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Women’s Weekend

09.03.2023. - 11.03.2023. / Rijeka

Women's weekend is a conference that brings together the most important names from the regional and world scene with the aim of networking and empowering women. It also serves as a reminder to find time for ourselves in today's fast-paced world.

Conference is held from March 9th till March 11th 2023 in Rijeka at two different locations - Exportdrvo hall and Hilton Costabella Rijeka Spa & Beach Resort.

The aim of the conference is to connect women from different industries and social spheres, empower the position of women and remind them of the necessity to find personal time and relaxation in their fast-paced lifestyles.

Through numerous lectures, panels, workshops and one-to-one conversations, the attendees are going to hear inspirational stories from politics, business, lifestyle, IT sector, beauty and health industry… The leading opinion makers will be sharing their experiences on the role of women in those areas and try to break the myth of female rivalry.

And last but not least, the attendees will enjoy our rich entertainment programme and be able to relax in various wellness activities.

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