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21st Cherry Days in Lovran

01.06.2023. - 30.06.2023. / Lovran

Cherry, an apparently simple fruit known to everyone, has created a real gastronomic sensation around it. The special cherry variety "brtošinka" that grows in Lovran and surrounding stands out for its size and sweetness, which makes it special, and thus deserves to be given attention in the form of this Festival. During June in Lovran, you can taste a variety of cherry desserts, and today's modern culinary scene is no stranger to the combination of sweet and salty flavors, so the taste of this fruit can be found in various combinations. On June 10th there will be a fest dedicated to cherries, when in addition to a gastronomic, musical and cultural offer, visitors will be able to taste a 10-meter cherry strudel and take home some of the other offered cherry desserts.


Photo by Lili Bašić

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