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15th Chocolate Festival

03.12.2021. - 05.12.2021. / Opatija

First weekend in December enjoy in the sweetest and most irresistible chocolate delicacies and desserts in Opatija

Opatija and chocolate have been closely linked for years thanks to the Chocolate Festival, which in 2021 celebrates its 15th anniversary. It’s the largest and oldest Croatian event dedicated to this wonderful food.

The "icing on the cake" at the end of the year in Opatija will be this year’s Chocolate Festival. The fairy-tale atmosphere of the lavishly decorated Advent town will be the perfect backdrop for the excellent sweets and desserts that will be displayed along the Choco Street (Slatina), the exclusive venue for the 15th Chocolate Festival. A festive occasion requires a festive ambience, which is why this anniversary edition of Opatija’s sweetest event will take place in front of the oldest hotel in Croatia.

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