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Ad turres Day

02.08.2012. - 02.08.2012. / Crikvenica

PDF Ad turres Days - programmme

In 2007., Crikvenica started hosting this cultural-educational event as a way of celebrating the area's rich architectural heritage.

The event evokes Roman times in a vivid, picturesque way, so that visitors can re-experience the atmosphere of ancient Crikvenica. It presents many aspects of everyday Roman life (clay-processing, clothes, jewellery, hairstyles, perfumes, music, dance, food and drinks) and traditional crafts (pottery, basket-making, stone masonry, blacksmith's craft, producing frescoes and mosaics etc.). The festival also includes interesting lectures and educational workshops for adults and children. Visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy specialities of the ancient gastronomy prepared to original recipes.

For additional information about programme please visit official web site of the Town of Crikvenica Tourist Board.

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