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Along the path of golden drops and the Drobnica feast

27.04.2012. - 28.04.2012. / Krk

The introduction to the events will include a story about olives and olive paths. Our diligent olive growers will present their precious fruits on the Vela placa town square and guests will be able to taste and purchase this fruit which is considered Krk’s liquid gold. 

Besides the olive growers, winemaker hobbyists will present and exhibit their products here too.  A variety of lectures and education programmes will take place as well as the assignation of awards for the best evaluated olive growers and winemakers. The event will be completed by an organized walking through Krk’s olive groves and we will also be joined by hikers from the Obzova Society. 
Olive product sale exhibition 

Presentation of the Drobnica Association’s small winemakers
27th April   Thematic lectures on olive growing and wine production 
28th April   Organized walking tour through Krk’s olive groves 
                  Assignation of awards for olive growers and winemakers                 
Entertainment programme at Vela placa

For additonal information please visit offical web site of Town of Krk Tourist Board.

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