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01.07.2015 Mali Lošinj Dolphin Day

Dolphin Day has been held in Veli Lošinj since 1993 and includes exhibition of children's works, children games « Looking for...«, photo exhibition, films and concerts.

01.07.-31.08.2015 Opatija Opatija Oldtimer tour

Free tours in oldtimer vehicles: every Tuesday from 7:30 pm till 10 pm.

02.07.-05.07.2015 Opatija 15th Liburnia Jazz Festival
02.07.-07.07.2015 Cres Sailing Week

Organized by "Vjetar" Association, Rijeka

02.07.-04.07.2015 Crikvenica 4th International Folk Festival "Adriatica Folk Fest"

The 'Adriatica Folk Fest' international folklore festival will include presentations of interesting cultures, folk customs, traditional male and female costumes, songs and dances.

02.07.-05.07.2015 Punat 16th Football Tournament

Location: School playground.

02.07.2015 Punat Folklore evening – Folk group Punat

Location: Marina Punat, at 9 pm.

02.07.2015 Punat Art gallery TOŠ - The opening of an art exhibition - Branka Dubovac, akad. Painter, Zagreb
03.07.-10.07.2015 Vrbnik International Summer School of Croatian and Polish Language
03.07.-04.07.2015 Cres Tides of Youth
03.07.-05.07.2015 Vrbnik FESTIVAL OF ŽLAHTINA/Vrbnik's wine/ - RAZGON/Shepard's feast

Two day open doors at wine cellars across Vrbnik. Last day is dedicated to the Shepard's feast with the small fair of autochthonous products.

04.07.2015 Novi Vinodolski Big carnival evening
04.07.2015 Skrad Raspberry Festival

Cultural program that accompanies the presentation of the producers of raspberries and raspberry products, and also other local products of Gorski Kotar.

04.07.-27.08.2015 Cres Cres Culture Evenings

Cres Culture Evenings is a summer culture event promoting cultural heritage of the city of Cres and thus making summer nights more entertaining: classical music concerts, gospel concerts, museum night and other culture events.

04.07.2015 Punat Concert by 'a capella' Mixed choir JOSIP KAPLAN, Rijeka

Location: Old town square, at 9 pm.

05.07.2015 Punat Cycling tour „Đir po Puntu“
05.07.2015 Stara Baška Concert by Male choir 'RAŠKETA'
05.07.2015 Crikvenica Sailing with guests

Discover how the town and its green hinterland look when viewed from the sea, and relax in the company of your hosts. Experienced sailors will gladly present this exciting sport to you and teach you some new skills.

07.07.2015 Crikvenica An evening of traditional vocal music with klapa singing groups

The white rocks and the scent of the sea provide a perfect setting for enjoying traditional music performed by excellent singers. After individual performances by each singing group, the concert ends with a joint performance of all the groups. Location: Pazdehova port.

08.07.2015 Crikvenica International folklore and folk customs festival

Vocal and dance ensembles, choirs, vocal soloists, traditional instrument players and other interesting artist of all ages will perform and present the traditional customs of their region.

10.07.-14.08.2015 Lubenice Lubenice Music Evenings

Classical music concerts in Lubenice. Over 20 years of tradition. A well coordinated team led by the mayor of Cres himself stages eight concerts every year that are put on every Friday in July and August.

10.07.-11.07.2015 Vrbnik Mud, Blood & Beer Festival

Performance of local and foreign musicians

10.07.-11.07.2015 Selce 4th Ethno Selce

Ethno Selce represents Selce in a traditional setting. With rich presentation of cultural heritage, entertainment for visitors and preservation of tradition, Ethno Selce brings an abundance of positive energy to the streets of this coastal town.

11.06.-01.07.2015 Punat Gallery TOŠ - Exhibition by Emilija Duparova, Academic paintres
11.07.-12.07.2015 Bakar Naval battle

The spectacular “Naval battle” is held regarding the Town of Bakar’s Day celebration. It is about reconstruction of this historical naval attack, when for the last time the Venetians had unsuccessfully tried to win Bakar back in the year of 1616.

11.07.2015 Cres Beach Party
11.07.-19.07.2015 Vrbnik Music School
11.07.2015 Orlec The exibition of sheeps
11.07.2015 Opatija RetroOpatija

Musical and theatrical spectacle

11.07.-30.07.2015 Opatija Exhibition "Mostra storica dell'operetta"
12.07.-19.07.2015 Vrbnik Days of šurlice (local pasta)

Special offer of food made with homemade pasta in restaurants and taverns.

13.07.-25.07.2015 Cres Theatre at Pjaceta
15.06.-10.07.2015 Opatija Exhibition "Ivo Kalina"
15.07.-20.08.2015 Bribir 15th Vinodol's Summer Evenings
17.07.2015 Kostrena Evening of harmony-singing, group "Kamik" and guests
17.07.-19.07.2015 Punat Punat Nights
17.07.2015 Dramalj Tourist bocce tournament

Become acquainted with this traditional sport of the Crikvenica area in the company of your hosts. Learn how to play bocce and have a good time on one of the local bocce courts. Location: Dramalj and Selce.

17.07.2015 Lopar Samba Festival

For one night of the year, famous Rajska beach turns into Copacabana, while the Lopar Samba festival is being held. Samba dancers from all over the world flock to Lopar to show of their skills.

17.07.-18.07.2015 Omišalj Ancient cusine

Every summer in the month of July the site of Mirine-Fulfinum revives the spirit of Roman times with what has already become traditional ancient supper.

18.07.2015 Jadranovo The paddles of Jakovar

In this cheerful, energetic and exciting event, several teams row wooden boats from Tunera to the cove of Grabrova and back. After the race there is a big fishermen's feast, with plenty of good food on offer.

18.07.2015 Dramalj 8th Summer Carnival

The fancy costumes and masks and the characteristic sound of the drums and songs attract many visitors to the summer carnival in Dramalj every year. Location: Pazdehova port.

18.07.2015 Opatija Opatija - imperial city

Musical and theatrical spectacle

18.07.-19.07.2015 Opatija Galijola

Sailing regatta Opatija - Galijola - Opatija

18.07.2015 Cres Summer Carnival in Cres

The Vežgani carnival group from Cres is traditionally the most numerous group at the Rijeka Carnival grabbing everybody's full attention. Besides the group from Cres an ever larger number of groups from abroad (Italy) also take part in it.

20.06.-25.07.2015 Bakar The Margaret’s Summer

The Margaret’s Summer is a cultural and entertaining event that takes place in Bakar.

20.07.-25.07.2015 Vrbnik Summer School of Glagollitic Script
21.07.2015 Martinšćica Martin's night
23.07.-23.08.2015 Osor 40th Osor Musical Evenings

Festival of classical music which has taken place in Osor since 1976. The concerts are held in Osor cathedral and works by Croatian composers are performed, and in this way Osor Musical Evenings are promoting Croatian musical creativity.

24.07.2015 Kostrena Kostrena Night

Every year, this event fills the cove Žurkovo with numerous visitors who can view the exhibition of art works, unique jewellery and souvenirs, enjoy food, drink, dance and music.

24.07.2015 Volosko Choir meeting at Mandrać
25.07.2015 Veli Lošinj Veloselske ljetne užance (Veli Lošinj summer delights)

An event dating from the 1920s. During the day many events are organised in the port of Veli Lošinj such as: slippery pole, tug of war, sinking canoes, and a very interesting and unique « Veloselska alka«.

25.07.2015 Vrbnik Amateur swimming marathon Vrbnik - Risika
25.07.2015 Jadranovo "Jakovlja 2015" - "St. Jacob's 2015"

The programme of the feast locally known as Jakovlja includes entertainment, cultural, sports and religious events.

25.07.-27.07.2015 Rab Rabska fjera (Rab Fair)

The first and largest medieval summer fair in Croatia, Rabska fjera is based on tradition started 21st of July 1364, when the City Council of Rab decided to celebrate and honor King Louis the Great who freed them from the Venetian rule.

26.07.2015 Vrbnik Art workshop for children
26.07.2015 Vidovići Celebration of the St. Anna`s Day
26.07.2015 Susak Immigrants' Day

Organised on the island of Susak on the last Sunday in July, this is an event for local people who have emigrated to different countries and now they are coming back home (mostly from Hoboken, New Jersey, USA).

27.07.-01.08.2015 Delnice Croatia Open - Orienteering competiton
30.07.-02.08.2015 Nerezine Nerezine Summer Games

Sports and entertainment event in Nerezine. Teams are made of many tourists as well, so it is not unusual that hosts are beaten by guests in the tug of war competition.

31.07.2015 Vrbnik 'Gradec na misečini" ("Castle Lit by Moon")

"GRADEC NA MISEČINI" ("Castle Lit by Moon") Special cultural program, Frankopan Castle Gradec

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