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Cres Fair

05.08.2022. - 08.08.2022. / Cres

A well-known song says that every place has its own feast day, but not many feasts go far back to the 16th century. One such feast is the Semenj of Cres. "Semenj" is the local dialect word for "sajam", or "fair" in English. The first record of such an event can be traced back to a Decree of the Republic of Venice from 14 August, 1543. Back then, the Semenj lasted for a whole week and all the merchandise brought to be sold at Cres was freed of any taxes. 

For each of the three evenings of the Semenj the local Tourist Board puts together a rich program, which includes local klapa groups and renowned Croatian musicians. The last evening of the Semenj is reserved for a traditional tombola (a type of raffle) with valuable prizes, organized by the local Pensioners Association.

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