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Outdoor Exhibition: Friends of the Sea

07.06.2024. - 13.09.2024. / Njivice

This year, the Island of Krk will host an attractive exhibition of the "Friends of the Sea" project titled "The Island of Krk - Traditional Events", which will bring to life the island's vibrant cultural and entertainment offerings through a blend of the past and the present. Visitors can expect a colorful presentation of around thirty traditional and contemporary events that highlight the cultural heritage and natural beauty of the island of Krk.

The authors of the photos for this year's outdoor exhibition are: Luka Tabako, Borut Brozović, Srđan Hulak, Julijen Duval, Sanjin Ilić, Kristijan Žic, Marko Matešić, Ivan Vranić, Irena Šimić, Luka Kosić, Josipa Uzelac, Hrvoje Duvančić, Fran Karabaić, Branko Karabaić and Dragutin Olvitz.

In cooperation with the Krk Island Tourist Board and all tourist boards on the island of Krk, the exhibition will be hosted by the town of Krk, Njivice, Malinska, Baška, Omišalj, Šilo and Punat.



Krk: June 7th - June 21st 2024
Njivice: June 21st - July 5th 2024
Malinska: July 5th - July 19th 2024
Baška: July 19th - August 2nd 2024
Omišalj: August 2nd - August 16th 2024
Šilo: August 18th - August 30th 2024
Punat: August 30th - September 13th 2024

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