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01.02.2020-31.01.2021 Rijeka Programme: Rijeka 2020 - European Capital of Culture

The European Capital of Culture is one of the most prestigious and respected cultural initiatives in Europe, and Rijeka is the first Croatian city to join the family of over sixty European cities which proudly hold this title.

01.05.-05.06.2020 Opatija Festival Kvarner Virtual Concert Hall

Selected concerts from the 10-year-history of Festival Kvarner will be available every Friday at 8:30 pm starting from 1st of May.

07.05.-10.05.2020 Veli Lošinj Mercedes-Benz UCI Mountain Bike Downhill World Cup Lošinj 2020 - CANCELLED

From 7 to 10 May 2020 numerous competitors from all over the world will descend on 1.8 km long trails and vistas of the island of vitality, competing in the world's extreme downhill bike race the Mercedes-Benz UCI Mountain Bike Downhill World Cup Lošinj 2020.

14.07.2019-01.05.2020 Opatija Exhibition: Empress Sisi`s fashion closet
15.05.-17.05.2020 Baška Black Sheep Festival - CANCELLED

Black Sheep - the festival of lamb, individualism, creativity, island heritage, popular culture and sports in Baška, on Krk Island, is bringing you a new program, new performers and entertainers this year! The huge number of visitors can enjoy gastronomic delicacies and a free program that will go on from early afternoon hours on Friday, May 15th, until Sunday, May 17th.

18.05.-24.05.2020 Malinska Days of cheese - CANCELLED
21.05.-24.05.2020 Malinska Food Revolution Day - CANCELLED

Health conference, project organised by Food Revolution, from island of Krk and Termen Association from Malinska. Various lectures on healthy food and outdoor cooking specialities in cooperation with local caterers, and a variety of bio-eco products and a rich entertainment programme.

23.04.-23.05.2020 Mali Lošinj Lošinj Cuisine Festival - CANCELLED

During the Lošinj Cuisine Festival, numerous caterers will offer two menus (fish and meat) with homemade specialties and a glass of wine.

23.05.-24.05.2020 Selce Strawberry Festival - CANCELLED

The Strawberry Festival is an event not to be missed for all lovers of this delicious fruit. Strawberry cake or strawberry cream cake, a refreshing drink or an imaginative main course on a sun-drenched seaside terrace provide the recipe for a great weekend. The festival will also include an entertainment programme and a selection of homemade strawberry products and other sweet surprises in the centre of Selce.

23.05.-30.05.2020 Mali Lošinj Festival of vitality Apsyrtides

High quality sea and supreme air quality with over 200 days of sunshine and 1018 plant species, of which 939 belong to indigenous flora, make Lošinj the ideal aromatherapy centre focused on you breathing as deeply as you can. Location: islands Lošinj and Cres.

27.04.-01.05.2020 Cres Days of Cres lamb and olive oil - CANCELLED

Once more, Days of Cres lamb and olive oil, event on which all the restaurants on the island take part. Restaurants offering various lamb delicacies make this event particularly popular. The last day of this event is held in the city of Cres. Besides lamb delicacies visitors can taste olive oil and different olive products.

27.05.-03.06.2020 Rijeka Fiumare - Kvarner festival of the sea and maritime tradition - CANCELLED

Thanks to the tireless sea and maritime enthusiasts, Rijeka offers to its citizens and visitors an interesting retro event: "Fiumare" - Kvarner festival of the sea and maritime tradition. At the time of the event, Rijeka "goes back 100 years" when the area around Dead Canal was a place of intense daily commercial traffic.

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