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Summer Carnival in Cres

15.07.2023. - 15.07.2023. / Cres

The carnival has a very long tradition on Cres. Its original, winter edition is usually attended by locals, who wear masks and have a great time. In order to include the visitors in the carnival festivities which the locals enjoy so much, in the summer of 2000 the local carnival group "Vežgani" organized a summer carnival. At first only local masks took part, but in the following years the carnival has attracted a growing number of carnival groups from Istria, the Kvarner area, and even Italy. The hosts always put their love for the carnival first, as well as their creativity in designing the masks. Usually the members of the "Vežgani" group wear the masks they had previously worn at that year’s Rijeka Carnival, which is always inspired by some segment of the rich local natural or historical heritage.

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