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Ri Gastro: Porto Etno

02.09.2019. - 08.09.2019. / Rijeka

Ri gastro and Rijeka's caterers are organising a special edition of the event with the aim of promoting the national gastronomic traditions and cultures of the minorities living in our area. This event also doubles as an intro to Porto Etno - The World Music and Gastro Festival.

Kitchen of Diversity is the perfect embodiment of the Port of Diversity slogan, under which Rijeka bears the prestigious title of the European Capital of Culture 2020, all while helping to foster tolerance and solidarity.

Rijeka's caterers are also joining in the spirit of multiculturalism, inviting you to discover and enjoy new flavours and aromas.


Organized by

Town of Rijeka Tourist Board

Kvarner, Discover your story Rijeka 2020 - European capital of culture