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09.11.2014 Malinska 6th Autumn Cycling Event
11.11.2014 Novi Vinodolski "Martinje"

A festive occasion marking St. Martin`s Day. Beginning at 11 am in town centre.

11.11.2014 Grižane "Martinje"

A festive occasion marking St. Martin`s Day - christening wine, popular feast and cultural and entertainment programme.

29.11.2014 Opatija Christmas Tree Lighting

The traditional ceremony of putting up and lighting the Christmas tree is a very special moment in every part of the world – London, New York, Paris, Sidney, Prague, or Berlin…

29.11.2014-02.01.2015 Opatija Chocolate? No. A month of chocolate!

Chocolate… a word that everyone says with love.

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