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Rabska fjera (Rab Fair)

25.07.2014. - 27.07.2014. / Rab

The return to distant mediaeval past is possible by taking
part in a memorable event Rab Fair. History, culture,
tradition, old skills and knowledge are intertwined
in the staging of life of the famous Felix Arba in the 14th
century and the festival which was then conceived. Rab
Fair begins with a spectacular opening parade of Rab
Crossbowmen, city gents and folk, and the second day
of artisans spread out along the stone streets of the
town to show the ancient crafts and workshops. All
culminates the last day with the Knights’ tournament
in honour of St. Christopher’s Day. In this mediaeval
contest of Rab Knights, Rab Crossbowmen measure
their firm hand and a sharp eye by handling a genuine

For additional information please visit official website of the Town of Rab Tourist Board.

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