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Cres & Lošinj Trail Weekend

29.10.2022. - 30.10.2022. / Cres

Cres & Lošinj Trail Weekend is a trail race consisting of two separate stages with three different length categories: PURPLE, BLUE and GREEN. The participants choose the category and register for one day or both days of this unique trail event. They can choose different categories for each day.

The idea behind this race is to connect both islands and show their beauty, hidden places and prominent peaks in the trail race style.


The first stage takes place on the Lošinj Island on October 29th 2022, and the second stage on the Cres Island on October 30th 2022.

The winner is announced after each race, and the overall winner of Cres & Lošinj Trail Weekend is announced in both MEN and WOMEN category.

The overall winner is the one with the fastest time in both PURPLE category races.


Photo by Vladimir Franolić

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