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The Wine Rose of Vinodol

16.08.2012. - 18.08.2012. / Novi Vinodolski

PDF The Wine Rose of Vinodol - flyer and programme


At the time of the Frankopans, at the end of harvest, among female pickers in the vineyard, the Rose used to be selected being the most beautiful and diligent girl.


She would be crowned with the vine wreath, and while the ceremony was being accompanied by music of some old folk instruments, she would head the procession of pickers to the city. Today the Rose of Vinodol si a true celebration of wine in Vinodol region. Contestants compete in games in Pavlomir Vineyards and the Town of Novi Vinodolski, to the accompaniment of rich entertainment programme and wine fair.


The festivity is based on the customs of the second part of the XIX century, the time when the ending of the grape harvest was celebrated by a modest feast of the families and their harvesters and a rose used to be elected in the vineyard. In spite of this, our festivity is not a nostalgic attempt of a reconstruction or reviving of the past. It is first of all entertainment created in the present-day time that follows modern trends. Competitions and games stand for the onetime election of the rose, the old-fashioned fairs are simbollically represented by the offer of modern and ecologically manufactured products of the area. The former festivities, based on the music played on traditional instruments, songs and personal creativity have their present-day reflexion in games, music and dance during the days of the Vinodol Rose celebration.


For additional information about programme please visit official web site of the Town of Novi Vinodolski Tourist Board.

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