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02.07.-28.08.2022 Kraljevica Summer in Kraljevica
Interesting entertaniment programme during July and August
05.05.-06.05.2023 Kraljevica Night of Fortresses: Nova Kraljevica Castle
Night of Fortresses is the annual cultural and tourist event to be held on established cultural heritage monuments (fortresses, forts, castles…) in Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina - three...
06.09.2014 Kraljevica "Homo si plivat" swimming marathon

Swimming marathon Maltempo - Črišnjevo.

06.12.2015 Kraljevica Town of Kraljevica Day
11.07.-12.07.2015 Kraljevica Regatta Optimist Laser
11.11.-12.11.2023 Kraljevica "One day with Katarina Zrinski"
The Zrinski and the Frankopan families were two most powerful magnate families in Croatia in the 17th century.  The story about life, bravery and tragic death of the last members of...
15.12.-16.12.2018 Kraljevica Advent at the Frankopan Castle
17.07.-18.07.2015 Kraljevica Festival Porto Retrock
For additional information please visit official website of the Town of Kraljevica Tourist Board. ...
21.06.2014 Kraljevica 9th Grobnik Regatta
24.06.-21.08.2023 Kraljevica Summer in Kraljevica
A cultural, entertainment and sports event that takes place from June until August
26.07.2014 Kraljevica Fisherman's Feast and concert by „Koktelsi“
26.11.-27.11.2022 Kraljevica The story of medieval dress
The Zrinski and the Frankopan families were two most powerful magnate families in Croatia in the 17th century. Their wealth and power was built for centuries and hence they frequently...
27.01.-28.01.2023 Kraljevica Museum Night: Nova Kraljevica Castle
This year the theme of the Museum Night is "Museums are important!"Across the region, interesting programmes are prepared for all sort of museum audiencesOn this occasion, from 6 p.m. entrance...
27.09.-28.09.2022 Kraljevica World Tourism Day on the Routes of the Frankopan: Kraljevica
Programme on the occasion of World Tourism Day in Nova Kraljevica Castle   Photo by Vladimir Franolić
27.09.-28.09.2023 Kraljevica World Tourism Day in Kraljevica
Free guided tour of the Nova Kraljevica Castle Visitor and Interpretation CentreStart at 4 p.mAfter free guided tour, performance by KUD Lanterna from Kraljevica will take place   Photo by Vladimir Franolić
28.06.2014 Kraljevica Kraljevica`s Regatta for cruisers
28.06.2014 Kraljevica 5th Summer Carnival in Kraljevica
29.06.2013 Kraljevica 4th Summer Carnival and 19th Kraljevica Regatta

Location: Waterfront.

30.06.2012 Kraljevica 3rd Summer Carnival
30.06.2012 Kraljevica 18th regatta of Kraljevica
30.06.2012 Kraljevica 18th Kraljevica Regatta for Cruiser
30.06.2012 Kraljevica 3rd Kraljevica Summer Carnival
30.09.-01.10.2023 Kraljevica Hiking adventure "Along the Hunter's Paths"
Hiking adventure in Bakarac and Kraljevica
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