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01.04.-31.05.2017 Rijeka Giants of Patagonia, exhibition

From July 14th onwards, Rijeka is inhabited by the giants of Patagonia – a grand-scale touring dinosaur exhibition, which is the most authentic and extensive exhibition on the dinosaurs of the Southern Hemisphere ever put together! Location: former Exportdrvo warehouse on Delta, working hours: 9 am till 7 pm.

08.04.-09.04.2017 Rijeka Bike Rijeka Weekend

A very interesting biking event for fans of two-wheeled foot-pedalled vehicles will take place during the weekend of 8 and 9 April. Bike Rijeka Weekend is a weekend bike gathering that provides fans of activity holidays and recreation with a completely different experience of Rijeka's surrounding area.

08.04.-30.04.2017 Krk KRK FOOD FEST – Šurlice and asparagus days

Gastro event in which guests can enjoy in menus with šurlice (homemade pasta) and asparagus in Krk restaurants.

08.04.-30.04.2017 Lovran 17th Asparagus Festival
08.04.-09.04.2017 Opatija Coffee Festival

Opatija's Coffee Festival presents this popular aromatic beverage in a variety of ways.

08.04.-24.04.2017 Mali Lošinj Aromatherapy festival "Apsyrtides"

The theme of this year's Aromatherapy Festival is sport, health, and vitality. Attend many events, workshops, sessions, and lectures on how to use the aromatic plants of the island of vitality in everyday life.

09.04.2017 Rab Palm Sunday - concert

Classical and spiritual music concert.

15.04.-17.04.2017 Opatija Easter in Opatija
15.04.2017 Crikvenica Easter in Crikvenica

This Easter, the aroma of traditional Easter sweet bread will waft through the air in the centre of Crikvenica. A culinary event on Saturday morning will be dedicated to traditional Easter sweet bread, known locally as pogača, pinca or sirnica, a symbol of life and family. Delicious food, colourful spring flowers, fresh sea air, local music and good company are the perfect introduction to the Easter weekend.

16.04.2017 Rab Easter breakfast

Location: St. Kristofor Square.

16.04.2017 Baška Delights of Easter in Baška

Traditional celebration of Easter in Baška and welcome.

18.04.-23.04.2017 Rijeka Tour of Croatia 2017
19.04.-22.04.2017 Baška 4 Islands MTB Stage Race

4 days. 4 islands. A unique race in the world of mountain biking for all lovers of this sport who are ready to experience its special combination of passion and emotions, a race in which all those who reach the finish gate are winners.

19.04.-26.04.2017 Rijeka Ri gastro - Asparagus Week
21.04.-23.04.2017 Malinska Malinska Outdoor Weekend
21.04.-23.04.2017 Baška BAŠKA ROŽICA – flower festival

The start of preseason and spring in Baška will once again be marked by floral tones – a lot of workshops, cultural and musical performances, lectures; an exhibition-selling fair and a hiking trail.

22.04.-23.04.2017 Njivice Adria Spring Trail
22.04.-23.04.2017 Veli Lošinj Downhill Lošinj

Extreme cycling competition starting from the top of Sv. Ivan hill at 256 m and finishing on the waterfront of Veli Lošinj. Total length of the race is 1,7 km.

22.04.-23.04.2017 Ika "Asparagus & Wine" Event
22.04.2017 Crikvenica Asparagus omelette

In the morning hours, the air in the centre of Crikvenica will be filled with the aroma of traditional asparagus omelette, prepared in a huge frying pan. The combination of good company, cooking in the open air and traditional music makes a great recipe for a relaxing spring weekend.

23.04.2017 Rijeka Homo si teć (Let's run), festival of sport and recreation
23.04.2017 Kastav Kastav Wine Festival - "Belica 2017"

Closing award ceremony for the best wines, a varied gastronomic offering and entertainment programme.

23.04.2017 Baška Hiking trail “From Palada, Baška to Vela Luka“

Hiking trail at the national level "From Palda, Baška to Vela luka" (CMA and MC "Obzova")

27.03.-01.04.2017 Rijeka Impulse Festival 2017

Music festival

27.04.-22.05.2017 Mali Lošinj 11th Lošinj cuisine fête

The best way to discover the treasures of this island is by tasting local cuisine. specialities. During this event, many restaurants offer local specialities at affordable prices and the main event will take place on the main square in Mali Lošinj where all restaurateurs will present their specialities.

27.04.-22.05.2017 Mali Lošinj Festival of Apoxyomenos and Antique

The festival promotes many experiences and products inspired by the Apoxyomenos and the Antiquity...

29.04.2017 Lokve Frog`s Night
29.04.2017 Krk Labor Day Inkubator

Young Krk demo bands performing on the beach Plav

29.04.2017 Rab Asparagus festival
30.03.-02.04.2017 Crikvenica 17th Flower Festival

The centre of Crikvenica will be decorated with beautiful flowers whose fragrant scents will waft through the air. The festival will include an exhibition of items for sale, such as flowers, seedlings and various garden items. Visitors will also have the chance to learn more about cultivating plants and gardening.

30.04.2017 Rab Križevo - traditional holy day of the islanders
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