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21st Krk Sails - Traditional Regatta of old vessels

13.08.2018. - 15.08.2018. / Krk

The traditional Krk Sails sailing has been held in the town of Krk since 1998 and is the oldest such race on the Croatian cost. This regatta features racing in traditional sailboats in order to preserve and showcase the abundant maritime heritage of the island of Krk and its surroundings. The event also includes an educational programme, a photography exhibition and seamanships workshops.

Two years ago, an appealing new event called ¨The Night Boat Dance¨ was added to the Krk Sails programme with with the goal of showcasing traditional sailboats as they parade along the promenade under the spotlights and also included a musical performance and recital abou the sea.

The sailing regatta will traditionally take place on August 15th, the Feast Day of the Assumption of Mary, and will start at high noon after the bells of Krk Cathedral have chimed for the twelfth time.

During the event, a culinary programme centred around seafood will also be held on the fishing quay in Krk harbour, as well as a musical and entertainment programme, Exhibition of maritime-themed photographs, educational programme such as Seamanship workshops, Rowing demonstration, Educational sailing, Sailing demonstration, Boat exhibition.

21st Krk Sails - programme


Organized by 

Plav Sailing Club

Town of Krk Tourist Board

Town of Krk

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