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07.06.2012. - 10.06.2012. / Rijeka

Like last year Fiumanka sail into three categories and three routes. Traditional build regatta is sailing up to the mark in front of Porto Baroš, family cruisers to the mark near Kostrena while regatta cruisers after the mark near Kostrena continues to sail to the mark in front of Omisalj ... and they all meat back at the finnish line in the port of Rijeka.


In addition to the traditional international regatta Fiumanka (June 9th) and Press Fiumanka (8th - 9th of June), this year its third edition will have the Rotary Regatta(8th - 9th of June), Liburnia Regatta on the new course (7th and 8th of June, Mali Lošinj - Rijeka ) and Virtual Fiumanka (June 8th).


All events are completely free for participants and visitors.


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