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01.07.-26.08.2016 Kastav Kastav Cultural Sommer
01.07.-31.08.2016 Rijeka Exhibition: The First in the World - 150 Years of the Rijeka's Torpedo

Location: Railway depot - Žabica 4

01.08.-14.09.2016 Rijeka Astronomy Centre Rijeka - a special programme for foreign tourist

Foreign tourists may enjoy unique experience of digital planetarium by watching a film in English language every Wednesday at 8.30 pm in the period from June 15 to September 15, 2016.

01.08.-06.08.2016 Opatija 7th SPFF 2016

Solo Positivo Film Festival

01.08.-10.09.2016 Rab Rab Summer of Art

This event promotes contemporary, mainly Croatian, visual arts, bringing them closer to the island of Rab's inhabitants and visitors.

01.08.-15.09.2016 Rab Rab Musical Evenings

Lovers of classical music have been enjoying exclusive program of Rab Music Nights since 1986. and every year they would get to listen to 12 or more amazing classical concerts.

01.08.-28.08.2016 Opatija Summer of 2016 at the Open Air Theatre

A series of concerts at the Open Air Theatre

01.08.-30.09.2016 Kastav Good old things

Event held in Idica`s Bakery and Viko`s Coopery - Small local museums

01.08.-25.08.2016 Krk Beach Balance

Daily entertainment, recreational and sporting events at Dražica Beach.

01.08.-05.08.2016 Punat Summer school of chess 'Anastasia´s summer'
01.08.-04.09.2016 Lovran Summer in Lovran

Concerts, exhibitions and festivities at different locations in Lovran

02.07.-31.08.2016 Rijeka Summer at Trsat Castle
02.08.-04.08.2016 Selce Tourism Day(s)

This event celebrates the tradition of tourism in Selce. It starts in the morning with a get-together on the waterfront with portions of fried fish, local wine and music. In the evening, there is a boat parade with a large sailing ship.

02.08.-03.09.2016 Rijeka Astronomy Centre Rijeka - a special programme for foreign tourist
03.08.2016 Dobrinj "Stipanja" - a festive occasion marking the feast day of St. Stephen and the Municipality of Dobrinj
04.08.2016 Jadranovo Dagnjada / Mussel Feast

Location: Grabrova cove, beginning at 18:30 pm.

04.08.-08.08.2016 Kastav 8th Kastav Blues Festival

The biggest blues festival in Croatia, established in honour of 'Philadelphia' Jerry Ricks, one of the most remarkable exponents of traditional country blues, who chose Kastav as his final resting place, this year again offers an attractive programme over several days.

04.08.-07.08.2016 Nerezine Nerezine Summer Games

Sports and entertainment event in Nerezine which consists of competitions in slippery slope, beach volley, indoor football tournament, bowling, briscola and peat tournaments, and tug of war.

04.08.2016 Omišalj Omišljanska rozeta / Omišalj Rosette

Festival of a cappella vocal ensembles. Location: Prikešte Square, at 9 pm.

05.08.-08.08.2016 Baška Fisherman`s day - traditional event
05.08.-07.08.2016 Cres Semenj / Cres Fair
05.08.-06.08.2016 Ika "Wine & Waterspring"
05.08.2016 Čabar Day of Lumberjacks and foresters and feast day of Our Lady of the Snows

Location: Lividraga.

05.08.2016 Malinska Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day & Croatian Defender`s Day

Concert by Klapa Contra and Marinero Band. Location: seafront, beginning at 8 pm.

05.08.-15.08.2016 Malinska Open-air photography exhibition: Blue Hour

Location: seafront.

05.08.2016 Čižići Kvarner Cross

Start of the race at 7 pm.

05.08.-07.08.2016 Kostrena Kostrena Sunrise Festival
05.08.-06.08.2016 Unije Emigrants` Day on the Island of Unije

Festive occasion marking the Emigrants` Day.

06.07.-31.08.2016 Novi Vinodolski Around the Old town / Okolotorno

Experience a mosaic of old crafts, taste unique products, enjoy the scents of the Mediterranean accomparied by the sounds of choir and musicians. Walk around the Old town every Wednesday.

06.08.2016 Lokve POJ / Walking around the Lake

Location: Lokve Lake.

06.08.-07.08.2016 Mali Lošinj 33nd Lošinj Olympians Regatta

The first day route is Mali Lošinj – Susak – Ilovik – Mali Lošinj, while the second day includes the attractive «rod« sailing in the port of Mali Lošinj.

06.08.-07.08.2016 Kostrena Creative promenade

Exhibition of art and souvenirs made by artists from Kostrena and their guests along the coastal path of Kostrena.

06.08.-13.08.2016 Vrbnik Ribarnica Jazz Fair in Vrbnik
06.08.-07.08.2016 Vrbnik Vrbenske užance / Vrbnik Traditions

Come to Vrbnik and feel the spirit of the old times from the beginning of the last century through dancing and staging of old customs and way of life on the streets and squares of Vrbnik.

06.08.2016 Dramalj Dramalj Night

Festive occasion. Location: little port Pazdehova, at 9 pm.

06.08.2016 Omišalj Craft Beer Beach Fest
06.08.2016 Kras 6th Municipality of Dobrinj Open Chess Championship

Location: centre, at 4 pm.

06.08.2016 Šilo Fishermen`s Feast

Beginning at 8 pm.

07.07.-18.08.2016 Opatija Music by the Sea
07.08.2016 Dobrinj Belcanto Concert by Joso Butorac

Beginning at 9 pm.

08.08.-10.08.2016 Lopar Tour "Liburnia in Lopar"

Winning croatian documentaries from 13th Liburnia Film Festival on tour

08.08.-10.08.2016 Krk Krk Fair - Lovrečeva

During these three days, the town of Krk is transformed into a large stage on which the backdrop changes continuously: from medieval to modern times. It is accompanied by an entertainment, cultural, commercial and gastronomic offer.

11.07.-24.08.2016 Krk 60th Krk Summer Events programme

More than one month of all cultural and entertainment underneath the walls of town of Krk.

12.08.-14.08.2016 Rijeka Dark O Metal Fest
12.08.-14.08.2016 Mali Lošinj Latino Festival

Location: main square

12.08.-20.08.2016 Novi Vinodolski The Wine Rose of Vinodol
12.08.-15.08.2016 Mošćenička Draga Weekend of Italian Culture and Songs
12.08.-14.08.2016 Ičići Masters Ičići Open 2016 - International Beach Volleyball Tournament
12.08.-13.08.2016 Punat Fishermen`s Days
12.08.-13.08.2016 Malinska Malinska Craft Beer Fest

Location: seafront, beginning at 7 pm.

13.08.2016 Crikvenica "Summer in Adria" International Music Festival

Location: centre, at 8 pm.

13.08.2016 Lokve Lokve Grand Prix

Tractor race

13.08.2016 Lopar Lopar Night

Presentation of old customs and crafts of Lopar

13.08.2016 Lokve Preparing food in cauldron

Gastro festival

14.07.-31.08.2016 Rijeka Giants of Patagonia, exhibition

From July 14th onwards, Rijeka will be inhabited by the giants of Patagonia – a grand-scale touring dinosaur exhibition, which is the most authentic and extensive exhibition on the dinosaurs of the Southern Hemisphere ever put together! Location: former Exportdrvo warehouse on Delta.

14.07.-18.08.2016 Dramalj Melodies with a Taste of the Sea

Do you know how melodies sound with a taste of the sea? We have found two perfect places where the music sounds even better and warms our hearts even more. The quaint coastal towns of Dramalj and Jadranovo are the perfect hosts for such events. The beautiful nature, the murmur of the sea, and the romantic atmosphere give the well-known melodies a totally new dimension.

14.08.-15.08.2016 Krk Krk`s Sails

A Regatta of ancient boats organized by the Plav Sailing Club held in Krk’s aquatorium. The start of the regatta is at noon, and in the evening hours a rich entertainment programme will be organised on Krk’s waterfront.

14.08.2016 Crikvenica Town of Crikvenica Day (entertainment programme, night procession, fireworks)

This date is now celebrated as the Day of the Town of Crikvenica. The celebration lasts several days and includes a varied cultural, entertainment and sports programme.

14.08.2016 Omišalj Dvizanje bandiri / Raising flags

Folk tradition

14.08.2016 Lokve Crna Krota Rock fest

Location: Lokve Lake, beginning at 8 pm.

14.08.2016 Crikvenica 10th Grand Prix "Crikvenica" - fishing cup

Location: waters of Crikvenica, beginning at 6 am.

15.07.-20.08.2016 Bribir Vinodol's Summer Evenings

Vinodol's Summer Evenings offer a combination of concerts of classical music and the concerts of ethno music and especially the locals of Vinodol. Concerts are held on attractive locations of castles and churches in Vinodol.

15.07.-19.08.2016 Lubenice Lubenice Musical Evenings
15.08.2016 Cres Water Games

Beginning at 9 pm.

15.08.2016 Rab The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary - the patron saint of Rab Parish

Folks programmes and Rab Crossbow tournament. Location: St. Christopher`s square, at 8:30 pm.

15.08.2016 Rijeka Pilgrimage on Assumption of Mary Holiday

Pilgrimage to Trsat Shrine

15.08.2016 Crikvenica 106th Šilo-Crikvenica swimming marathon

For more than a hundred years, the Šilo-Crikvenica swimming marathon has taken place every year on 15 August, the feast of the Assumption of Mary, the patron saint of Crikvenica. Start at 10 am.

16.07.-17.08.2016 Martinšćica Cultural Evenings in Martinšćica
16.08.2016 Omišalj Stomorina - performance of folclore and folk fest

Location: Placa / Square.

16.08.2016 Šilo "Rokova" - a festive occasion marking feast day of St. Rocco and Šilo Day
17.07.-21.08.2016 Mali Lošinj 41st Osor musical evenings
17.07.-21.08.2016 Osor Osor Musical Evenings
17.08.-20.08.2016 Baška BIG Baška - International Guitar Festival
19.08.-21.08.2016 Cres Crescendo Music Festival

Location: Summer cinema Cres.

19.08.-21.08.2016 Opatija Liburnicon

Science Fiction Festival

19.08.-20.08.2016 Punat “Velvet” art & music festival
20.08.2016 Veli Lošinj "Klape na pjacalu" / Harmony-singing groups at the small square

Location: the small square in front of the parish church, beginning at 9 pm.

20.08.-27.08.2016 Mošćenice International Visual Art Colony and Children`s Visual Art Workshops

Mošćenički pinelić 2016 / Mošćenice`s Little Paintbrush 2016

20.08.2016 Tršće Day of Harvesting Oats
21.08.2016 Lokve Risnjak Trekking
21.08.2016 Cres Thriatlon
22.08.-28.08.2016 Lopar Pumidorfest / Tomato Fest - gastro week on the topic of local tomatoes
22.08.-23.08.2016 Mali Lošinj 6th Festival of Lošinj Balconies

Organised for the 6th consecutive year, the festival is accompanied by performances by musicians on balconies on Riva and Priko, which makes this a very attractive and unique event for all visitors since the entire programme is held above the spectators.

23.08.-28.08.2016 Opatija Liburnia Film Festival

The Liburnia Film Festival is the first documentary film festival in Croatia. For visitors from abroad, films are shown with English subtitles.Culture correspondents selected the LFF as the one of the most significant cultural event in the Kvarner region.

24.08.2016 Čavle Bartoja / St. Bartol`s Day

Festive occasion to mark the St. Bartol`s Day, patron saint of the Parish Čavle

24.08.-27.08.2016 Omišalj Big OM - Big Game Fishing
26.08.-27.08.2016 Vrbnik Days of wine of the Island Krk - Vrbnik 2016

Two-day fair where one can taste some of the best wines made in Croatia. Lectures, exhibition of the equipment used by viticulturists and entertainment are organized as well.

26.08.2016 Kastav Čansonfest – Chakavian Chanson Festival

Location: Crekvina, at 9 pm.

26.08.-27.08.2016 Rijeka Rijeka Stairs

Rijeka’s stairs is a fashion event featuring evening dresses and suits by renowned Croatian fashion houses and designers. The event is held every year in late August on the stairs by the Grand Hotel Bonavia. It is one of the biggest and most important events in the region and one of the top fashion events in Croatia. Location: stairs by the GH Bonavia and in front of the National theatre Ivan pl. Zajc.

26.08.2016 Crikvenica International Folk Festival "Adriatica Folk Festival"

Location: city centre, at 8:30 pm.

27.07.-24.08.2016 Mali Lošinj Days of Theatre Gavran on Lošinj
27.08.-28.08.2016 Fužine Fužine to sea - an international cycling race "Adria Bike"

Location: centre, start at 9 am.

27.08.-03.09.2016 Crikvenica 50th Fishermen’s Week

Fishermen's Week has taken place since 1966 as a reminder of the town's important fishing tradition. The programme includes various interesting activities on the sea and land.

27.08.-28.08.2016 Volosko Mandrać 2016 - International painters` competition

For the last few decades, the Mandrać international painting competition has been presenting the most valuable aspect of the art – the act of creation, which takes place directly in front of visitors and fellow artists. This is an "ex tempore" painting competition where artworks are created "on the spot" and which every year attracts numerous artists and art lovers to Volosko. The event lasts for two days: the first day is dedicated to children up to the age of 14, and the second day to their older colleagues in amateur and professional categories. The best works win valuable awards, and the event ends with a concert in the small harbour of Volosko.

27.08.2016 Novi Vinodolski International Folk Festival "Adriatica Folk Festival"
27.08.-30.08.2016 Lopar Spinning paradise - International Tournament in Beach Frisbee
28.08.2016 Kastav Meeting of Accordionists Z armunikun va Kastav / With an Accordion to Kastav
28.08.2016 Čabar Cycling Event
30.08.-06.09.2016 Rijeka Ri gastro - Figs Week

Gastro days are organized with the aim of learning and conserving the traditions of the Mediterranean Diet in this area whose beneficial effect has been proved by numerous studies.

30.08.-07.09.2016 Rab Organ Festival "Petar Nakić"
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