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Date Location Event
01.10.-03.10.2014 Rab Rab Eco Week
02.10.-04.10.2014 Opatija Croatia Rally 2014
02.10.-07.10.2014 Krk Story of the Galley Cristo Ressussitato

A special programme marking the 443rd anniversary of the Battle of Lepanto.

03.10.-06.10.2014 Kastav "Bela nedeja"

Traditional festival celebrating the beginning of autumn and new wine including a fair offering a range of local products, presentation of traditional handicrafts and cultural and entertainment programmes.

04.10.2014 Rab Kanata - closing of the Eco Week and tourist season
04.10.2014 Kukuljanovo "Slatkijada" Sweets Festival

Competition for the best cake.

04.10.-05.10.2014 Kostrena Creative promenade

An exhibition of art works. Location: coastal path from Žurkovo Cove to Stara voda.

04.10.-10.10.2014 Rijeka World Space Week in Rijeka Astronomy Centre

A special programme and lectures on the topical issues.

04.10.2014 Mali Lošinj Sea Bream Fest
05.10.2014 Punat 4th Win the "Black Pearl" bicycle event
10.10.-19.10.2014 Punat 19th Olive Days
10.10.2014 Lopar Marking Thanksgiving for the Fruits of the Earth
11.10.2014 Viškovo "Let`s walk together..."
11.10.-26.10.2014 Lovran Marunada
11.10.2014 Lokve Night of Caves

A tour of "Hiking Trails of Caves" by the light of torches and visit to Lokvarka Cave.

11.10.-12.10.2014 Vrbovsko "Bundevijada" - a pumpkin event
14.10.2014 Delnice 140 years of library and reading room Delnice
15.10.2014 Lopar World Walking Day
16.10.2014 Lopar World Bread Day
17.09.-05.10.2014 Rab International art exhibition

Location: Paradiso gallery & restaurant.

18.10.2014 Opatija Croatian festival of klapas and mandolinas

Location: Sports Hall M. Cvetković at 8 pm.

18.10.2014 Ravna Gora 29th Ravna Gora Evening
19.10.2014 Mali Lošinj World Walking Day
24.10.-25.10.2014 Opatija 23rd Opatija Rally 2014
25.10.2014 Medveja 2nd Mountain Race "Učka Vertical 2014"

Location: Medveja - Lovranska Draga - Vojak.

25.10.-26.10.2014 Rijeka Hal`s All Star Guitar Festival
25.10.2014 Ravna Gora Young for the youth 3
31.10.2014 Lokve Halloween Party

Location: Hall of the Football Club Risnjak.

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