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01.04.-31.05.2017 Rijeka Giants of Patagonia, exhibition

From July 14th onwards, Rijeka is inhabited by the giants of Patagonia – a grand-scale touring dinosaur exhibition, which is the most authentic and extensive exhibition on the dinosaurs of the Southern Hemisphere ever put together! Location: former Exportdrvo warehouse on Delta, working hours: 9 am till 7 pm.

01.05.2017 Dobrinj Hiking "Walking, talking and getting to know Dobrinj region"

Beginning at 9:30 am. Start in front of the Fire station.

01.05.-28.05.2017 Omišalj KReKo
01.05.-31.05.2017 Rijeka Torpedo of Rijeka - first in the world, exhibition

This exhibition our first actual step towards a museum collection and the future museum of the industrial and technical heritage in Rijeka, which was mentioned a few times in the recent years, but only now it has been taken into serious consideration.

01.05.2017 Vrbovsko May Day in Kamačnik

Public holiday in the countryside with the accompaniment of music and gastronomic delights

01.05.2017 Punat "Protuleće va Puntu"

Hiking and Cycling around Punat - Hiking to Obzova and May Day cycling race "Cycling around Punat"

01.05.-31.05.2017 Rab Island Lamb Festival

The preserved nature, abundance and variety of vegetation and the closeness to the sea are the ideal conditions for the breeding of Rab’s top-class lamb.

02.05.-10.05.2017 Rijeka The international small scenes theatre festival

As a competition festival (with awards assigned in some ten categories) with a solid conceptual direction (the choice of shows is usually gathered around one or more thematic directions) and a very vivid atmosphere (well attended discussions after the shows), the Festival has very quickly become one of the most prestigious theatre events in the region.

03.05.-19.05.2017 Rijeka UEFA Under 17 Championship
04.05.-07.05.2017 Rijeka Exclusive Auto Moto Show
05.05.-07.05.2017 Punat 2nd Underwater Photo Marathon Cup Punat

The international competition for underwater photography in Punat is held for the second consecutive year in cooperation with Diving Club RONITI SE MORA from Zagreb.

05.05.-06.05.2017 Opatija 26th Rally Opatija
05.05.-28.05.2017 Krk Krk Food Fest - Lamb and Cheese Days

Gastro event in Krk restaurants

06.05.2017 Ravna Gora Festival of aniquities "From the Grandma`s Chest" - The songs of past youth

Location: Ravna Gora School.

06.05.2017 Vrbovsko 12th Mountain Cauldron

Culinary gathering with wine tasting, music and organized hiking along the canyon Kamačnik

06.05.2017 Rijeka Rijeka Trail

The hinterland of Rijeka offers a labirinth of hidden trails suitable for trail running and hiking.

06.05.2017 Novi Vinodolski Folklore evening"More i ravnice"
07.05.2017 Fužine Morel (mushroom: Morchella deliciosa) and medicinal herbs picking

Organized educational morel and herbs picking

09.05.2017 Rab Rab Town Day - Rab crossbowmen medieval tournament

The main ceremony in honour of the liberation of the town of Rab starts at 20:30 with loud drumming to announce the Knights' Tournament of the Rab Crossbowmen on St. Christopher's Square.

09.05.-18.06.2017 Opatija Gourmet Story of the Opatija

Varied, delicious, fragrant, sophisticated, based on healthy local ingredients – this is the Gourmet Story of the Opatija

12.05.-26.05.2017 Mali Lošinj 5th Aromatherapy Festival – "Apsyrtides"

Preserved nature is the unique characteristic of the island of Lošinj; air and sea quality, mild climate, vegetation with 1018 plant species, 230 of which medicinal, aromatic scents combined with the rest and relaxation have a beneficial effect on the body and add to its health and happiness.

12.05.-14.05.2017 Opatija 'Our world is music'' festival of wind orchestras

Every year, the "Our World is Music" festival brings together several renowned wind orchestras from the Alps-Adriatic region, which represent in their music the places and countries they come from.

12.05.-14.05.2017 Baška Crna ovca – BLACK IS BACK!

Crna ovca – a festival of lamb, individualism, creativity, the island’s heritage, popular culture and sport, returns to his homeland, in Baška on the island of Krk.

12.05.-14.05.2017 Novi Vinodolski Vespa Meeting Novi Vinodolski
12.05.2017 Bakar 23rd International Rowing Regatta of Maritime School
13.05.2017 Kostrena Promenade Put mora - walking paths of Kostrena
14.05.2017 Crikvenica 5th Crikvenica XCM cycling marathon

Spring is the start of the marathon season on the Crikvenica Riviera. The first one is a cycling marathon which starts and finishes on Crikvenica's Stjepan Radić Square.

14.05.2017 Jelenje Hiking to Risnjak
18.05.-22.05.2017 Kastav "Jelenina" - festive occasion marking St. Helen`s Day

Festive occasion marking St. Helen`s Day - patron saint of Kastav.

19.05.-21.05.2017 Lokve Crotian Grand Prix Lokve - Croatia`s Cup in sleging on wheels
19.05.-21.05.2017 Krk Krk Bike Story

The Tourist Board of Krk along with his co-workers invite all cycling fans to join the team of like-minded in the traditional three-day cycling event, which with guided bicycle tours combines cuisine and entertainment.

19.05.-21.05.2017 Malinska 13th Moto Meeting

International encounter of motorcyclists organized by MK Griffons of the island of Krk

19.05.-21.05.2017 Novi Vinodolski FIT4NOVI
20.05.-21.05.2017 Selce 7th Strawberry Festival

We expect the 7th Strawberry Festival, a gastronomic event dedicated to all connoisseurs and lovers of delicious strawberries.

21.05.2017 Opatija Concert: 4 Tenors

Location: KTC Gervais.

21.05.-25.05.2017 Punat 28th Alpe Adria Sailing Week (Austria Cup)

Location: Marina Punat

21.05.2017 Dramalj "Walking for Health"

Start at 10 am.

22.05.-28.05.2017 Malinska Cheese Days - SENSA

Gastronomic offer of cheese dishes, commemoration of Ascension Day and Cheese Fest with offer of specialties made from homemade sheep cheese.

25.05.-27.05.2017 Rijeka Croatian Burlesque and Cabaret Festival

The Marina boat will host the first ever Croatian Burlesque and Cabaret Festival from 25 May to 27 May. The festival will introduce visitors to a unique art form and to the passion and positive energy invested in it, because burlesque isn't just a show, it's a way of life.

26.05.-27.05.2017 Punat International sailing regatta CROATIA CUP
26.05.-27.05.2017 Crikvenica "BEERanje 2017": Craft Beer, Grill & Rock

Do you know which spice is the best for the perfect grilling? Good company, relaxed atmosphere, a lot of laughter and, of course, rock music. You should also remember a recipe for the ideal party: Friday & Saturday, Crikvenica, Grill & Rock. We are waiting for you at the centre!

26.05.-28.05.2017 Novi Vinodolski National championship of majorettes
26.05.-28.05.2017 Malinska Festival Rock am Meer / Rock at the Sea

Rock festival with performance of Austrian and Croatian bands. Location: seafront.

26.05.2017 Baška Local Food Evening with concert by vocal group "Zvonimir"

Location: hotel Tamaris, beginning at 8 pm.

27.04.-22.05.2017 Mali Lošinj Festival of Apoxyomenos and Antique

The festival promotes many experiences and products inspired by the Apoxyomenos and the Antiquity...

27.04.-22.05.2017 Mali Lošinj 11th Lošinj cuisine fête

The best way to discover the treasures of this island is by tasting local cuisine. specialities. During this event, many restaurants offer local specialities at affordable prices and the main event will take place on the main square in Mali Lošinj where all restaurateurs will present their specialities.

27.05.-28.05.2017 Mali Lošinj International Festival of Meh (Bagpipes)

International Festival of Meh started five years ago with the aim to present the musical history of the islands of Cres and Lošinj. The musicians from Italy, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Germany, Scotland, and many parts of Croatia will perform in a unique and authentic effort to present the vision of their homelands.

27.05.2017 Baška Acoustic Jazz Concert by Zoran Majstorović and Lela Kaplowitz

Location: hotel Corinthia, beginning at 8 pm.

27.05.2017 Bakar Cycling race "Bakar Bike"
27.05.2017 Dramalj 9th Harmony-singing groups`festival

Location: Pazdehova little harbour, beginning at 8:30 pm.

27.05.2017 Vrbovsko Firemen`s cauldron in Kamačnik

Culinary gathering of fire crews across the country

28.05.2017 Fužine Regatta of traditional marine boats with sails

Location: Bajer Lake, at 11 am.

28.05.2017 Dobrinj "Cycling around Dobrinj"
29.04.-01.05.2017 Veprinac Medieval Veprinac - St Marco Feast

Sense the middle ages at Veprinac

29.05.-04.06.2017 Rab "Štokaljfest" - Island Octopus Days
31.05.-30.06.2017 Rijeka Astronomical Centre Rijeka - programme for June 2017
31.05.2017 Draga Bašćanska Jelisaftina in Draga Bašćanska

Commemorative cultural programme

31.05.-07.06.2017 Rijeka 6th Kvarner Festival of the Sea and maritime tradition "Fiumare 2017"

By connecting the maritime and commercial tradition of the past with contemporary everyday life, "Fiumare" becomes a certain time machine on the authentic locations of Delta - Dead Canal and Verdi Street - connections to both market and port.

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