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01.06.-27.07.2017 Lopar Amazing Nature - organized walk through the Geopark

Organized walk through the Geopark. Every Thursday at 8 am.

01.07.2017 Crikvenica International Folklore Festival "Adriatica Folk Fest 2017"

Location: centre, beginning at 8:30 pm.

01.07.-31.08.2017 Opatija Opatija Oldtimer Tour

The old engines roared pleasantly, guiding us with the beauty of their advanced years into the warm summer nights. Every Tuesday during the summer, in front of the hotel Milenij, the Liburnia Classic Club from Opatija will await the guests with five historic vehicles to take them for a free 25-minute ride around Opatija. A sightseeing tour of sorts with the pleasure of riding in a historic vehicle that nowadays presents a rarity. The guests of Opatija may enjoy this offer in the period from 7:30 p.m. till 10 p.m.

01.07.-25.08.2017 Kastav Kastav Cultural Summer

Guitar festival, musical and theatrical programme, exhibitions, children's programme, film, literature.

01.07.-31.08.2017 Novi Vinodolski Around the Old town
01.07.2017 Šilo 3rd Harmony-singing groups` festival

Location: seafront, beginning at 9 pm.

01.07.2017 Fužine Liqueuer Event and Lavender Day
01.07.2017 Ravna Gora Day of healing herbs

Educational event of picking medicinal plants, learning about their healing effects, tasting products from medicinal plants with herbalist Milan Zemljič. Location: Stara Sušica.

02.07.-09.07.2017 Grobnik Festival Grobnik 2017
04.07.-29.07.2017 Rijeka Astronomical Centre Rijeka - programme for July 2017
06.06.-25.07.2017 Lopar Learn about Lopar - organized sightseeing tour of Lopar`s heritage

Organized sightseeing tour of Lopar`s heritage in a tourist train accompanied by a licensed tourist guide. Every Tuesday at 8 am.

06.07.-31.08.2017 Crikvenica Primorje`s Night

Location: centre, beginning at 6 pm.

06.07.-31.08.2017 Rijeka "Night of Rijeka Squares"
07.07.2017 Opatija Great Gatsby Night by Milenij hoteli

The unique atmosphere of glamour and parties of the Roaring Twenties will be relived on the lavishly decorated square in front of the Hotel Royal!

07.07.2017 Bakar BIS Fest - Bakar and Serenade Festival
07.07.-09.07.2017 Opatija Liburnia Jazz Festival

For many years now, the Liburnia Jazz Festival has been a reference for Croatian and international jazz lovers. On the first weekend in July, it presents established jazz musicians.

07.07.-08.07.2017 Selce 6th Festival Ethno Selce

Ethno Selce represents Selce in a traditional setting which may be seen from the name of the event. With rich presentation of cultural heritage, entertainment for visitors and preservation of tradition.

07.07.-08.07.2017 Novi Vinodolski Big Carnival Evening
08.07.2017 Crni Lug Risnjak Trail

Risnjak Trail is a trail running competition that will take you to the best parts of National Park Risnjak. Crni Lug, the start and finish of the race is a short drive from the seaside.

08.07.-31.08.2017 Rijeka Summer on Gradina

Many successful programmes have been held since the beginning of this famous summer event that takes place within the atmosphere of the beautiful Trsat Castle.

08.07.2017 Ravna Gora Blueberry Day

Gastronomic delights of blueberry on offer in Ravna Gora restaurants with an educational and entertaining programme.

08.07.2017 Veprinac Evening with "klape" vocal groups

The tradition of ""a capella"" singing in the Kvarner region is carried on by traditional vocal groups, known locally as ""klape"", who have won numerous awards at Croatian festivals and have also had many successful performances abroad. The evening of ""klape"" vocal groups in Veprinac brings together some of the best and most famous vocal groups from this area, which, in the idyllic atmosphere of the old town of Veprinac, perform both original songs and modern melodies specially arranged for this demanding kind of vocal performance.

08.07.2017 Mošćenice Classical music concert: Salve Regina
08.07.-16.07.2017 Vrbnik Vrbnik Music Camp 2017
09.07.-16.07.2017 Vrbnik Days of homemade pasta "šurlice"
09.07.2017 Crikvenica "Dancing Stars"
10.06.-31.07.2017 Lovran Summer in Lovran

Concert and exhibitions at various locations

10.07.-24.08.2017 Krk 61st Summer Performances - Traditional cultural events in Town of Krk

Traditional cultural events, including music-and-stage perfomances, classical music concerts, ballet and drama

10.07.-20.08.2017 Lubenice Lubenice Music Evenings

Classical music concerts

11.07.-22.08.2017 Selce Primorje`s Night

Location: centre, beginning at 6 pm.

12.07.2017 Opatija 60 godina Ljetne pozornice: Titanic

For the celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the Open Air Theatre, movie projector will light up the big screen on the big stage with the scenes from the 1997's american romantic drama TITANIC directed by James Cameron . Titanic was one of the most visited movie from the golden ages of movies projected on the big summer stage

13.07.-10.08.2017 Opatija "Music by the sea"

Music programmes at Hotel Milenij terrace

13.07.-14.07.2017 Opatija Barufe - Urban Music Festival

After five years pausing, one of the most significant initiatives of the youngsters of Opatija, the urban music festival BARUFE will be held on the Open Air Theatre in Opatija.

13.07.-17.08.2017 Dramalj 6th Melodies with a Taste of the Sea

The quaint coastal towns of Dramalj and Jadranovo are the perfect hosts for such events. The beautiful nature, the murmur of the sea, and the romantic atmosphere give the well-known melodies a totally new dimension.

14.06.-26.07.2017 Vrbnik Vrbnik Wednesdays

Vrbnik Wednesdays is a cultural – entertainment and cultural programme which is being held for 3 months every Wednesday, starting 14 of June until 13 of September.

14.06.-26.07.2017 Rijeka Programme for foreign tourists at Astronomical Centre Rijeka during summer

During the summer months, Astronomical Centre Rijeka prepared a special programme for foreign tourists in English language.

14.07.-16.07.2017 Fužine Gorski kotar Bike Tour
14.07.2017 Volosko Volosko Summer Night

Traditional Volosko Summer Night will be held on July 14th. Free entrance.

14.07.-16.07.2017 Mošćenička Draga 10th regatta of traditional sailboats - Small Boat
14.07.-15.07.2017 Punat Punat Nights
14.07.-25.08.2017 Crikvenica Summer Musical Evenings in Crikvenica and Selce
14.07.2017 Klimno Fishermen`s Feast

Location: Seafront, at 8 pm.

14.07.-15.07.2017 Omišalj Days of Ancient Romans

Location: Mirine

15.07.2017 Šilo Fishermen`s Feast

Beginning at 8 pm.

15.07.2017 Skrad Raspberry Festival

Location: Zeleni vir.

15.07.2017 Bakar Margaret`s Summer: "Naval Battle"

A spectacular “Naval Battle” is held to celebrate the Day of Bakar

15.07.2017 Lokve Opera on the Lake

Location: Lokve Lake

15.07.-16.07.2017 Vrbovsko Fishermen`s Weekend

Weekend with fish specialities, contests, culinary show and contest. Location: Kamačnik and Čogrljevo Lake.

15.07.-26.08.2017 Bribir Vinodol Summer Evenings

Vinodol's Summer Evenings offer a combination of concerts of classical music and the concerts of ethno music and top performers, as well as the amateurs. Concerts are held on attractive locations of castles and churches in Vinodol.

15.07.2017 Cres Summer Carnival
15.07.2017 Jadranovo Jadranovo's Oars - traditional sport festivity (Jakovarska vesla)

This competition brings together men's, women's and children's teams from the local area and abroad. The cheerful, dynamic atmosphere is always thrilling right up until the end of the competition. The participants row in wooden boats from Tunera to Grabrova Cove and back.

15.07.2017 Opatija Opatija - Imperial City

During this event, visitors will have the chance to learn more about Opatija's history and some of its secrets, and to see for themselves why this town has become and has remained a favourite destination for many celebrities, as well as to feel the spirit of the time when Opatija began its rise to the throne of European tourism.

15.07.-29.07.2017 Jadranovo "Jakovlja 2017" - festive occasion marking St. Jacob`s Day
16.07.-19.08.2017 Osor 42nd Osor Musical Evenings

Festival of classical music which has taken place in Osor since 1976. The concerts are held in Osor cathedral and works by Croatian composers are performed and in this way Osor Musical Evenings are promoting Croatian musical creativity.

17.06.-29.07.2017 Bakar Margaret`s Summer

Cultural and entertaining event that takes place each year in Bakar

19.07.2017 Mali Lošinj Klape (a cappella vocal bands) in the piazza
20.07.-21.07.2017 Lopar Samba Festival
20.07.2017 Ičići Ičići Unplugged Festival
21.07.2017 Kostrena Kostrena Night

Location: Žurkovo Cove.

21.07.-22.07.2017 Crikvenica 4th CrikvArt - Street Art Festival

CrikvArt means more. It brings an abundance of joy and unique atmosphere in Crikvenica. Streets, squares, parks and waterfront become a stage for street performers.

21.07.2017 Punat Beatpoint - Electronic Music Festival
21.07.2017 Čižići Fishermen`s Feast

Location: seafront, at 8 pm.

21.07.-23.07.2017 Mošćenička Draga Days of the Municipality of Mošćenička Draga
22.07.2017 Bakar "Klape" (Harmony-singing groups) Evening

Location: Žal ribara Seashore, at 9 pm.

22.07.2017 Čižići "Čižići 2017" Chess Tournament

Beginning at 4 pm.

22.07.2017 Šilo Fishermen`s Feast

Location: centre, at 8 pm.

22.07.2017 Punat Puntars` meeting aged 90 Plus

Location: Park with an Angel, beginning at 9:30 am.

22.07.2017 Malinska 23rd St. Apollinaire`s trophy - U16 competition in angling from the shore

Location: seafront, start at 7 am.

22.07.2017 Stara Baška Krajan`s Night

Popular feast with catering provided and entertainment

22.07.2017 Porat "Magdalenjina" - festive occasion marking St. Mary Magdalene`s Day
22.07.-23.07.2017 Opatija Intercars 2017, car race

Location: Veprinac - Učka.

23.07.2017 Dobrinj "The Story of Dobrinj" - musical storg by the author Mensur Puhovac

Location: square, at 9 pm.

23.07.2017 Krk Promotiva 2017 - International beach volleyball tournament and Croatian Championship

Location: Dunat Beach

24.07.2017 Novi Vinodolski The Coastal Triangle
25.07.-27.07.2017 Rab Rab Fjera

Knights walk the streets waiting for tournaments, artisans and artists open the doors of their workshops and studios, crossbowmen demonstrate their competitive skills, and music can be heard from every corner.

27.07.2017 Baška Baška Dances - Open air party - 2DJ stages
27.07.-30.07.2017 Opatija B&D Blues Festival

Locations: Opatija, Brseč and Mošćenička Draga.

27.07.-29.07.2017 Lopar Water Spectacle at the Paradise Beach
28.07.2017 Volosko Evening with "klape" vocal groups
28.07.-29.07.2017 Malinska Malinska Nights

Traditional fishermen`s feasts with gastronomic delights and a fair

28.07.-30.07.2017 Mali Lošinj 13th Lošinj Jazz Festival

The central musical event of Lošinj Cultural Summer and one of the most interesting festivals on the Adriatic. The concept is still based on a wide array of jazz and related music genres.

29.06.-02.07.2017 Opatija RetrOpatija

The centre of Opatija will become a stage, the numerous specially decorated shop windows will provide the backdrop, and the temporarily closed main street will be turned into a pedestrian zone for the biggest event in town: the popular RetrOpatija, which in the last two years has paid tribute to the most fun periods in the town's history.

29.07.2017 Baška Picigin Fest

Location: Beach Vela plaža

29.07.2017 Grobnik 16th Harmony-singing group`s meeting
29.07.2017 Lokve Night of Sculptures
29.07.2017 Fužine Forest Gourmet Fest

Presentation of Croatian folk customs in cooking, singing and dancing, from 9 am to 8 pm.

29.07.2017 Vrbovsko Sporting summer event in Vrbovsko

Socializing with competitions and a whole range of content with an emphasis on running and cycling.

30.06.-01.07.2017 Veli Lošinj Dolphin Day

Dolphin Day has been held in Veli Lošinj since 1993 and includes exhibition of children’s works, children games «Looking for...«, photo exhibition, films and concerts.

30.06.-20.07.2017 Rijeka Rijeka Summer Nights

During the summer months, Rijeka’s squares, streets and terraces become a theatre stage.

30.06.-31.07.2017 Rab Rab Musical Evenings

Rab Musical Evenings include a series of classical music concerts that take place in the summer months in the town of Rab. The event started back in 1985 and is organised by the Rab Open University.

30.06.-02.07.2017 Vrbnik Festival of Žlahtina
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