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I LOVE SPRING IN KRK: Drobnica Fest and Allong the Paths of Golden Drops

26.04.2013. - 28.04.2013. / Krk

A meeting of Krk’s olive growers in which lectures will be organised by experts together with an olive products sale exhibition, an evaluation of oils and the assignation of awards.

Visitors will be able to take part in a guided walking tour through Krk’s olive groves whilst in the evening hours a fitting entertainment programme will take place
April 26th – 28th    Olive product sale exhibition
April 26th          Thematic lectures on olive growing
April 27th         Organized walking tour through Krk’s olive groves , assignation of awards for olive growers, entertainment programme at Vela placa.

For additional information please visit official website of the Town of Krk Tourist Board.

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