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23rd Asparagus Festival

01.04.2024. - 01.05.2024. / Lovran

The wild-growing plant, asparagus, famous for its particular taste,  grows abundantly on the slopes of Mount Učka. Its special flavour comes from the influence of sea spray, or the mixing of sea and mountain air. Asparagus is a guardian of health, rich in vitamins and minerals, purifies the body and restores body shape after winter sluggishness. If you have not yet decided to go on a trip to Lovran, it is worth mentioning the fact that it has long been considered an aphrodisiac.During April, the restaurateurs of Lovran and surroundings offer various specialties based on this wild plant, and the skill even extends to desserts. The main attraction of this Festival is a one-day party where an omelet is made from 1.000 eggs, 30 kilograms of asparagus and bacon, the so-called "fritaja" in a large pan, which will be held on April 20, 2024. This gastronomic event is accompanied by a cultural and artistic musical program for all visitors to the Asparagus Festival.


Photo by Peter Kuerschner Jr

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