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Summer Carnival in Novi Vinodolski

29.06.2023. - 01.07.2023. / Novi Vinodolski

Since 1993, Novi Vinodolski has hosted the Summer Carnival on the first weekend in July. It is a time when masqueraders rule the town, when there is no place for serious faces and sullen looks, and when smiles spread all around. 
Carnival events begin on the first Friday in July with the Children’s Carnival, a parade that brings smiles to children’s faces because it gives them the opportunity to become the heroes of their imagination, after which they can get together and enjoy the music and entertainment programmes. 
The Great Carnival Parade for adults takes place on Saturday. It is a carnival procession in which everything is allowed, a time when the centre of Novi Vinodolski is full of pirates, Romans, aliens and various fantasy characters. There are no limits to creativity in making the masks and allegorical floats, as everyone wants to take home the title of the best mask. After the parade, there is a party with music on stages across the town centre.


Photo by Studio Saršon

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