Athlete Preparation

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Excellent sports courts, a favorable climate, accessibility, nice surroundings and a quality tourism offer are the main reasons why athletes come to Kvarner destinations to train and prepare themselves for competitions all year round.
Hotel complexes, tourist complexes as well as towns and villages on the islands and in the coastal and mountainous areas of the region are equipped with sports courts for various types of sports, conditional training, and similar. In the Kvarner region, outdoor athlete training for various sports is possible all year round. If we mention that one can get in shape while enjoying a beautiful and pleasant ambiance, the athletes who come here for training and preparation get even more motivated. Winners already!



Under the town physical planning document, the coastal zone in the Kantrida neighborhood is envisaged for sports/recreational and tourism amenities.
The complex has been built on a parcel of 20,000 square meters in area. The five separate pools take up a total area of 9,000 square meters. The largest indoor pool is covered by a movable roof structure. A garage with 148 parking places has also been built as part of the project and the building complex also includes a fitness center, a tourist info desk and a food-service facility. As far as the pool complex is concerned, additional quality in terms of the use of space has been achieved by adding a sun-bathing area (550 sq m) next to the reconstructed old Olympic pool, a food-service facility next to the reception area with a terrace, and a restaurant with a terrace at the beach level. Not less important, and definitely very attractive, is the new beach zone, which includes a beach spreading over 7,000 sq m and a 350 m long walkway alongside it.


Delnice is located in Gorski kotar at 696 m above sea level. The moderate mountain climate, numerous natural phenomena – Hajdova hiža, Drgomalj and Petehovac - and modern sports facilities have spurred the development of Delnice into a quality sports/tourist center of Gorski kotar. An almost 100 year old tradition of excursion, health, sports and other types of tourism and the natural and climatic features attract an increasing number of tourists to Delnice. The 2.7 million euros worth multi-purpose sports hall in Delnice, the construction of which has created new possibilities for ensuring numerous sports activities to tourists and, more importantly, athletes, gives a new dimension to the stay in the town. Since Delnice is only an hour’s drive from Rijeka and the nearby summer destinations of the Kvarner Riviera, the town is ideal for one-day excursions, i.e. short visits to the hilltops of Gorski kotar, such as Drgomalj and Petehovac. The town of Delnice also offers excellent possibilities for enjoying a longer stay in terms of providing the required infrastructure – hotels, sports facilities, large natural areas for walking, relaxation or hunting. The Risnjak National Park is located in the vicinity of the town as well, and there are several sports courts for soccer, basketball etc. at the foot of the nearby Japlenski vrh. There is also a bowling alley, a bocce court and two attractive ski jumping sites during the winter. There are numerous attractions across the region, including restaurants that offer numerous traditional mountain region specialties based on game and fruits of the forest. A hunting lodge can be rented on the territory managed by the Forest Administration – Delnice Office.

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