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01.08.-11.09.2014 Rab Rab Musical Evenings
01.09.-05.09.2014 Opatija Festival Kvarner

Classical music concerts in Remisens Premium Hotel Kvarner.

01.09.-30.09.2014 Krk "I love autumn in Krk"

Popular feasts in villages Kornić, Dunat, Glavotok, Milohnići, Brzac, Pinezići and Vrh.

02.09.-27.09.2014 Rijeka Astronomy Centre Rijeka - programme for September 2014
03.09.-13.09.2014 Rijeka Exhibition on the Korzo promenade: "Croatia from the Air"
03.09.-07.09.2014 Rijeka Zoom Festival

Location: Culturall Hall in Sušak - Tunnel - Delta.

04.09.-06.09.2014 Ičići Days of Ičići
05.09.-07.09.2014 Krk Days of Figs in Krk

Gastronomic programme dedicated to figs; selling exhibition of fig products, lectures and entertainment programme at Vela placa Square.

05.09.-26.09.2014 Kastav Fridays at five in the bakery

Making and tasting of the bread from 5 to 8 pm at the Idica`s Bakery, Local Ethnographic Museum.

05.09.-07.09.2014 Fužine World Cup race in underwater orienteering

Location: Lepenica Lake.

06.09.2014 Vrbovsko Severin Evening
06.09.2014 Ičići 1st "Melkior Paragvaj" boatmen regatta
06.09.2014 Kraljevica "Homo si plivat" swimming marathon

Swimming marathon Maltempo - Črišnjevo.

06.09.2014 Punat 13th Evening of "klape" vocal groups
06.09.2014 Mali Lošinj 2nd Lošinj pasara regatta with paddles
06.09.-27.09.2014 Kastav Beneath the Loggia - above all

Artists from Croatia and abroad (painters, sculptors, musicians, photographers, designers, theatre artists, cultural artistic associations etc.) present their works and various forms of their artistic activities.​

06.09.-07.09.2014 Crikvenica 2nd Cakes and Ice cream Festival
06.09.2014 Opatija FFC Future fight night

Location: Marino Cvetković Sports Hall.

06.09.-07.09.2014 Kostrena Creative promenade

An exhibition of art works along the coastal path from Žurkovo Cove to Stara voda.

06.09.2014 Rab Rab Visual Art Summer

Exhibition preview of Stipe Nobilo`s paintings at the Knežev dvor gallery.

06.09.2014 Lopar Loparetnofest

Gastronomic and eco-ethno event.

07.09.2014 Lopar A cappella singing concert

Location: St. John the Baptist Church.

07.09.2014 Liganj 8th Učka Fair
07.09.-28.09.2014 Cres Croatian Island Product

Every Sunday.

07.09.2014 Punat Concert by klapa Cambi vocal group
07.09.2014 Ičići Exhibition: Historic tourist postcard of Ičići
08.09.2014 Njivice The Nativity of Mary

A traditional festivity in Njivice.

08.09.2014 Lopar Feast of Nativity of Mary

Votive feast day of islanders. A special programme to mark the occasion.

10.09.-14.09.2014 Crikvenica 1st International Music Festival "Crikvenica"
10.09.2014 Rab Promenade walk of a folk group "Rapski tanac" in the old town centre
10.09.2014 Delnice Croatian Olympic Day
12.09.-14.09.2014 Ravna Gora 11th Chamber Music Festival
12.09.-18.09.2014 Rab "Art Colony Paradiso" International art colony

Location: Paradiso gallery & restaurant.

12.09.-14.09.2014 Rijeka Crovespa 2014.
12.09.-14.09.2014 Crikvenica 12th Flower Festival
12.09.-13.09.2014 Liganj Učka trail
13.09.-14.09.2014 Rijeka IJF Grand Prix in judo

Location: Sports Hall Zamet.

13.09.2014 Crikvenica 8th Skomerža Brothers` Cup (fishing cup)
13.09.2014 Cres Feast of mussels and tug of war
13.09.2014 Opatija Opatijka - Homo si bordižat

Sailing regatta.

13.09.2014 Rab 7th Harmony-Singing Festival "Rapske vedute"
13.09.2014 Nerezine Traditional Boat Regatta
13.09.-20.09.2014 Ravna Gora 16th Mushroom Days
13.09.2014 Brod Moravice 15th Little Golden Cauldron

Competition in preparing venison stew in little copper cauldrons in "Lazica" Hunting Lodge.

14.08.-09.09.2014 Punat Toš Gallery: Exhibition of the painter Jadranka Hodanić
15.07.-13.09.2014 Rijeka Summer at Trsat Castle
15.09.-21.09.2014 Opatija Viennese Week
15.09.2014 Delnice Day of Risnjak National Park - "On the trail of lynx"
17.09.-05.10.2014 Rab International art exhibition

Location: Paradiso gallery & restaurant.

18.09.-28.09.2014 Rijeka Thousand Islands Regatta

Rijeka - Tivat - Rijeka.

18.09.-21.09.2014 Viškovo "Matejna" (St. Matthew Days)

A festive occasion marking St. Matthew`s Day.

19.08.-09.09.2014 Rab 4th Organ Festival "Petar Nakić"
19.09.-21.09.2014 Rijeka International salsa festival - Torpedo Salsa Festival

Location: Cultural Hall in Sušak.

20.09.2014 Opatija Viennese Ball in Opatija

Location: Remisens Premium Hotel Kvarner, at 8 pm.

20.09.2014 Lokve Night of Caves

A tour of "Hiking Trails of Caves" by the light of torches and visit to Lokvarka Cave.

20.09.-21.09.2014 Crikvenica Days of Squid
21.06.-15.09.2014 Rijeka Summer at Trsat Castle (Gradina)
21.09.2014 Crikvenica 2nd XC cycling marathon - Crikvenica
21.09.2014 Krk Bodul Bike

Guided recreative cycling tour organized by BBC of the island of Krk.

21.09.2014 Mrkopalj Mrkopalj Annual Fair
23.09.-28.09.2014 Rijeka Ri gastro - Week of Squid and Figs

Week of Squid and Figs in catering facilites of Rijeka and its surroundings.

25.09.-28.09.2014 Rijeka Florijana

Location: bridge - hotel Continental.

26.06.-14.09.2014 Mali Lošinj Exhibition: "Brotherhoods in the Area of the Former Osor Community"

Location: Fritzy Palace.

26.09.-28.09.2014 Rijeka 2nd Rijeka Nautic Show
27.09.2014 Barbat na Rabu Angling 2014

Traditional sports fishing competition.

27.09.2014 Rab Night of the researches

Around the Old Town of Rab.

27.09.2014 Lopar Rab Adventure Challenge 2014

Adventure trekking race.

27.09.2014 Mali Lošinj World Tourism Day
27.09.2014 Čavle "Autumn in Čavle"

Fragrance and flavours of Grobnik region: tea, jam, strudel, Grobnik potato polenta with sauce and mushroom goulash.

27.09.2014 Cres Cres Trek
27.09.2014 Brod Moravice 10th Plum Days
28.09.2014 Fužine Mushroom and Potato Day

Location: Playground Fužine.

28.09.2014 Rubeši "Mihoja" (Michaelmas)

Celebration of the Feast of St. Michael in Rubeši beneath Kastav. Traditionally takes place on Sunday before "Bela nedeja".

28.09.2014 Lovranska Draga Mihoja, a popular feast
29.08.-04.09.2014 Rijeka Friends of the Sea exhibition series: "Black and White 60`s"

Location: Korzo Promenade.

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