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Kvarner is an ideal tourist destination for all generations.

Regardless of your choice of destination, you will always be able to find an activity program or offer that meets your wishes, needs and possibilities.

Kvarner offers an enjoyable experience of the seaside landscape, the beauty of the inland areas of the islands of Krk, Cres, Lošinj (and its archipelago) and Rab, as well as the entire coastal area.

Kvarner is also the right choice of destination for those who would rather enjoy the forest-covered inland of Gorski kotar.

Regardless of where you are and the way in which you have arranged to spend your visit, Kvarner offers you the possibility of creating your own activity program. Be it walking, swimming, sailing or hiking that you crave for, the natural features of the area ensure you a truly enjoyable experience!

Kvarner is also attractive to those who wish to learn about the region’s rich cultural heritage, traditions and customs or attend the imaginative and interesting events organized in this area. So, listen, dance, sing, learn and have fun!

You can also enjoy the rich wellness offer and thalassotherapy, an excellent option for recreation, prevention, recovery, beauty enhancement, or all of the above! Afterwards, stop for a moment and rest for a while at a restaurant, tavern or café.

A wealth of tastes, authentic food, olive oils and excellent wines are reason enough to take a break and indulge in the tastes that have been long forgotten in other regions.

This is only an introduction to our story. We have mentioned a lot of things, leaving however many more for you to discover by yourselves. After all, it is you who are taking this journey and no matter how much we talk about it, it will always offer so much more.

So, let the journey begin!


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