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01.02.-03.02.2013 Matulji 10th Masked Handball Tournament
01.05.2014 Matulji Festivities marking May Day
02.03.2019 Matulji Bell-ringers Festival

Start of the promenade at 1 pm. The bell-ringers mark the very beginning of the Carnival – hence the first bell-ringer bells make themselves heard in Mune and Žejane on Epiphany (6th January), and in the other localities on the Saint Anthony holiday (17th January). In the course of the historical context of emergence of carnival customs in our region, various bell – ringer groups (zvončari) appeared.

02.11.-14.12.2013 Matulji "Potresujka" Dance School

We do not know today exactly where the potresujka came from, but it was originally accompanied by Slovenian music. Today this traditional dance is very popular across the whole Liburnia area and even in some places on the other side of Mount Učka.

02.11.-09.12.2022 Matulji Matuljicious
Gastro, outdoor and educational programme
03.11.-15.12.2012 Matulji School of Potresujka

Classes of autochthonous dance.

04.06.-03.09.2022 Matulji Matulji Summer Evenings - Tramontana će vas ofriškat
The event "Matulji Summer Evenings - Tramontana će vas ofriškat" has been held in Matulji since 1995. Until the construction of the Amphitheater in 2016, theatre plays, cinema screenings, concerts...
05.07.-30.08.2015 Matulji Tramontana will refresh you
06.01.-22.02.2023 Matulji Carnival in Matulji
Traditional carnival festivites in Matulji Municipality
07.01.2013 Matulji Beginning of Carnival in village Mune

Beginning of the programme at midnight. Location: village Mune.

07.07.-31.08.2019 Matulji Matulji Summer Evenings
07.11.-19.12.2015 Matulji "School of potresujka" (local dance)

Location: Hangar Matulji

08.11.-20.12.2014 Matulji School of Potresujka (local dance)
Location: Hangar, Matulji. For additional information please visit official website of the Tourist Board of the Matulji Municipality.   ...
09.02.2013 Matulji Bell ringers Festival and Matulji Municipality Day

The custom of mask wearing has particularly taken deep roots in the localities of the North Croatian Littoral. As the center of the bell-ringer tradition, Matulji opens its doors to welcome other groups from Croatia and abroad whose mask-wearing customs are similar to those of the Bell-ringers.

10.02.2018 Matulji Bell-ringers Festival

Start of the promenade at noon.

10.07.-05.09.2021 Matulji Matulji Summer Evenings 2021
Concerts, theatre shows, movie nights... Entrance to all programmes is free.
11.02.2013 Matulji Carnival Monday

Traditional parades of the Bell ringers and custom of egg hunting.

12.01.2013 Matulji "The best Carnival girl 2013" Paegant

Beginning of the programme at 8 pm.

12.02.2013 Matulji Fat Tuesday - PUST

Tradtional parades of the Bell ringers and custom of egg hunting.

13.02.2013 Matulji Ash Wednesday

Burning of the Pust (Carnival puppet) across the villages of the Matulji Municipality.

14.02.2015 Matulji 20th Bellringers Parade in Matulji
17.01.2013 Matulji St. Anthony`s Day - "Antonja"

Start of Carnival programme in the Matulji Municipality area, the municipal keys are handed over to the Carnival Master and masks, and the Pust (Carnival puppet) is hung up. Location: town centre, at 4 pm.

18.01.2015 Matulji Carnival Girl Pageant

We are choosing the girl who loves carnival time. Candidates will have interesting tasks, and the visitors will have fun, for sure.

18.12.-24.12.2022 Matulji "Christmas Story in Matulji"
Advent programme in Matulji
19.01.-09.02.2013 Matulji Carnival dances

Every Saturday Carnival dances are organized.

19.12.2013 Matulji Christmas Concert
19.12.2014 Matulji Christmas Concert
24.01.2013 Matulji Art competition of Elementary schools students with the theme of "Carnival"

Art competition in which Elementary schools students from Matulji, Brešca, Viškovo, Klana, Kastav, Opatija and Lovran can participate. Location: Matulji Elementary school, at 3 pm.

25.01.2013 Matulji 10th Carnival Food Festival

Location: Hangar, at 8 pm.

25.02.2017 Matulji 22nd Bell-ringer`s Gathering
25.06.2013 Matulji Homemade Food and Bike Fest

This bike tour starts with a small snack at the Marijana Café in the centre of Matulji. The route then leads uphill to the village of Bregi, where the Kinkela restaurant awaits us with a plate of scrambled eggs with asparagus and sausages.

25.06.2013 Matulji Matulji Festival
For additional information please visit official website of the Tourist Board of the Matulji Municipality. ...
25.06.2014 Matulji Cycling along the road of homemade dishes
25.06.2017 Matulji Bicycle Ride along the road of domestic food
26.01.2013 Matulji Carnival Bike Tour
27.07.-24.08.2022 Matulji Interpretation tours on e-bikes across the Matulji Municipality
During the July and August, Tourist Board of the Municipality of Matulji is organizing a recreational and educational interperation tours on e-bikes for tourists and their hosts in four languages. Interpretation...
28.11.2021-07.01.2022 Matulji Christmas Story
Festive programme during November, December and January
29.01.2015 Matulji The Carnival Food Festival

Presentation of traditional food, culture and carnival along with entertainment programme.

31.01.2013 Matulji Carnival Time machine

Movie projection and debate. Location: Hangar, at 7 pm.

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