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Semenj - a traditional folk fest in Cres

05.08.2021. - 07.08.2021. / Cres

Semenj is a real tourist event. This fair has grown into a real festivity - a traditional folk feast that begun on 5th August (the festivity of St Mary of the Snow to whom the parish church is dedicated) and used to last for three days. During this time all kinds of goods such as clothes, fruits and sweats were displayed on stalls in the square and offered for sale: even the Chinese used to come. Sail boats - the so called trabaceolos and bragoci - and the harbour swarmed with the young and old, children and whole families: the children enjoyed sweats and toys, women ice cream and men found their joy in having a beer. The last day of Semenj was reserved for tombola in the square.

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