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Museum Night 2022: Rab Archaeological (T) races

28.01.2022. - 28.01.2022. / Rab

As part of the Museum Night programme, get to know the paths of the Rab Archaeological (T)races - the project developed on the idea of an open-air museum, presenting about 30 archaeological sites in the area of the island of Rab.

Three educational trails are located in the area of Kampor, Lopar and Supetarska Draga, and during this year's Museum Night programme visitors can participate in the morning educational walk along the educational Frux Trail organized by the Association of Tourist Guides Rab, and night ride on the educational CapoFronte Trail * guided by the members of the Cycling Club "Mag-Rab".

Discover the Rab Archaeological (T)races via mobile app:

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