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Even if you are not a great connoisseur of the world of birds, you may find something special in the freedom of their flight and the secrets of their way of living, migration and habits. Almost three quarters (83) of the 114 bird species considered to be endangered on the European soil live in the Kvarner area, and 30 of them also nest in the region.

Almost 200 bird species have been recorded on the islands of the Cres/Lošinj archipelago only, and almost 90 of these species nest on these islands as well. Nevertheless, the most popular inhabitant of the island of Cres is undoubtedly the griffon vulture, not the only yet most certainly one of the main reasons why two ornithological reserves have been established here. The numerous attractive locations within the reserves may be visited taking organized and professionally guided tours.

Owing primarily to the activities of the Rescue center, the island of Cres ensures systematic long-term protection of griffon vultures. Griffon vultures nest on steep cliffs, sometimes only 10 meters above the sea, so that you are likely to come across them while walking across the island.

Ornithological studies have also established that as many as 51 bird species nest in Gorski kotar, on Risnjak (where the national park is situated), mainly in the woods. Organized birdwatching tours under professional guidance will provide a lot of pleasure to all fans of this interesting and still quite mysterious world.

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Public institution for protected area management

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Dolphin Watching

In the midst of Kvarner islands, and particularly in the archipelago of  Cres and Lošinj, there is a permanent population of 250 bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops Truncatus). You too can help protect this endangered species!

Lošinj waters are a famous and well-documented habitat of bottlenose dolphins. Sometimes you may also meet common dolphins (Delphinus Delphis) in the area as well. Dolphin watching and meeting the dolphins will certainly put a smile on your face and your concern for their wellbeing will probably encourage you to help preserve the species by adopting a dolphin.

Isn’t having your own dolphin or giving a dolphin as a gift to your loved one an original and noble gesture that will keep you, Kvarner and the dolphins connected together forever?!

More information:

The Blue World Institute of Marine Research and Conservation


Wildlife Viewing

One recommended activity in the Risnjak National park is wildlife viewing. Bear, wolf, lynx, roe deer, red deer, fox, wild boar and many bird species all live in this protected area. Park rangers will take Yout to the log house, where You can stay alone or in the company of park rangers.

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