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01.01.-28.02.2017 Rijeka Giants of Patagonia, exhibition

From July 14th onwards, Rijeka will be inhabited by the giants of Patagonia – a grand-scale touring dinosaur exhibition, which is the most authentic and extensive exhibition on the dinosaurs of the Southern Hemisphere ever put together! Location: former Exportdrvo warehouse on Delta.

01.02.-01.03.2017 Crikvenica Carnival in Crikvenica 2017
01.02.-01.03.2017 Kostrena Carnival in Kostrena

The days of carnival represent a specific period, during which people can dress in whatever they want, and everything is accompanied by dancing, singing and joy.

01.02.-01.03.2017 Opatija Opatija Carnival
01.02.-01.03.2017 Kastav Kastav Carnival

The period between Saint Anthony's Day and Ash Wednesday is carnival time. In the entire Kastav region as well as in the entire Kvarner region the tradition of the zvončari has been kept.

01.02.-01.03.2017 Rijeka Rijeka Carnival

“Krepat, ma ne molat!” (Die but never give up) - is the motto that summarizes all the best that Rijeka Carnival represents.

01.02.-01.03.2017 Lovran Lovran Carnival
04.02.2017 Rijeka Rijeka Carnival: Carnival Snowboard Session

Location: Gat Karoline Riječke

04.02.2017 Čavle Rijeka Carnival: Masked Platak
08.01.-28.02.2017 Krk Krk Carnival
09.02.-28.02.2017 Rab Rab Carnival 2017
11.02.2017 Rijeka Rijeka Carnival: Masked Paris-Bakar Auto-Rally
11.02.2017 Opatija Valentine's day in Opatija - Concert by Petar Grašo

Location: Marino Cvetković Sports Hall.

12.02.2017 Opatija Opatija Carnival: Children Carnival Parade

A parade on Opatija's main street presents all the diversity of children's creativity and playfulness. Location: Ulica Maršala Tita, beginning at 1 pm.

14.02.2017 Punat Punat Valentine's day - Concert by Tedi Spalato
15.01.-18.02.2017 Cres Cres Carnival
17.02.2017 Opatija Opatija Carnival: Masked marathon with "klape" (vocal groups)

This musical event presents traditional Croatian vocal groups in a different way, as they sing famous carnival songs in the rhythm of the polka. Location: Marino Cvetković Sports Hall.

18.02.2017 Rijeka Rijeka Carnival: Children`s Carnival Parade
19.02.2017 Lovran Lovran Carnival: International Carnival Parade
19.02.2017 Opatija Opatija Carnival: Balinjera - carnival race of homemade vehicles on ball-bearing wheels

This exciting race of self-made vehicles that run on ball-bearings instead of wheels, down Opatija's main street, to the delight of thousands of spectators, has always been the original attraction of the carnival in Opatija. Location: Maršala Tita Street, start at 10 am.

21.01.-28.02.2017 Mali Lošinj Carnival on Lošinj

The carnival madness traditionally starts with the handover of town keys. This year, the carnival will end on Tuesday, February 28, with a carnival parade.

25.02.2017 Kastav Welcoming the "dondolaši" bell-ringers from Grobnik
25.02.2017 Matulji 22nd Bell-ringer`s Gathering
26.02.2017 Opatija Rijeka Carnival: International Carnival Parade

The International Carnival Parade is the jewel in the crown of the carnival festivities on the Kvarner and even further afield. Competitions in imaginativeness, humour and originality, fireworks of colours and shapes result with a parade of hundreds of allegorical floats, thousands of masks and uncountable number of domestic and foreign observers. Location: Korzo, beginning at noon.

28.01.-28.02.2017 Punat Punat Carnival 2017
28.02.2017 Viškovo Ash Tuesday

The end of the Carnival events in the Viškovo Municipality area. Besides an entertaining programme, in Breg takes place the award drawing of the Bell-ringers Bingo after which the Pust is burning.

31.01.-25.02.2017 Rijeka Astronomy Centre Rijeka - programme for February 2017
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