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"Riviera throughout the Century: CARNIVAL - BALLINJERADA"

02.02.2013. - 03.02.2013. / Opatija

Opatija boasts a long tradition in organizing carnival events that started at the turn of the past century when Opatija, together with Portorož, was known as one of the most elite destinations in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy and when colorful carnival parties and sophisticated masquerade balls were organized in hotels and on terraces both during
the carnival period and during the summer, when they were also organized at beaches.

Special carnival events await you this year as part of the Riviera throughout the Century: CARNIVAL – BALLINJERADA program! Opatija’s carnival festivities will start on Saturday, February 2, 2013, in Hotel Kvarner’s famous Crystal Ballroom with a masquerade ball and a presentation of humorous dialogues evoking the life of Opatija throughout the century
by actors and dancers. A carnival music festival featuring performances by more than 300 musicians will make you get up on your feet and dance on Sunday!

"Riviera throughout the Century: CARNIVAL - BALLINJERADA" - programme

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