Hunting Tourism

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Hunting Tourism

The natural diversity of Kvarner - its coastal area, islands and mountains - offers great possibilities for hunting tourism. The total hunting area is 345,000 hectares and there are 36 hunting associations across the region.

The hunting areas of Gorski kotar are suitable for hunting red deer, roe deer, wild boars and bears. Eurasian woodcock hunting is the most attractive type of hunting tourism in the coastal area and on the islands. Rock partridge and common pheasant hunting is also popular here, just like hunting big game such as red deer, roe deer, wild boars, mouflons and foxes.

Information about hunting conditions and accommodation in hunting lodges can be obtained in hunting clubs found in most of the larger Kvarner towns.

Fishing on Rivers and Lakes

Having your eyes fixed on a green lake or a mountain river, waiting calmly and patiently to see whether the hook will tighten and the fish get caught, surrounded by beautiful nature and peace... only peace and quiet...

Gorski kotar offers great possibilities for sports and recreational fishing on the Čabranka River (from the source to the estuary), the Kupa River (from the source to Severin), the Dobra River (from the source to Gomirje) and the Rječina River (from the source to the estuary). You can also enjoy fishing on one of the following lakes: Omladinsko, Bajer, Lepenica, Valić or Tribalj. A day pass is required for this type of fishing, and the information on how to obtain one is available at the Gorski kotar and Rijeka info desks.

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