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BAŠ OVCA: Asparagus Festivity - Hiking Trip

05.04.2013. - 28.04.2013. / Baška

APRIL – gourmet programme – the month of asparagus, seafood and Vrbnik wine Žlahtina

In the company of experienced guides, we’ll take you asparagus picking along one of Baška’s 19 hiking trails surrounded by the Baška hills, which are over 90 kilometres long. Together we’ll revive the ancient shepherds’ paths and take you to areas full of the sweet fragrances of herbs, where you’ll also discover completely new and unforgettable panoramic viewpoints…

Finally, this will be followed by the Asparagus Festivity and cooking of an enormous frittata!

For additional information please visit official website of the Tourist Board of the Baška Municipality.

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