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Rijeka Carnival 2016: International Carnival Parade

07.02.2016. - 07.02.2016. / Rijeka

The D Day of Rijeka's Carnival, that is, the Day of the big International Carnival Parade on February 7 is the sublimation of everything that preceded during the fifth season. It is a parade of Rijeka's distinctiveness based on the tradition that lives on even today cleverly contemplating its carnival future. Each stitch of the beautiful costumes, because Rijeka's Carnival is first and foremost beautiful and luxurious, each screw of its allegorical floats, each city and suburban carnival group reflects the distinctiveness of Rijeka– the dearest and the most beautiful city to us, and extremely interesting to the rest of the world.

At the end of the story, what remains is the invitation, because the best way to experience the Rijeka Carnival is to come here and live it with all your senses – Be what you want! Come to the Rijeka Carnival!

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Organized by

Town of Rijeka Tourist Board
Užarska 14, HR-51000 Rijeka, Hrvatska

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