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01.05.-05.06.2016 Krk "Biking Krk - Feels good!"

For every lover of cycling the island of Krk offers unique trails. Magic touch of nature and aromatic scents mixed with the rich cultural and historical heritage is a guarantee of an excellent experience while tasting of spring delicacies like the lamb from Krk, asparagus and ‘šurlica’, with wine, prosciutto, cheese and olives is a true gourmand discovery.

01.06.-08.06.2016 Rijeka "Mala barka - Fiumare" - Kvarner Sea and Maritime Tradition Festival
01.06.-31.07.2016 Kastav Good old things

Event held in Idica`s Bakery and Viko`s Coopery - Small local museums

01.06.2016 Cres Tourism Day
02.06.-05.06.2016 Mali Lošinj Sailboat racing: 1st Memorial Agostino Straulino
02.06.-05.06.2016 Punat Concert of male choir Lavamünd, Austria & Female choir Puntarke
02.06.-03.06.2016 Opatija FEC 2016

The Fair of Franchising, Financial and Consulting Services

02.06.-03.06.2016 Opatija Nikola Tesla EV Rally Croatia 2016

Location: Slatina beach.

03.06.-05.06.2016 Punat 12th International Folklore Festival "Alpe-Adria"
03.06.2016 Crikvenica "Spring in Kvarner"

International music festival. Beginning at 8:30 pm.

03.06.-05.06.2016 Punat National Championship of Majorettes
04.06.2016 Mali Lošinj 10th International Festival of Wind Orchestras
04.06.-05.06.2016 Rijeka Festival of myths and legends of Istria and Kvarner - Malik fest 2016.

This year at „Malik fest“ children and adults will enjoy the plays, performances of knights, staging mythical creatures, knights' camp and traditional crafts, exhibitions, workshops, ancient games, offer of handicrafts and local delicacies.

04.06.-31.07.2016 Rab Rab Summer of Art

This event promotes contemporary, mainly Croatian, visual arts, bringing them closer to the island of Rab's inhabitants and visitors.

04.06.2016 Viškovo "Šterne (Wells) - the source of life"

An event that is a mixture of entertainment, theatre and poetry, organised in different locations of the Viškovo Municipality where šterne (wells) are situated.

04.06.2016 Dražice Hahlići Trail

New trail race at Hahlici.

04.06.-05.06.2016 Kostrena Creative promenade

Exhibition of art and souvenirs made by artists from Kostrena and their guests along the coastal path of Kostrena.

04.06.-28.07.2016 Opatija Summer of 2016 at the Open Air Theatre

A series of concerts at the Open Air Theatre

04.06.2016 Baška Acoustic Baška Summer Night "The Janitors"

Location: Stara riva/Port Baška, at 9 pm.

05.06.2016 Kastav Children`s Painting Workshop
05.06.2016 Ravna Gora Memorial march "Anđelko Ivančić"
05.06.2016 Čavle Spring Cycling Event Grobnik 2016
06.06.-16.06.2016 Baška Open-air photography exhibition: Blue Hour

Location: Palada.

06.06.-14.06.2016 Rijeka Impulse Festival
07.05.-12.06.2016 Ravna Gora Festival of Antiquities "From Grandma`s chest"
07.06.-11.06.2016 Lopar Sand Sculpture Festival
09.06.-12.06.2016 Rijeka Fiumanka - Sailing regatta

Fiumanka - more than a regatta Rijeka and its port will once again become a meeting place for sailors, businessmen and media representatives at the 17th international event "Fiumanka" which in most northern Adriatic bay, brings together more than twenty thousand people and nearly two thousand sailors

09.06.-12.06.2016 Crikvenica European Majorettes Championship

Four days, over 1,000 competitors from across Europe, fantastic performances, new friends. The European Majorettes Championship brings together the best and most skilled competitors, whose attractive performances will surely delight spectators of all ages.

10.05.-19.06.2016 Opatija Gourmet Story of Opatija Riviera and Rijeka

Varied, delicious, fragrant, sophisticated, based on healthy local ingredients – this is the Gourmet Story of the Opatija Riviera and Rijeka, which will enchant you with its seductive aromas from 10 May to 19 June 2016.

10.06.-12.06.2016 Čavle PARAWCS - World Parachuting Cup
10.06.-17.06.2016 Crikvenica Oily Fish Week - Oily Fish Route

Crikvenica Tourist Board, inspired by the local fishing tradition, has established the 'Oily Fish Route' project, which brings together restaurants on the Crikvenica Riviera that offer tasty and imaginative oily fish dishes all year round.

10.06.-12.06.2016 Lopar BREWTAL Craft Beer Festival
10.06.2016 Malinska Fischerfest

Festive occastion. Location: seafront, at 7 pm.

11.06.-24.06.2016 Malinska St. Nikola Gallery - exhibition by Ksenija Filipović
11.06.-21.06.2016 Kostrena "Welcoming the Summer"

The event is held every year on the eve of the official start of summer, featuring the Swimming Marathon, as well as the Art Colony that brings together each year up to 140 artists from Croatia and the neighbouring countries.

11.06.-12.06.2016 Novi Vinodolski Croatia`s Wind Orchestra Festival
11.06.-19.06.2016 Lovran 16th Cherry Festival

During the Cherry Festival, Lovran's cafes and restaurants offer cherry deserts and/or meals featuring cherries.

11.06.-12.06.2016 Omišalj Folklore festival of the Island of Krk
11.06.2016 Mali Lošinj Global Wellness Day
12.05.-01.06.2016 Mali Lošinj Aromatherapy Festival "Apsyrtides"

Various locations on the islands Lošinj and Cres

12.06.2016 Rab Triathlon

The well-tended cycling trails, the dense forest interwoven with walking trails, the emerald and blue sea and the hospitality of your hosts are the best invitation for triathletes to visit Rab.

12.06.-15.06.2016 Rijeka St. Vitus` Days
15.06.-31.07.2016 Rijeka Astronomy Centre Rijeka - a special programme for foreign tourist

Foreign tourists may enjoy unique experience of digital planetarium by watching a film in English language every Wednesday at 8.30 pm in the period from June 15 to September 15, 2016.

16.06.-23.06.2016 Krk Open-air photography exhibition: Blue Hour

Location: seafront.

16.06.2016 Mali Lošinj World Turtle Day
16.06.-18.06.2016 Njivice "Rhapsody of Fireworks"

Festive occasion

17.06.-19.06.2016 Rab "Kantuni" / Rab Corners

In the period from 17 to 19 June, you will all have the opportunity to enjoy a new cultural and tourist attraction entitled KANTUNI which features events taking place at different corners in the old town!

17.06.-19.06.2016 Crikvenica 3rd International Football Tournament U9, U10 & U11

This weekend in Crikvenica will be all about football. The town football stadium will be the meeting place for some forty teams of talented young football players from Croatia and abroad and numerous football fans.

17.06.-24.06.2016 Omišalj Folk Festival Theatre

Theater performances

18.06.-23.07.2016 Bakar The Margaret’s Summer

The Margaret’s Summer is a cultural and entertaining event that takes place in Bakar. Its concept and programme is diverse and interesting enough to attract numerous visitors and satisfy the tastes of different generations and cultural profiles.

18.06.2016 Opatija Liburnia Classic Oldtimer Rally
18.06.2016 Selce Regatta of traditional boats

The connection between man and sea has always been very special. This regatta of traditional sailing and rowing boats is a reminder of this.

18.06.2016 Loznati Cres sheep
18.06.2016 Vrbovsko Mushroom event at Kamačnik
18.06.2016 Fužine 9th International semi-marathon "Three Lakes"

An international marathon race of marathoners, citizens and young people.

18.06.2016 Baška Open Air Party Baška Dances

Location: Palada, at 9 pm.

19.05.-30.06.2016 Rijeka Exhibition: The First in the World - 150 Years of the Rijeka's Torpedo

Location: Railway depot - Žabica 4

19.06.-26.06.2016 Punat Days of "šurlice" (home made pasta)

Gastronomic event - presentation and degustation of home made pasta and special offer of dishes base on home made pasta (šurlice) in 9 restaurants

19.06.2016 Ravna Gora Blueberry Days
19.06.2016 Kastav 14th Big Visual Art Workshop

Location: streets and squares of old town centre

20.05.-10.06.2016 Krk Days of the City Krk / "To St. Quirinus as a Gift"

Programmes on the occasion of celebrating St Quirinus, protector of Krk Diocese and the city of Krk, organized by the Centre for Culture of the City of Krk.

20.06.2016 Punat Festival evening of Melodie's of Istra and Kvarner region

Location: seafront, at 9 pm.

21.06.-26.06.2016 Rijeka European Junior Championship Synchronized Swimming
21.06.2016 Krk Summer is coming

Concert on Krk’s waterfront in the evening.

22.05.-22.06.2016 Dramalj "Jelenina 2016" (Feast of St. Helen, the patron saint of Dramalj)

The celebration of the Feast of St. Helen, the patron saint of Dramalj, includes sport, cultural, entertainment and religious programmes.

23.05.-05.06.2016 Mali Lošinj Open-air photography exhibition: Blue Hour

Location: Lošinj Captains` Seafront

24.06.2016 Vrbnik Celebration of st. John the Baptist

On June 24 Vrbnik celebrates it's patron St. John the Baptist. It's the most important church and secular event in Vrbnik. Solemn mass in Old Church Slavonic language, folk dances and much more can be experienced.

24.06.-26.06.2016 Ičići MEVZA Challenge Ičići 2016 International beach volleyball tournament

The pairs will play for international points but will also have the opportunity to win valuable prizes. In addition to interesting and attractive matches, visitors will also have the chance to enjoy a varied entertainment programme.

24.06.-25.06.2016 Crikvenica 6th Cherry Festival

Do you love cherries? Then your ideal destination is the Crikvenica Riviera, which will welcome you with a relaxed atmosphere in the open air and a wide range of cherry specialities.

24.06.2016 Novi Vinodolski Some New Kids - Festival for children and youth
24.06.2016 Lopar Klapa singing festival & Lavender Day
24.06.2016 Malinska Concert in the atrium of the Monastery of St. Mary Magdalene in Porat

Concert by Kristina Habuš (soprano), Christine Maroy (mezzosoprano), Nataliya Marycheva and L'Abeille DUO. Beginning at 9 pm.

25.06.-26.06.2016 Krk "Fićom na Krk"
25.06.-26.06.2016 Dobrinj Ecoactive Fest
25.06.2016 Crikvenica Some New Kids - Festival for children and youth

Location: Stjepan Radić Square, at 9 pm.

25.06.-29.06.2016 Bribir "Petrova" and "Bribir Prisnac Day" - a festive occasion marking Saints Peter and Paul Day
25.06.-31.07.2016 Krk Beach Balance

Daily entertainment, recreational and sporting events at Dražica Beach.

25.06.2016 Jadranovo Tuna Feast

The Tuna Party is a culinary event that celebrates the tradition of tuna fishing in Jadranovo, for which this area was well-known in the past. Delicious specialities prepared with fresh tuna in various ways, good company, music and a laid-back atmosphere are the characteristics of this event.

25.06.2016 Fužine Strawberry Day

Exhibition of products, strawberry plantation tour and tasting products of strawberries.

25.06.2016 Čabar Night cycling event
25.06.2016 Rab Statehood Day - a special programme to mark the occasion: Knight`s tournament of crossbowmen

Location: St. Cristophor Square, at 8:30 pm.

25.06.-26.06.2016 Stara Baška Krajanska noć - local fest, live music, catering
25.06.-26.06.2016 Dražice Polenta and Cheese Festival

Preparation of 500 kg polenta, fair of local products and tasting of homemade Grobnik cheese.

25.06.2016 Bakar „A walk through history"
25.06.-02.07.2016 Mali Lošinj 17th Adria Camping Rally

For the first time this year the rally will take place on an island - Lošinj Island, Camp Čikat, Mali Lošinj.

25.06.2016 Opatija Fireworks Festival

During the Fireworks Festival, the sky over Opatija is lit up by fantastic artistic creations. Fireworks launched from a pontoon floating in the sea off the coast fill the sky with magnificent colours.

28.06.-03.07.2016 Rijeka European Junior Diving Championship
29.06.2016 Punat Local custom "St. Peter's day" / Petrova

St.Peter’s bonfire and Concert by Neven Hrustić, guitar & Female choir PUNTARKE. Location: Hotel Kanajt, at 8 pm.

30.05.-04.06.2016 Lokve Gorski kotar Sculpture Workshop
30.05.-04.06.2016 Punat International workshop for persons with special needs "Krk Handi Wake 2016"

Location: Dunat, Ski lift

30.06.-31.07.2016 Rab Rab Musical Evenings

Lovers of classical music have been enjoying exclusive program of Rab Music Nights since 1986. and every year they would get to listen to 12 or more amazing classical concerts.

31.05.-02.06.2016 Crikvenica Danish gymnastics performance
31.05.-07.06.2016 Rijeka Ri Gastro: Cherries Week

Restaurants and caterers prepare seasonally themed dishes made with local ingredients for the occasion by using traditional recipes that sensibly suggest that one should eat food from one’s own environment, in line with the vicissitudes of nature.

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