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22nd Fiumanka sailing regatta

05.06.2021. - 13.06.2021. / Rijeka

In June, Rijeka traditionally lives in the spirit of sailing. During those days, its port turns into a marina full of boats and each year it is visited in growing numbers by sea and sailing enthusiasts from numerous countries, as well as an increasing number of media representatives who are coming to their own media regatta. With its traditional slogan “Got a boat, got a sail, sign up!”, Fiumanka offers a variety of different and completely free regattas; media, Rotary charity race, Liburnija sports and navigation, and a worldwide hit ‘Virtual Fiumanka’, for those who prefer sailing from the comfort of their home. The main event is the final regatta – The Great Fiumanka. Each year at the start of the tourist season, a variety of new attractive programmes which are associated with sea and sailing are introduced, so when it comes to Fiumanka, sailing is not only sailing, and a regatta is not only a regatta.

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