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01.08.-15.09.2017 Rab Rab Musical Evenings

Rab Musical Evenings include a series of classical music concerts that take place in the summer months in the town of Rab. The event started back in 1985 and is organised by the Rab Open University.

01.08.-05.09.2017 Lopar Learn about Lopar - organized sightseeing tour of Lopar`s heritage

Organized sightseeing tour of Lopar`s heritage in a tourist train accompanied by a licensed tourist guide. Every Tuesday at 8 am.

01.08.-01.09.2017 Lovran Summer in Lovran

Concerts and exhibitions at various locations

01.08.-30.09.2017 Rijeka Exhibition: Diversity of the Kvarner sea bed

Location: Rijeka Fish Market.

01.09.-14.09.2017 Rijeka "Night of Rijeka Squares"
01.09.2017 Rijeka Summer on Gradina

Many successful programmes have been held since the beginning of this famous summer event that takes place within the atmosphere of the beautiful Trsat Castle.

01.09.2017 Ičići Liburnia is sailing into Ičići - Creme de la creme LFF
01.09.-02.09.2017 Ičići 9th Ičići Days
01.09.-03.09.2017 Krk Fig Days

Tasting dishes and exhibition of figs with entertainment programme

01.09.-02.09.2017 Njivice Fishermen`s Days
02.08.-13.09.2017 Rijeka Programme for foreign tourists at Astronomical Centre Rijeka during summer

During the summer months, Astronomical Centre Rijeka prepared a special programme for foreign tourists in English language.

02.08.-13.09.2017 Vrbnik Vrbnik Wednesdays

Vrbnik Wednesdays is a cultural – entertainment and cultural programme which is being held for 3 months every Wednesday, starting 14 of June until 13 of September.

02.09.-23.09.2017 Mali Lošinj Lošinj sails around the world Festival

This festival is dedicated to the rich seafaring and shipbuilding tradition of the island of Lošinj.

02.09.2017 Ičići 9th Liburnia Cup - angling school
02.09.2017 Ičići "Melkior Paragvaj" Regatta barkajola
02.09.-03.09.2017 Rijeka Regatta 20 miles of Rijeka Bay for cruisers
02.09.2017 Rijeka International Bat Night

Educational programme

02.09.2017 Lopar Lopar Ethno Fest

Gastro-eco-ethno event, followed by entertainment and cultural programme

02.09.-02.08.2017 Baška Concert of Harmony Singing Group "Zvonimir"

Batomaljska placa (square) at 20h

02.09.2017 Punat 16th Evening of harmony-singing groups and 20th anniversary of the harmony-singing group Rašketa

Location: Trg zahvalnosti, beginning at 8 pm.

02.09.2017 Cres Triathlon
03.08.-07.09.2017 Lopar Amazing Nature - organized walk through the Geopark

Organized walk through the Geopark. Every Thursday at 8 am.

03.09.2017 Liganj Učka`s Fair

More than 10.000 visitors come to the Poklon Pass on Mount Učka, to choose from the wide range of traditional products offered by local producers, and to enjoy a rich culinary and entertainments programme.

03.09.2017 Lokve "Sakura Ultra Light" Cup

Fishing small fish with lure

05.09.-07.09.2017 Crikvenica 4th International Music Festival
06.09.2017 Novi Vinodolski Around the Old town
06.09.-09.09.2017 Rijeka History Film Festival
06.09.-10.09.2017 Ravna Gora Chamber Music Festival

Classical music concerts performed by performers from the country and abroad.

06.09.-09.09.2017 Rab Rab Jazz Fest
08.09.-09.09.2017 Čavle Sidecar World Championship and AA Championship

Location: Automotodrom Grobnik.

08.09.-10.09.2017 Selce Racing around Krk

Sailing regatta in waters of Selce and Novi Vinodolski.

09.09.2017 Dramalj Fishermen`s Sardine Feast

Location: Pazdehova little harbour, at 7 pm.

09.09.2017 Baška "Let`s dance and sing folksy"

Meeting of folk and harmony-singing groups.

09.09.2017 Rab 10th Harmony-singing groups`festival "Rapske vedute"

Location: Summer Stage Rab, beginning at 7:30 pm.

09.09.2017 Kostrena "A stroll along Kostrena"

Entertainment and sporting programme. Location: parking above Žurkovo Cove.

09.09.2017 Mošćenička Draga Učka Trail

Učka trail is a unique fusion of sea and mountain, Mediterranean climate, various forest floras, of green and blue, with beautiful views over Kvarner gulf, islands and Istria on the west. Učka Trail is not just a race, it's a unique experience and journey through the preserved landscape of Učka Nature Park.

10.09.2017 Mošćenička Draga 2nd Bike event "Climb to Učka"

Touristic-recreational cycling race.

10.09.2017 Krk "Bodul Bike"

Cycling race along the cycling paths of the Town of Krk

10.09.2017 Crikvenica Evening of vocal and instrumental music, poetry and socializing

Location: centre, at 8 pm.

11.09.-17.09.2017 Punat "Punat Sea Art" Sculpture Colony
13.09.-17.09.2017 Mali Lošinj Euro-African Spear fishing Championship

Mali Lošinj is the cradle of spear fishing and it was precisely here that the first world championship in spear fishing took place in 1957.

14.09.-24.09.2017 Rijeka Regatta of Thousand Islands
15.09.-17.09.2017 Rijeka Hartera Festival
16.09.-17.09.2017 Kostrena Kvarner Regatta

Sailing Regatta

16.09.2017 Opatija "Our dances and old customs" Event of folk songs and dances
16.09.2017 Čižići "Adrenaline Rush Rally"

Čižići - Omišalj Rally

16.09.-17.09.2017 Crikvenica Crikvenica 4 pets
16.09.2017 Lokve Night of Caves
17.09.2017 Mali Lošinj "Apoxyomenos Challenge" Swimming marathon

Location: Čikat Cove.

17.09.2017 Lič Mushroom Festival

Educational and mushroom-picking event. Beginning at 9 am.

17.09.2017 Mrkopalj "A pilgrimage in Mrkopalj"

Religous holiday

17.09.-24.09.2017 Opatija Viennese Week in Opatija

Two of Europe's centres of culture and tourism, Vienna and Opatija, continue their long relationship based on a mutual historical, social and cultural heritage.

18.09.-24.09.2017 Viškovo "Matejna" / St. Mathew`s Day

A festive occasion marking St. Mathew`s Day

19.09.-24.10.2017 Kostrena "Autumn in Kostrena"

Cultural event in National Reading Room St. Lucia.

21.09.-24.09.2017 Crikvenica 5th Flowery-sweet Days
22.09.-23.09.2017 Nerezine 41st Nerezine Regatta for traditional sailboats
22.09.-24.09.2017 Rijeka Rijeka Nautic Show
22.09.2017 Opatija Festival Kvarner: "Our most loved songs" by Quadriga Consort
23.09.2017 Rab Rab Island Trail 2017.

A combination of trekking and enjoying nature has always attracted recreation, adventure and sporting enthusiasts, and Rab Trekking is the best example of this.

23.09.2017 Kastav 3rd Kastav Bike Tour

Recreational cycling event

23.09.2017 Mošćenička Draga Traditional hiking along the Mythical trail Trebišće on the occasion of World Tourism Day

Start at 10:30 am.

23.09.2017 Vrbovsko Festival of wine, honey, cheese and homemade bread
23.09.2017 Ravna Gora Festival of mushrooms and fruits of the autumn

The rich culinary and cultural programme. Location: Stara Sušica.

24.09.2017 Ičići Lignjada/Calamari Day
26.08.-02.09.2017 Crikvenica 51st Fishermen`s Week

One of the oldest events in the area, Fishermen's Week takes place every year at the end of August. Over time, the festival included more and more programmes and events, mostly connected to the sea.

26.08.-01.09.2017 Mošćenice 9th International Visual Art Colony in Mošćenice "Little Paintbrush 2017"
28.09.2017 Malinska Fischerfest

Fishermen`s feast at the seafront, from 6 pm.

29.09.-02.10.2017 Kastav "Bela nedeja"

This traditional festival celebrating the beginning of autumn and new wine includes a fair offering a range of traditional products, presentations of traditional handicrafts, and cultural and entertainment programmes.

30.09.2017 Veli Lošinj 7th Lošinj Half Marathon
30.09.2017 Čavle "Pekmezijada"

Tasting jam, tea and pancakes

30.09.2017 Barbat na Rabu Angling 2017 Sports competition
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