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BAŠ OVCA: Via Korinthia - Hiking & Aquavision Boat Trip

07.06.2013. - 09.06.2013. / Baška

JUNE – gourmet programme – the month of Baška honey and honey delights

Landscaped and marked trails, former shepherds’ paths will take us on a new adventure into the mountainous plateaus above Baška. Here among the rocky white stones we can find the so called mrgar – animal pens which were used for the seasonal gathering and sorting of sheep, made of dry stone, an ancient form of folk architecture. Walking along the hilly trails, on the high grounds east of Baška, we can see the remains of the ancient fortress Korinthia – a Roman settlement from the 4th century A.D., a silent monument of ancient times…

We will take you for a guided hiking trip to the cove of Vela Luka and the remains of Korinthia – a Roman settlement from the 4th century A.D., bathing on one of the most beautiful beaches in the northern Adriatic with refreshments on board the ship. The return to Baška aboard the Explorer.

This adventure with a taste of rock and salt will be followed by fun and festivities on the quay!

For additional information please visit official website of the Tourist Board of the Baška Municipality.

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