015 Opatija „Masterclass Guitar Workshop by Vlatko Stefanovski“

Location: Kulturno-umjetnički dom Zora, from 10 am to 1 pm and 5 pm to - 7 pm.

28.11.-27.12.2015 Delnice Delnice`s Advent Fairy Tale
28.11.-30.12.2015 Crikvenica Advent in Crikvenica

Surrender to the festive atmosphere in the Advent Park and enjoy music, dance and Christmas specialities. The event will include a Christmas fair, programmes for children and adults, creative workshops and concerts.

28.11.-29.11.2015 Lovran Lovran Regatta 2015

Optimist and Laser 4.7 Sailing Regatta

29.11.2014-02.01.2015 Opatija Chocolate? No. A month of chocolate!

Chocolate… a word that everyone says with love.

29.11.2015 Opatija Christmas Tree Lighting

Location: Hotel Continental, beginning at 6 pm.

29.11.2015 Crikvenica 5th Adria Advent Marathon

For the fifth year in a row, participants from different countries will come to Crikvenica to take part in an impressive race by the sea.

29.11.-31.12.2015 Opatija Ice Magic & Skating ring
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