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Welcome to Kvarner ITF AGM delegates!

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Dear  ITF AGM delegates,


Welcome to Croatia, welcome to the Kvarner Region – Croatia’s best kept secret!


It's a great honour to have you in our country this year! I hope that you will have a great time in Zagreb and a lot of sucesfull meetings but I also hope that you will find some time to extend your stay and visit some of the most spectacular touristic sites of this beautiful country.  

Special offers for ITF AGM delegates:
Katarina Line - cruise along Kvarner Bay
Hotel Navis, 5* - Opatija
Boutique Hotel Kukuriku - Kastav
Island Lošinj - Lošinj Hotels & Villas
Hotel Bevanda, 5* - Opatija

I wormly invite you to visit the Kvarner region, described by the ancient Romans in the name Qua(te)rnarius, which implied the meeting point of the four parts of the world, where various traditions and cultures came together. The region offers the unique combination of a stunning coast, islands and inland highland area plus an excellent geographical location just one hour and half drive from Zagreb.

This attractive tourist destination is well known for its superb Mediterranean cuisine, excellent wine, natural and cultural heritage together with a long tradition of health tourism.  


Kvarner is the region where Croatian tourism started as early as the 19th century with the opening in Opatija of the first hotel on the eastern Adriatic sea. Today, Kvarner is one of the leading Croatian touristic destinations that provides to its visitors a wealth of great experiences close to Nature – from swimming in an incredibly clean sea, day trips (as thrilling or as relaxing as you wish), historical sightseeing tours and more.


The Kvarner Bay itself boasts a truly beneficial climate and experts have recognised that simply breathing in the fragrances of aromatic plants and the clear air in our forests has a positive and lasting effect on the mind.  


The facilities in our region are extensive and of high quality: we have beautiful 5* hotels in many styles from boutique and eclectic to grand elegance.  A wide range of luxury yachts, sailing boats and motor boats is available for visitors, there are stylish villas both in the countryside and on the coast and an agrotourism offer that allows people to be even closer to our natural environment.   


Together with your hosts, we prepared some special offers that you find on this page, so you can enrich your Croatian experience with a few more days, fill your batteries and take home with you the best possible memories of Croatia and the Kvarner region.


Once again, thank you for choosing Croatia for the ITF AGM this year and I hope to see you in Kvarner region in June!

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Irena Peršić Živadinov,
Managing director

Kvarner Region Tourist Bord


For more information, visit our brochures

Map of Kvarner

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