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Great Gatsby Night by Milenij hoteli

01.07.2016. - 01.07.2016. / Opatija

GREAT GATSBY NIGHT by Milenij hoteli 01.07.2016.

The unique atmosphere of glamour and parties of the Roaring Twenties will be relived on the lavishly decorated square in front of the Hotel Royal!

All it takes is a ride in a vintage car, music by the excellent Big Band, Jazz Trio, DJ, a view of the harbour and the city lights in the distance, enchanting dancers in charleston dresses, tuxedos, beads and feathers – and you will be taken on a journey back in time to the period of parties that you have never had the chance to attend. The rhythm of the music will invite you to join the fun, reminding you that a bit of partying won't do any harm to anyone.

We will be honoured by the presence of some prominent figures such as Charlie Chaplin, Al Capone, Albert Einstein and of course the Great Gatsby!

For all big fans of a classy and glamorous style inspired by this film and fashion trend of a hundred years ago – on this evening there are virtually no limits!

Everything is allowed, come dressed in the style of the twenties wearing an elegant tuxedo or some sensual clothes such as lace dress! Add some shiny accessories to your bob hairstyle, put on necklaces and neck bands, have a glass of sparkling wine and enjoy, have fun and dance to the rhythm of jazz, swing and charleston!

See you at the Great Gatsby Night in Opatija on 1 July at 9 pm in Hotel Royal!

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