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30th Days of Frane Petrić

26.09.2022. - 29.09.2022. / Cres

The international academic and cultural symposium Dani Frane Petrića represents a unique event consisting of three segments: an international symposium about Frane Petrić, an international symposium about a chosen interdisciplinary topic of the gathering, and a cultural-artistic programme.

Dani Frane Petrića also includes popular public lectures for general audience, promotions of recent philosophical works, and other events.

Frane Petrić (Cres, 25 April 1529 - Rome, 6 February 1597), Croatian philosopher and polymath, proficient in Latin and Greek. He was a Europe-wide known scholar and one of the most original and liberal thinkers of his time.


Photo by Vladimir Franolić

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