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03.05.-04.05.2014 Drivenik Drivenik - the Guardian through History

Inside Drivenik Castle, there will be a series of historical, educational, entertainment and musical performances on stage.

04.12.-20.12.2021 Drivenik Advent in Vinodol
Concerts in Drivenik, Grižane and Bribir Children's theatre play in Tribalj
07.05.2012 Drivenik "Dujmova" (St. Domnius Day)

Popular feast and cultural and entertainment program to mark the occasion.

09.08.2014 Drivenik Little Rose of Vinodol (Ružica Vinodola)

Presenting candidates for the contest Little Rose of Vinodol (Ružica Vinodola).

10.07.-12.09.2020 Drivenik Vinodol`s Summer Evenings - CANCELLED
CANCELLED Vinodol's Summer Evenings offer a combination of concerts of classical music (primarily of the so-called "old music" and the ensembles which play original instruments, when possible), and the concerts of...
12.07.-24.08.2018 Drivenik 18th Vinodol Summer Evenings
18th Vinodol Summer Evenings - programme   Organized by Tourist Board of the Vinodol Municipality...
14.07.-19.08.2012 Drivenik "12th Vinodol`s Summer Evenings"
PROGRAMME: July 14th at 9 pm - opening ceremony with the ZAGREB CHAMBER ORCHESTRA, St. Dujam`s church July 15th at 9 pm - literary evening: SAŠA STANIŠIĆ, Balatura Hotel in Tribalj July 19th at 9...
24.06.-25.06.2017 Drivenik Drivenik - a guard through history

Medieval history revival inside and outside the citadel of Drivenik

28.05.-29.05.2016 Drivenik Drivenik-the guardian through history

This two-day enactment of medieval history inside and outside Drivenik Castle.

30.05.-31.05.2015 Drivenik Drivenik-guard through history
For additional information please visit official website of the Tourist Board of the Vinodol Municipality. ...
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