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Summer and Autumn in Baška

01.09.2016. - 31.10.2016. / Baška


September 2016
Sep 1st – Opening of exhibition "It smells like deceit", exhibition of artwork
from the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Rijeka collection,
Gallery Zvonimir, Baška, at 8 pm (exhibition is open until October 12th)
Sep 3rd – Concert by A capella group Zvonimir, Baška, Batomalj square, at 8 pm
Sep 6th – Concert by A capella group Zvonimir, Baška, Hotel Tamaris, at 8 pm
Sep 7th – Concert: "Hollywood film music“ performed by K.Prohaska, Baška,
Hotel Corinthia, at 8 pm
Sep 10th – Encounter of folklore and A capella groups "Zasopimo, zatancajmo" -
KUD Šoto and guests, ceremonious promenade performance through
Baška at 7 pm; central performance in Hotel Corinthia, Baška at 8 pm
Sep 20th – Baška Revival Celebration: ABBA revival band, Hotel Corinthia,
Baška, at 8 pm
Sep 24th – Promenade performance by A capella group Zvonimir, starting
location: Heritage hotel Forza, Baška, at 8 pm

October 2016
Oct 14th – Opening of exhibition „Drywalls - a magical history of an island",
exhibition from a spring photo-breakfast in Baška under the guidance
of Prof. Borislav Božić, organised by "Photo club Krk" and the
"Photography Association of the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County",
Gallery Zvonimir, Baška, at 8 pm (exhibition is open until Oct 31st)
Oct 14-16 – Baška Outdoor festival, Baška


Organized by

Tourist Board of the Baška Municipality

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