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Festival of Experimental Film and Video – [X]FEFV

05.11.2012. - 05.11.2012. / Rijeka

In its third, renewed edition, Festival of Experimental Film and Video – [10]FEFV, presents recent exeperimental film and video art production enriched by other genre and style hybrids. In relation to the previous selection which took place on an open air site (Trg Kamplin, Krk), thus creating a specific ambient in the heart of the old city center, this year’s Festival took on an indoor cinema character, taking place in Art Kino Croatia, Rijeka. Festival’s program can also be watched on I-KRK, specialized city cable tv channel (unfortunately, available only to the citizens of Krk). Beside the change in venue, this year’s edition features another significant change. The program is a triptych, the first part of which is made of the most creative works from 2012, the second part a selection from 2011, while the longest, third part, is a chice of about hundred works that entered the competition, which gives a substantial insight into interesting relevant trends of contemporary experimental film and video production.

6 pm - experimental films 90′,
8 pm - Four Roses Kris De Meester 80′

Location: Art kino Croatia. Entrance is free.

Organized by Art & Culture Laboratory.

PDF Catalogue of films and videos

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