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"Melodies of Istria and Kvarner" Festival - MIK 2023

19.06.2023. - 24.06.2023. / Opatija

Melodies of Istria and Kvarner is a music festival based on the so-called "Istrian scale", maybe one of the most interesting music pheomena in the world. The songs only touch the elements of such a characteristic tune in a fluent and pleasant way.

Each year the festival acts as guest in towns of Istria and Kvarner Region, this year the festival will be held in Opatija (and Kastav) on June 19th, Rijeka on June 20th, Barban (and Ližnjan, Marčana and Svetvinčenat in Istria) on June 21st and Krk (and Punat and Malinska) on June 24th.

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