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BAŠ ovca: April Asparagus Fête- hiking trip

25.04.2014. - 27.04.2014. / Baška

APRIL- gourmet programme- month of wild asparagus, sea food and Vrbnička Žlahtina wine
The month of April in Baška has always been marked by wild asparagus- small, hidden, tasty green sprouts used for some of the most healthy and nutritious Mediterranean dishes.
Let us take you hiking and picking asparagus with experienced guides,  along one of 19 paths of Baška, paths that encompass the hills around Baška with total length of more than 90 km.
Together, we will walk on ancient shepherds’ paths and take you to the landscape filled with aromas of medicinal herbs. You will also be able to discover some completely new lookouts….
It will be completed with a joyous fête of wild asparagus with preparation of  asparagus risotto in a giant pot!

Saturday, 26 April 2014
10,00 am
gathering on the terrace of Bistro Funtana and start of hiking trip with asparagus picking

1,00 pm
lunch at Bistro Funtana at popular price of 50.00 HRK

3,00 pm
sightseeing of St. Lucia abbey and “Bašćanska ploča” with expert guidance, photography of all participants

6,00 pm
Asparagus Fête at the terrace of Bistro Funtana, Hotel Corinthia, preparation of asparagus risotto in a giant pot, little fair of traditional products   and party with band AUSSWINKL MUZIKANTI

For additional information please visit official website of the Tourist Board of the Baška Municipality.

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