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Juraj Klović Gallery - Exhibition: Rorschach & New Pornography [extended.edition]

27.11.2012. - 11.12.2012. / Rijeka

Rorschach & New Pornography Project is result of a long time research of a relatively young discipline – theory of art – whose matter was supplemented with knowledge of projective psychology. Opening at 6 pm.

Rorschach & New Pornography Project is based on an every day phenomenon of different perception of a same pattern which depends of viewer’s mental set. Exhibition gathers two computer graphics and one photographic cycle, graphic diptych, memorabilia installation and (pseudo)documentary. The Porno(graphy) cycle reveals an action of making a free (undefined) inkblots in a piece of folded paper, but in this case ink was replaced with a naked male and female torso. Result of this artistic process is unusual pattern which – if we include a viewer’s fantasy – has a pornographic potential. The cycle of computer graphic New Rorschach and the same named graphic diptych provide modified Rorschach inkblots combined with Kerner’s spiritistic poetry. Photography cycle Schloss (Castle) reveals a phantasmagoria where protagonists in perennially and deep contemplation try to set a puzzle of lost psycho-diagnostic knowledge. This cycle was inspired by criticism of Rorschach test which was published in Scientific American What’s Wrong with This Picture? (Scott O. Lilienfeld, James M. Wood and Howard N. Garb). Memorabilia installation Schwarz und Weiß (Black and White) and documentary Hälfte (Half) provide an introduction in interesting biographies of two scientist whose creations, at the beginning to the entrance in the world of projective art, were determined direction of this exhibition.
[Igor Gržetić]

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