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13th Cherry Days in Lovran

08.06.2013. - 16.06.2013. / Lovran

The renowed Lovran cherry is very similar to the well-known Lambert sort. The locals called them Brtosinka and their quality and taste is well known and highly regarded. During the Cherry Days, held in the month of June, Lovran`s cafes and restaurants offer cherry deserts and meals featuring cherries.

June 8th - Cherry Feast
During the day, one will be able to purchase freshly picked Lovran cherries, taste cherry cakes and treats, or buy original Lovran souvenirs. While in the evening, the Feast ends with the slicing of giant Lovran strudel (a 20 m long strudel) and performance by folklore ensemble from Opatija.

For additional information please visit official website of the Tourist Board of the Lovran Municipality.

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