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Festival Kvarner

01.09.2014. - 05.09.2014. / Opatija

Classical music concerts in Remisens Premium Hotel Kvarner. 

The 2014 season of Festival Kvarner is characterised by the new EU project named
“Purpur – A European Opera Sound”.
Purpur was founded in 2011 as a result of a fabulous project funded by the European
Union. It has become a synonym for the exploration of new avenues in the area of
what, to date, had been so-called “serious music”.
The principle rests on the best young musicians coming together from all over
Europe and “arranging” themselves with some of the world’s best orchestra
musicians (including among others, members of the Vienna and Berlin Philharmonic
Once, Orchestra Purpur had performed at Festival Kvarner for the first time in 2011,
it quickly became established as the orchestra in residence.
Michael Fendre from Austria, who is artistic director, commented on Purpur’s musical
philosophy: “From its very beginning, Purpur has placed strong emphasis on not
differentiating between entertainment and serious music – rather it makes a
difference between good and bad music. Purpur’s aim is to deliver extraordinary,
brilliant concerts in uncommon (even unique) utterly memorable venues and this is
being achieved. This combining of Europe’s talented young musicians with top-class
singers and musicians results in a fascinating sense of joy in the music and the
September 1:
The opening event sees Purpur engaging in a remake of the Haydn opera “Armida”.
With this, Festival Kvarner presents a very special opera by the sea – by design not
by accident!
September 2:
Next day, Haydn’s “Orlando Paladino” opera continues this distinct theme.... fully
staged, a production, which is already very successful on tour.
September 3:
Today the Orchestra Purpur comes together with the world-famous family of
clarinettists: Ernst Ottensamer, solo clarinettist at the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra,
who founded this “ensemble” with his sons Daniel, who is also a solo clarinettist at
the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, and with Andreas, solo clarinettist at the Berlin
Philharmonic Orchestra.
In 2012 this was an impressive fusion of musical brilliance created by these worldclass
soloists and the overall experience in the Hotel Kvarner’s historic Cristal Salle
was both unique and awesome.
September 4:
“Purpur in Jeans” is about having fun with different musical genres and directions.
This is an excursion into traditional music blending with many styles from around the
world. Klezmer meets Balkan rhythms, Irish Folk meets Tango and classical Spanish
sounds even combine with pop. This is certain to be a very lively evening that should
have the audience on their feet!
September 5:
Reverting to a more serious aspect, the concert „Le Puregeois Gentilhomme“ has the
Ensemble Berlin. (All of them are members of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra.)
They present “Le Bourgeois gentilhomme”, composed by Richard Strauss, as well as
his famous tone poem “Till Eulenspiegel's Merry Pranks”. This concert (like all FK
concerts) benefits from Festival Kvarner’s unique atmosphere: Opatija has always
been an inspiring place for creative people with innovative artistic
programmes. Gustav Mahler, Giacomo Puccini, Leoš Janáček, Franz Lehár, to name
only a few, got their inspiration from this place. And Festival Kvarner uses Opatija’s
special energy, includes it into its programmes, and presents them to an international
December 6:
Finally, the 2014 season presents its last concert as winter starts. “Pure Chocolate”
from Orchestra Purpur. Michael Fendre commented that this is a “tasteful
composition of music and chocolate”, when the audience receives some gentle
instruction about tasting special chocolate varieties during the performance. In
coordination with the musical programme, the audience will experience a rather
special set of sensory impressions, where taste and hearing fuse together

Festival Kvarner 2014 - programme

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