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01.05.-28.05.2023 Čižići Guided walks along the hiking trails of Dobrinj Municipality
PROGRAMME: May 1st 2023Guided walking tour from Dobrinj, starting at 9 a.m.   May 6th 2023 Guided walking tour from Šilo, starting at 9 a.m.   May 13th 2023Guided walking tour from Kras, starting at 9...
04.08.2012 Čižići Fishermen`s Festival

At 9 pm.

05.08.2016 Čižići Kvarner Cross

Start of the race at 7 pm.

07.08.2012 Čižići Performance by the "Volta" female "a capella" vocal ensemble

At 9 pm.

10.08.2012 Čižići Bocce Festival

At 9 pm.

11.05.2014 Čižići Cycling Tour around Dobrinj

Start at 10 am.

11.08.2012 Čižići Čižići - Sužan Recreational Race

Start at 7 pm.

11.08.2012 Čižići Fishermen`s Festival

At 9 pm.

16.09.2017 Čižići "Adrenaline Rush Rally"

Čižići - Omišalj Rally

18.08.2012 Čižići Fishermen`s Festival and sporting events

At 9 pm.

21.07.2015 Čižići Choir Zvon's concert


21.07.2017 Čižići Fishermen`s Feast

Location: seafront, at 8 pm.

22.04.-24.04.2023 Čižići Camino Krk Story
Camino Krk Story - organized guided tours of the Camino Krk route Camino Krk is defined as an island circular route, more than 150 kilometers long in total and represents the...
22.07.2017 Čižići "Čižići 2017" Chess Tournament

Beginning at 4 pm.

24.07.2012 Čižići Performance by the Boduli tamburitza orchestra

At 9 pm.

28.07.2012 Čižići Chess and Preferans Tournaments

At 4 pm.

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