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Wakeboarders who have learned the ropes on the land and those who have already experienced the charms of this relatively new sport on the water will certainly enjoy wakeboarding along the coast of the Kvarner region and its islands!

A water ski-lift, one of the most recent in Europe and one of the few situated on the sea, has been opened in Puntarska Draga on the island of Krk, between Punat and Krk. Suitable for beginners and experienced wakeboarders, it attracts increasing numbers of fans of this sport and provides excellent amusement on both, the sea and the coast. Naturally, your adventure cannot begin without obtaining the necessary instructions.
Let the adventure begin!


Have you ever experienced the pleasure of parachuting? Have you ever wished to experience the freedom of flying while enjoying views from a bird’s perspective? The Grobnik airfield organizes theoretical and practical training and flying courses for beginners, as well as tourist flights and occasional competitions. Experienced parachutists may use the same spot for their jumps at weekends. It only takes one jump to become addicted to this adrenaline sport and get a feeling that the sky is no longer the limit.


Have you ever wished, when looking at people riding the paragliders, to take their place, glide in the sky and experience the natural and other attractions of the area in such an original way? What you need to make your wish come true is an adequate terrain, a reliable aircraft, the relevant knowledge and skills and, of course, favorable weather conditions and a landscape you will enjoy. Kvarner offers you all that!

On the islands of Krk, Cres and Rab (both in the coastal and inland parts), there are several locations suitable for paragliding. Before starting an adventure like this, however, you must master the secrets of flying, ensure adequate equipment (if you don’t have it, you can rent it) and carefully choose the time and place for your flight. To ensure a pleasurable paragliding experience, we suggest you take this adventure accompanied by a certified guide. The freedom of flying and the sight of Kvarner from a bird's eye view will surely be an unforgettable experience!


Kvarner rafting will be a truly memorable adventure. We will take you rafting down the untamed and wild upper course of the Kupa or the Dobra – the primary rafting destinations in Croatia with experienced teams organizing great river adventures. The rivers run through Gorski kotar, a scenic area widely recognized as one of the most attractive continental regions in Europe. You will instantly fall in love with the lush green forests of Gorski kotar and its diverse natural sights. The Kupa also flows through the Risnjak National Park, making rafting on the Kupa River an interesting and original way to explore its natural wonders.

Rafting is the best way if you wish to spend an exciting day and find out what it’s like to go really fast down a beautiful river. The best time to go rafting is during the spring and autumn months, especially after a longer rainy period. There are several levels of difficulty, so rafting is suitable for everyone. For easier river sections no previous experience is required.
Come to Kvarner and embark on your Kvarner rafting adventure!

More information about rafting in Kvarner is available at:

Lujzinska cesta 39, 51 300 Delnice
Phone: +385 51 812 864

Zrinska 13, 51 301 Brod na Kupi
Phone: +385 51 837 139

Mocile 14, 51 329 Severin na Kupi
Phone: +385 51 870 365

Dubovac 11, 47 000 Karlovac
Phone: +385 91 413 3920



Zipline Edison is a distinctive attraction on the island of Krk and the whole of Croatia, intended for families and adventure lovers. It is located on the Treskavac bend, along with the state road D102, near the famous Glagolitic Trail.
The "canopy tour" offers our visitors an unforgettable experience; driving our jeep, walking among memorable landscapes and zip lining, all ranging more than 2 km.


For more information, please visit the following websites:
Učka Nature Park
Risnjak National Park
Adnatura Travel Agency

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