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02.08.2012 Vrbnik "Gradec on the moon"

Special cultural programme. Location: ruins of the Frankopan noblemen`s castle at 7:30 pm.

03.07.-05.07.2015 Vrbnik FESTIVAL OF ŽLAHTINA/Vrbnik's wine/ - RAZGON/Shepard's feast

Two day open doors at wine cellars across Vrbnik. Last day is dedicated to the Shepard's feast with the small fair of autochthonous products.

04.07.-06.07.2014 Vrbnik Žlahtina Festival

Open cellars days / Razgon

04.08.2012 Vrbnik Fishermen`s day

Location: Vrbnik port at 8 pm. Live music.

06.07.-07.07.2012 Vrbnik Mud, Blood & Beer Festival
06.10.2012 Vrbnik Jazz Weekend

Jazz Evening, wine & special fall menu. Location: restaurant "Nada" - The Terrace Bar, at 8:30 pm.

09.09.2012 Vrbnik Exhibition of paintings and souvenirs

Location: Škujica Square, from 4 pm - 9 pm.

10.07.-19.07.2015 Vrbnik Days of šurlice (local pasta)

Special offer of food made with homemade pasta in restaurants and taverns.

12.07.-13.07.2013 Vrbnik Mud, Blood & Beer Festival

Location: Vrbnik port at 8 p.m.

12.08.2012 Vrbnik Sunday of Vrbnik "kumpanije"
13.07.-20.07.2014 Vrbnik Šurlice Days (homemade pasta)

A special selection of dishes with homemade pasta (šurlice) prepared in various ways in restaurants and taverns.

13.08.2014 Vrbnik Concert by GGZ Jazz Trio

Location: Fish market at 9 pm.

14.07.-21.07.2013 Vrbnik Šurlice Days (a kind of local pasta)

"Šurlice" tasting and selling, presentation of making homemade pasta and entertainment programme.

14.08.2012 Vrbnik Performance by "Transkarpatija" (Ukraine) Folklore Ensemble

Location: Škujica Square from 8 - 9 pm and 10 - 11 pm.

15.07.-22.07.2012 Vrbnik "Dani šurlica"

Days of homemade pasta "šurlice". Šurlice are offered at Vrbnik`s restaurants and local inns.

16.07.2014 Vrbnik Concert by Jed Backer blues band
17.08.2012 Vrbnik Fishermen`s feast
18.07.-19.07.2014 Vrbnik „Mud, Blood & Beer Festival“

Concerts by local and foreign musicians.

20.06.2012 Vrbnik Book presentation - special cultural programme

Author: Anton Žužić. Location: ruins of the Frankopan noblemen`s castle at 7 pm.

20.08.2014 Vrbnik Performance of The Sommeliers group
21.06.2012 Vrbnik World Music Day
21.07.-26.07.2014 Vrbnik The Summer School of the Glagolitic alphabet
22.06.2012 Vrbnik "Valomet" Day, the sea sparkling wine

Location: Vrbnik port at 8 pm.

22.06.-24.06.2012 Vrbnik Early Summer Nights: Jazz Weekend

Location: restaurant Nada - Vrbnik - the terrace bar at 8:30 pm.

24.06.2012 Vrbnik St. John the Baptist`s Day

Festivity marking St. John the Baptist`s Day.

24.08.-25.08.2012 Vrbnik "Days of the Island of Krk Wines - Vrbnik 2012."

All - day presentation, wine - tasting and selling, professional lectures and exhibitions, rich cultural and entertainment programme.

26.07.2014 Vrbnik 14th Amateur Swimming Marathon Vrbnik - Risika
28.06.-30.06.2013 Vrbnik Žlahtina Festival - Open Cellar Days/St. Peter`s Day/Razgon
28.08.-29.08.2015 Vrbnik Days of Wine

Two-day fair where one can taste some of the best wines made in Croatia. Lectures, exhibition of the equipment used by viticulturists and entertainment are organized as well.

29.06.-01.07.2012 Vrbnik Žlahtina festival (Vrbnik`s wine)

The Day of Open Wine Cellars and Razgon (Shepherd` feast).

29.07.2012 Vrbnik Fishermen`s day

Fishing competition in the afternoon, live music in evening. Location: Vrbnik port.

29.08.-30.08.2014 Vrbnik Days of Wine of the Island of Krk - Vrbnik 2014

At the Vrbnik Wine Days guests can enjoy presentations and tastings throughout the day and they have opportunity of buying bottles of quality wine direct from the producer and of tasting other local gastronomic products from the Island of Krk.

30.08.-31.08.2013 Vrbnik Krk Island`s Wine Days

Presentation, wine-tasting and selling; professional lectures and exhibitions, rich cultural and entertainment programme.

31.08.-01.09.2012 Vrbnik 5th CREScendo Music Festival

Jazz festival.

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