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01.06.-31.07.2016 Kastav Good old things

Event held in Idica`s Bakery and Viko`s Coopery - Small local museums

01.07.-31.08.2016 Rijeka Exhibition: The First in the World - 150 Years of the Rijeka's Torpedo

Location: Railway depot - Žabica 4

01.07.2016 Opatija Great Gatsby Night by Milenij hoteli

The unique atmosphere of glamour and parties of the Roaring Twenties will be relived on the lavishly decorated square in front of the Hotel Royal!

01.07.-26.08.2016 Kastav Kastav Cultural Sommer
01.07.2016 Bakar Bis Fest
01.07.-03.07.2016 Vrbnik FESTIVAL OF ŽLAHTINA/Vrbnik's wine/ - RAZGON/Shepard's feast

Two day open doors at wine cellars across Vrbnik. Last day is dedicated to the Shepard's feast with the small fair of autochthonous products and entertaining program.

01.07.2016 Veli Lošinj Dolphin Day

Dolphin Day has been held in Veli Lošinj since 1993 and includes exhibition of children’s works, children games « Looking for...«, photo exhibition, films and concerts. Local people and many guests take part in this event every year.

01.07.-03.07.2016 Opatija 16th Liburnia Jazz Festival
01.07.-24.07.2016 Rijeka Rijeka Summer Nights
02.07.-31.08.2016 Rijeka Summer at Trsat Castle
02.07.-03.07.2016 Kostrena Creative promenade

Exhibition of art and souvenirs made by artists from Kostrena and their guests along the coastal path of Kostrena.

02.07.-03.07.2016 Novi Vinodolski International Summer Carnival
02.07.2016 Ravna Gora PANfest - Festival of sounds

Location: Cultural Hall, at 7 pm.

03.07.-10.07.2016 Grobnik Festival Grobnik
04.06.-28.07.2016 Opatija Summer of 2016 at the Open Air Theatre

A series of concerts at the Open Air Theatre

04.06.-31.07.2016 Rab Rab Summer of Art

This event promotes contemporary, mainly Croatian, visual arts, bringing them closer to the island of Rab's inhabitants and visitors.

07.07.-10.07.2016 Punat Football Tournament
07.07.-18.08.2016 Opatija Music by the Sea
08.07.2016 Kostrena The Culture and Arts Evening

Location: Trg Svete Barbare (St. Barbara Square)

08.07.-09.07.2016 Selce 5th (Sr)etno Selce (Ethno festival of traditional customs, song, dances ect.)

(Sr)etno Selce is an event that presents original artworks, local produce and traditional folk customs in the quaint surroundings of a small coastal town.

08.07.-10.07.2016 Mošćenička Draga 8th Regatta of traditional sailing boats
09.07.-10.07.2016 Opatija RetrOpatija

RetrOpatija returns Opatija in the best years of the last century. The spirit of the past will turn the center of Opatija in the oasis of swing, rockabilly, rock and roll and mariachi and disco music.

09.07.-10.07.2016 Bakar “Naval battle”

The spectacular “Naval battle” is held regarding the Town of Bakar’s Day celebration. It is about reconstruction of this historical naval attack, when for the last time the Venetians had unsuccessfully tried to win Bakar back in the year of 1616.

09.07.2016 Crni Lug Risnjak Trail 2016
10.07.-17.07.2016 Vrbnik Days of homemade pasta "ŠURLICE"

Pasta and wine tasting, small fair of autochthonous products, music at several locations

11.07.-24.08.2016 Krk 60th Krk Summer Events programme

More than one month of all cultural and entertainment underneath the walls of town of Krk.

12.07.2016 Baška "L&J" acoustic duo

Acoustic Baška Summer Night

12.07.-25.07.2016 Rijeka European Universities Games 2016

From July 12th, 2016 – 5000 students from 45 European countries and 250 different universities will compete in 21 different sports and will be part of the most beautiful sports story ever told in Croatia!

14.07.-31.08.2016 Rijeka Giants of Patagonia, exhibition

From July 14th onwards, Rijeka will be inhabited by the giants of Patagonia – a grand-scale touring dinosaur exhibition, which is the most authentic and extensive exhibition on the dinosaurs of the Southern Hemisphere ever put together! Location: former Exportdrvo warehouse on Delta.

14.07.-18.08.2016 Dramalj Melodies with a Taste of the Sea

Do you know how melodies sound with a taste of the sea? We have found two perfect places where the music sounds even better and warms our hearts even more. The quaint coastal towns of Dramalj and Jadranovo are the perfect hosts for such events. The beautiful nature, the murmur of the sea, and the romantic atmosphere give the well-known melodies a totally new dimension.

15.06.-31.07.2016 Rijeka Astronomy Centre Rijeka - a special programme for foreign tourist

Foreign tourists may enjoy unique experience of digital planetarium by watching a film in English language every Wednesday at 8.30 pm in the period from June 15 to September 15, 2016.

15.07.-16.07.2016 Omišalj Nights of Ancient Rome
15.07.-17.07.2016 Mošćenička Draga Days of the Municipality of Mošćenička Draga

Marinina Festival

15.07.-20.08.2016 Bribir Vinodol's Summer Evenings

Vinodol's Summer Evenings offer a combination of concerts of classical music and the concerts of ethno music and especially the locals of Vinodol. Concerts are held on attractive locations of castles and churches in Vinodol.

15.07.-17.07.2016 Punat Punat Nights
15.07.-17.07.2016 Vrbovsko Gorski kotar Bike Tour 2016

Experience Gorski Kotar through cycling challenge. Picturesque mountains, silence of the forest, karst caves and rocks, the beauty of lakes and rivers... This is Gorski Kotar on a bicycle.

16.07.-30.07.2016 Jadranovo "Jakovlja 2016." / St. Jacob`s Days
16.07.-17.08.2016 Martinšćica Cultural Evenings in Martinšćica
16.07.-17.07.2016 Brod na Kupi Festival of Sport Recreation - Marathon of Friendship and the Kupa Upstream

Location: Kupa River

16.07.2016 Kastav 14th Art Workshops
16.07.-17.07.2016 Opatija Opatija - imperial city

The Lumière brothers, who used to film in Opatija; Isadora Duncan, who danced inspired by the fluttering of palm leaves in the breeze; the Empress Sissi, who officially never visited Opatija, but used to hide here in a villa in the company of a lover – all of them, and many other famous people from the history of this town, come back to life in mid-July during the Imperial Town festival, which combines music and theatre at various locations, transforming Opatija into one big stage for a fantastic spectacle with thousands of visitors.

16.07.2016 Jadranovo The Paddles of St. Jacob, traditional sport festivity / "Jakovarska vesla"

This competition brings together men's, women's and children's teams from the local area and abroad. The cheerful, dynamic atmosphere is always thrilling right up until the end of the competition.

17.07.2016 Vrbovsko Fishermen`s Night in Kamačnik
17.07.-21.08.2016 Mali Lošinj 41st Osor musical evenings
17.07.-21.08.2016 Osor Osor Musical Evenings
18.06.-23.07.2016 Bakar The Margaret’s Summer

The Margaret’s Summer is a cultural and entertaining event that takes place in Bakar. Its concept and programme is diverse and interesting enough to attract numerous visitors and satisfy the tastes of different generations and cultural profiles.

22.07.2016 Kostrena Kostrena Night

Every year, this event fills the cove Žurkovo with numerous visitors who can view the exhibition of art works, unique jewellery and souvenirs, enjoy food, drink, dance and music.

22.07.-24.07.2016 Mrkopalj Agility Mrkopalj
22.07.-24.07.2016 Čabar "Čabar 2016" - mountain car race
22.07.-23.07.2016 Crikvenica 3rd CrikvArt - Street Entertainers Festival

The CrikvArt street entertainers festival brings a special atmosphere to Crikvenica, as the town's streets, squares, parks and waterfront become a stage for street performers.

23.07.2016 Opatija Summer Balinjerada - Carnival Parade of Homemade Vehicles on Ball-Bearing Wheels

For the last thirty years, this exciting race of self-made vehicles that run on ball-bearings (known locally as "balinjere" – hence the name) instead of wheels, down Opatija's main street, to the delight of thousands of spectators, has always been the original attraction of the carnival in Opatija.

23.07.2016 Ilovik Immigrants` Day on the Island of Ilovik

Location: small square in front of the parish church, from 9 pm.

23.07.2016 Lokve "Opera on the Lake"
23.07.2016 Mrkopalj Blueberry Days

Event in Begovo Razdolje

25.06.-31.07.2016 Krk Beach Balance

Daily entertainment, recreational and sporting events at Dražica Beach.

25.06.-02.07.2016 Mali Lošinj 17th Adria Camping Rally

For the first time this year the rally will take place on an island - Lošinj Island, Camp Čikat, Mali Lošinj.

25.07.-27.07.2016 Rab Rab Fjera

The first and largest medieval summer fair in Croatia, Rabska fjera is based on tradition started 21st of July 1364, when the City Council of Rab decided to celebrate and honor King Louis the Great who freed them from the Venetian rule.

25.07.-30.07.2016 Vrbnik 4th Summer School of Glagolitic
27.07.-31.07.2016 Mrkopalj ARTfest Mrkopalj - Arts Festival
28.06.-03.07.2016 Rijeka European Junior Diving Championship
29.07.-30.07.2016 Malinska Malinska Nights / "Malinskarske noći"

Traditional fischermens´fests, rich gastronomic offer and entertainment, fair of homemade products and objects

30.06.-31.07.2016 Rab Rab Musical Evenings

Lovers of classical music have been enjoying exclusive program of Rab Music Nights since 1986. and every year they would get to listen to 12 or more amazing classical concerts.

30.07.2016 Mrkopalj Tuning meet Mrkopalj
30.07.2016 Mrkopalj Day of herbs
31.07.2016 Susak Emmigrants` Day
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