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01.10.-06.10.2019 Rijeka Cro Race Cycling
05.10.-07.10.2019 Kastav White Sunday
05.10.-26.10.2019 Malinska Olive Touch - educational gastro & wellness programmes
06.10.2019 Punat Cycling race "Win the Black Pearl"
06.10.2019 Porozina Cres - Lošinj Triathlon

Jump from the ferry and swimm along the coast of the Great Gates of Kvarner bay to the Porozina port. Don't stop there... Ride along one of the craziest and most beautifull roads in the world, across islands of Cres and Lošinj all the way to the town of Mali Lošinj. We said triathlon, right? After the bike, run along the seaside paths of Čikat peninsula and finish at the Mali Lošinj square.

11.10.-12.10.2019 Krk Kvarner Swim Challenge
11.10.-13.10.2019 Baška Baška Outdoor Festival
11.10.-27.10.2019 Lovran 46th Marunada

Offer of vernacular cuisine featuring marrons, original marron cakes and desserts, roasted marrons, "medica" …

12.10.2019 Krk Krk Island Trail
12.10.2019 Kostrena Kostrenska đirada
12.10.-13.10.2019 Vrbovsko Pumpkin Event
14.07.2019-01.05.2020 Opatija Exhibition: Empress Sisi`s fashion closet
20.09.-20.10.2019 Krk Krk Food Fest: Tastes of Autumn
23.09.-04.11.2019 Kostrena 18th Autumn in Kostrena

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